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  1. Great video - very well done and good soundtrack, btw. Oh, and there is nothing wrong about your secret life... 😉
  2. Selecting the link opens a new tab in my browser and it's loading and loading and loading... but nothing happens. Oh, and now it seems to work, sorry mate. Grazie mille
  3. And I can't see any planes on the first picture at all...
  4. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=tWh-87b-PGs&feature=share
  5. Sorry, Master, but I just noticed that you didn't activate the TrueView option - is there any reason why? Thank you.
  6. Oops, sorry - forgot to change this, I had this setting before I did all the fiddling... But on the other hand, honestly, even if this might be contradictory I didn't notice any negative point and it certainly did no harm... . But sure, for the logic's sake, it should be 60. Thank you. Cheerio
  7. May I refer to my recent post here? Have a look, maybe some of my settings might help you. Cheers
  8. Multisampling means the Antialiasing setting of the game resp. what you set there: 1 = Antialiasing 2x 2 = Antialiasing 4x All "or" keys in the config file are related to VR settings, but as I don't have VR, I don't know the meaning of it (OR = Oculus Rift?).
  9. Yes, I understand what you mean, mate. And Combat Box was just an example when I did the last tests - I also enjoy and really appreciate your KOTA server very much. And I'm more often on your server than any other server, btw. Thank you for your comment. I've got the latest drivers - 436.48 that is at the moment. And yes, it works better for me to have in on "Ultra" than "On".
  10. "...the Geneva convention, which specifically states that descending paratroopers can be fired upon, but bailing out aircrew cannot be fired upon..." = Moral hypocrisy
  11. Hi gentlemen, I am also one of those "victims" with rather poor/low/medium rigs and I had a lot of stutters after update 3.201, even after both hotfixes. And it was most noticeable in MP, even on servers not running the new maps. This made me really upset, so I start to fiddling around, checked the forum nearly all hours to see, if someone had an idea. After several attempts, a lot of swearing and kicking my comfy couch out of frustration, I followed the suggestion of Sneaksie: Another important addition is the ability to turn on VSync together with FPS limiter in the game graphics options. This should minimize the stuttering if you have this problem. For example. turn VSync in the game on and set the limiter to the refresh rate of your screen (or lower if your system can't cope of keeping the steady FPS at this level) - if you have a regular 60 Hz screen set the limiter to 60 or, if your system has trouble keeping it, to a lower value like 30. This should greatly reduce the stuttering coming from FPS spikes and drops and make the game smoother. Also, don't forget to return Vsync settings in the driver to defaults if you have forced them before. Please experiment and let us know if you have a better experience than before. And now here are my settings, which allow me to join servers in MP with new and old maps, as for example yesterday evening on Combat Box with ca. 40 chaps on it, and most important with nearly no stutters or barely noticeable stutter. And thus absolutely playable for me. 1. NVIDIA Control Panel Vsync below in the list is set to "Application controlled" 2. Game Graphics Settings: - VSync is activated - Full Screen is activated (tried without Full Screen = less FPS for me) - Set Target FPS to 80, although I'm running the game on a 60 Hz Monitor - Grass quality is displaying Normal (you can't select a lower option) -> changes need to be done in the Startup.cfg file directly in point 3. 3. Startup.cfg file - I set gamma to 0.6 as it helps me for spotting - My grass distance is set to 0.0000 because: - increases my FPS, no stuttering on airfields - lesser load - If I want to admire grass fields I go outside RL So, it is up to you and have a try. With these settings game still looks very good and performance is very acceptable. Cheerio P.S.: My old system's specs can be seen in my signature.
  12. "Operation Duct tape" = "The big fix for the long list of known issues"
  13. Well I wouldn't be that sure - you'll never know what Marshal Mode will bring to us: - Imagine recce tasks requested by Marshal Mode? - Imagine liaison tasks required for the Marshal for further tasks/actions? - Imagine ground target spotting with instant reporting (like bird dog)? There are plenty of scenarios where this wonderful plane might be useful. Besides of this, it's absolutely great to fly this plane. Period.
  14. Check your realism setting, just before you start flying - if the option "allow spectators" is not checked, you won't see anything except your cockpit view. So no externals, even if you reassign those F-keys 1000 times...
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