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  1. This is the coin release button for Reichsmark (RM) - on some airports you had to pay a parking fee...
  2. High density = utterly hardware demanding and therefore a huge performance hit on most rigs. Try to go a step back and see if performance is better.
  3. Weil die Technik erheblich verbessert wurde - angefangen bei der Grafikegine, dem Schadensmodell und all die Details in der Landschaft. Klar, mit den Mods kann man IL2-1946 erheblich aufwerten, aber auch mit Mods kommt es aus meiner Sicht nicht an IL2-Box heran. Auch wenn IL2-Box noch die eine oder andere Schwäche aufweist (Sichtkontakt, Aliasing bei Wolken, gelegentliches Stottern im MP), glaube ich, dass auch diese noch korrigiert werden. Zudem sind die Leute im Modden auch nicht am Schlafen. Bereits jetzt kannst Du Dir IL2-Box mit Mods aufhübschen. Cheerio
  4. Yes, the Ju-52 is well underrated IMHO. It is a beautiful plane to fly - bloody slow, but very nice and smooth. It is challenging to fly though, so @KoN_ you should first map the correct keys for the special functions and 3rd engine management, and lastly you need to practice a little bit before joining the Finish server for supply missions. Cheers to all
  5. and you, you better take your pills again. It won't hurt you...
  6. Hallo und Willkommen, 1. BOS = Battle of Stalingrad, BOM = Battle of Moscow, BOK = Battle of Kuban, BON = Battle of Normandy 2. Framerate kannst Du via Backspace-Taste ein- und ausschalten (Standard Tastaturbelegung) 3. Sorry, hier muss Dir jemand anders helfen - ich bin immer noch per Monitor / TrackIR unterwegs. Cheerio
  7. Correct - 10 points for the candidate! What is wrong about "oriental"? It's more of a cultural meaning and not a geographical one - the origin of the terms "oriental" and "occidental" goes back to Roman history to make a difference between two cultural worlds. Cheerio
  8. Payload discharge - this is when you release your bombs or rockets Speed air brake - when you extend your speed/air brake you actually feel the resistance of the airflow Chaff/Flare Discharge - this is not relevant in IL2 as we don't have such a system Apu/Jfs running - this is also not relevant as in IL2 there is not such a system
  9. Sorry, the only thing you could have done BEFORE buying BOS would have been reading this: Minimum system requirements OS: 64-bit Windows® 7 (SP1) / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10 CPU: Intel® Core™ i5/i7 2.8 ГГц GPU: GeForce GTX 660/Radeon HD 7770 with 2GB VRAM or better DirectX: Version 11 RAM: 4 Gb+ Sound Card: DirectX®-compatible Storage space: 23 Gb+ Internet connection: 256Kb/s for single-player career, 1Mb/s and faster for multi-player DirectX® compatible flight stick is recommended Sorry, I don't want to be harsh, but why didn't you check it first? Cheers
  10. Sorry gentlemen, didn't know the interface sound was also included those f***ing beeps.
  11. Hi and welcome, 1. There's nothing we can do about it - you can't turn off the beeps, sadly. 2. If you use the TAB key during your sortie, you will see the actual scoreboard and how many player are on each side. In the first row of the table you can see some icons indicating the status of the player. - A cocarde like icon means the player is on mission. - An icon with crashed plane is self-explaining, isn't it? - An icon similar to a map means the player hasn't decided yet, what he wan't to do. - An icon similar to a rear gunner indicates, this player is en route as a gunner with a friend. - An tank icon is self-explaining too... Hope this helps. Cheerio
  12. Yes, but still - don't mitigate your part - it's like Star Wars movies. Ever thought of Star Wars movies with crappy space ship models? Would ruin the whole movie, wouldn't it?
  13. Congratulation, mate, fantastic work of yours! Good short movie too... Cheers
  14. Are you sure about that? I just come from Berloga and to me it doesn't seem they have the "alternate" spotting... OR my eyes are getting worse and worser and I really need to see a optician, damn.
  15. I've got one and it works in this sim - but actually only (at least chez moi!) for BF109s. The problem with this Saitek Cessna trim whell is, because of the high resolution of it, you have to move that wheel very fast and a long way to make it recognized by the game's axis assignment. But once it's been recognized, it's OK and quite precise.
  16. Because TAW server is offline actually - they are setting up the next campaign, so will have to be patient. You can join KOTA WOL of Finish in the meantime - oh, and not to forget CB, which is very good too.
  17. The M key allows you to open/close the mini map you'll see in the right lower corner of your screen - if you want to access the map on CB server, you'll have to push the O key, which opens the big map (full screen). That's all about it.
  18. Make sure to run your game in fullscreen mode especially when your in game resolution is higher than your monitor's resolution (aka native resolution). If you run your game under Steam, the game will start directly without the launcher - this might be an issue to change the game to fullscreen. In this case open your file explorer and look into your game folder to find the configuration file "startup.cfg" in the sub-directory "\data" and open it with the notepad. You should get something like this: Just change the value of fullscreen from 0 to 1. Close the file with saving your changes and you should be good.
  19. Oh mate, be careful with such presumptions - you might drive some people into a corner, especially those understating MP...
  20. Bike or Motorbike? It also happen to me when ride home with my motorbike late in the night - especially when drunk (shame on me!) to avoid some unpredictable traffic controls... I know, it's really a bad habit, but sometimes (seldom) it still happens - so, don't do this!
  21. The white dots are actually also known as "white mice" - a phenomenon frequently appearing when one is drinking too much. So don't drink when you fly/drive! Joking aside, it might have to do something with the rendering of the blood stains you see once in a while when injured - especially when crashing on the ground and pilot is not fatally injured. Maybe you should check your graphic settings of your video card - not ingame - and see if there are settings handling the transparency and anti-aliasing like (FXAA?). Cheerio
  22. Never used padlock option, but if you say that it actually works fine with normal difficulty settings, then check if there are some "green" checkboxes unchecked in your custom or expert difficulty settings. You will notice that some checkboxes have different colours. Green are actually the "normal" settings, if I'm correct. Have a look.
  23. -=-THERION


    I don't want to judge anybody loving some gore - I simply don't care and don't need it to have an immersive experience. And I absolutely agree with @=TBAS=Sschatten14, very good point. Still, if someone really needs this feature for the sake of "realism" or immersion, there are so many really talented modders here in our community, I'm sure this feature will be covered by someone sooner or later.
  24. Just copy the link into the command line of your browser and you'll be fine. You're absolutely right, mate. Although, this was a division's emblem and not as prominent as the "classic" swastika - still, f.ex. in Germany those symbols and all other "modified" swastikas, division emblems etc. are forbidden.
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