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  1. I'd like to help out in a PE2, if needed. Thanks.
  2. THIS! is low flying, mates...
  3. Hmm, not sure if this isn't realistic - the canopy of the P47 is not only made of plexi but also has some sturdy frame... and have you ever seen the damage a bird strike can inflict to the fuselage and not to mention the turbines?
  4. Hi, there is a lot of talk about quality issues with Saitek products. Now, I used to be a Thrustmaster enthusiast from the beginning (FCS, WCS, RCS of the 90's) and I programmed a lot of macros for those devices (in DOS, so not very comfy!). Finally, as it became more and more difficult to run these devices under Windows, I changed all my devices and chose Saitek, starting with the Throttle Quadrant, the Saitek Rudder Pedals, Saitek Trim Wheel and finally with the Saitek Rhino Combo (X55 - newer version is X56 now). Well, I have to say, until now I never ever had any trouble with these devices. They offer a lot of possibilities and with the Saitek Profile Software you get even more and complex configuration possibilities, not necessary needed for BOX, but if you own DCS modules then this will help you very much. Cheerio
  5. If they integrate VoIP, then your proposition quoted here would be a MUST! Otherwise, you would have to hear and endure all those comments and stupid verbal derailments, what you can very often witness on games like RO2, SQUAD, PS and HellLetLoose. I know, these verbal derailments may also happen on TS or Discord, but honestly it is far less frequent.
  6. Are the emulated keys of the switch panel mapped correctly in IL2? I'm asking this because it happen to me after an update of IL2 - all my key mapped especially for the switch panel were gone.
  7. Mhm, yes, I know that - it's coming nicely.
  8. Hi, as you already mentioned, you linked both accounts around 1 year ago and I suppose you didn't have any issues then. So, I also purchased BOS in a book store (DVD) and had to register this under Steam. All other modules and collector planes were purchased from the web store. I never had any issues before and after linking both accounts. Now, back to your problem. May I suggest you to do the following: Download the game from the web here and install the whole bunch (like a second installation), but make sure to: - Link to download: https://il2sturmovik.com/download/ - Install the game in a own folder and not in the default folder structure, f.ex. "C:\Games\..." - Use the same login as you do when you purchase something from the web store (very important!) - Don't run the game from the launcher. Create instead a shortcut to desktop of the game executable "IL-2.exe", which you will find in your game subfolder "\bin\game" I have two installations on my computer, one via Steam and one individual as described above - both work fine. Try this and if you have any questions, don't hesitate an PM me, I'll help you for sure. Cheers P.S.: The only advantage Steam has, is updating is automatic and faster than anything else. That's all.
  9. Well, to be honest, the min. requirements advised by the producer is some kind of obsolete. So, my suggestion depending on your budget would be at least the GTX 1060 6GB. Anything lower might be disappointing for you. Forget the GT660, this is absolutely under-powered for this game, especially when the devs will expand the bubble distance in one of the next updates.
  10. This is some kind of a trap - at the beginning of practicing with the Pe2, I by accident chose the series 87 to start with and of course everything work fine and I could manage all the engine settings, especially the RPM with the lever I assigned to. But, on TAW server, I had no other choice to take the Pe2 series 35, where I set the RPM with my lever to 100% - although techno chat didn't show, something I simply ignored and what might have been a hint for me then - I tried to take off, but with not chance. The runway was always too short and I astonishingly had no power to take off, so no wonder I always crashed into the acres and fields... Silly me, after rechecking all the settings of my input devices and the key bindings I then realized that I forgot to bind those two keys to operate the pitch manually, which is crucial for the Pe2 series 35. Now, everything is fine and dandy... Cheerio
  11. You need to point reshade.exe to the executable file "IL2.exe" - don't point to the launcher file. "Launcher.exe" is only needed to update your game. "IL2.exe" is the executable to run your game. So, you better create a shortcut to your desktop from "IL2.exe". Start/run your game with this shortcut. Cheerio
  12. You can actually loosen the throttle with the knob on the side of your throttle device. So you don't have to wait...
  13. There are already some different approaches and tips for this issue. Here is one from me: - Go into your game folder and find the sub-folder called "updates". Delete this whole folder and restart your launcher. Usually this should fix your issue. Cheers
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