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    The Map is Really Sub-Par

    Well, I didn't say I don't like it. As far as you move around in a tank and shoot whatever you want, all is fine and dandy. As I stated in my post for a tank battle map it is good and acceptable. But - did you take a plane and try to fly over it? F. ex. over Belgorod city? Altitude ~100 - 200 m? To me, absolutely unplayable for the moment when sitting in a plane. Maybe you are blessed with a more powerful system compared to mine and you do not have any performance issues? Well, then congratulations.
  2. -IRRE-Therion

    The Map is Really Sub-Par

    I'm with you, Detcord, and you are right, although I wouldn't describe it as sever as you. The problem with this map is, although originally designed for tank battles, this whole TC module is integrated in the IL-2 environment and thus this map will / shall be accessible to all others in MP. And here starts the problem: - If you drive a tank on this map (the actually intended purpose of this map finally!), you won't encounter any (sever) performance issues, so this map might have some more detail as you described it quite well. With my system, which is by far not the best and newest, I do have a constant 60 FPS on ULTRA and no stutter at all. - Now, if you want to join MP with a plane on this map, well here you will (or at least I did) encounter some sever performance issues, especially when flying low (below 500m). In some regions like the Belgorod city, which by the way isn't that beautiful and detailed compared to some other cities (outskirts of Moscow f.ex.), the performance issues is dramatic and it's almost unplayable! It's not only a stutter fest, it turns out to be a slide show - and yes, I went from ULTRA to HIGH, but with barely no difference. So, to me the new map is some kind of compromise at the moment - they would better keep this map reserved for TC only. But, of course, this is only my opinion. Cheerio
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    And btw. - if you checked "Mods on" by coincidence, then your observation might be true - to my knowledge there are actually only two servers allowing mods, which are very, very often empty.
  4. -IRRE-Therion


    Well, to my knowledge, there isn't a server around at the moment on which you could see some serious tank battles. Some may think of a server like EFront etc. But honestly, these are only dogfight areas where you take a tank instead of a plane. No real tactics, no coordinated attacks - just some turkey shooting.
  5. -IRRE-Therion

    Which server has Prokhorovka map?

    That's what I observed yesterday too. Took a LA5FN, no target in air or ground, good weather condition, altitude starting at 500m near Prokhorovka village first. Decent performance, almost stutter free with steady 60 FPS on ULTRA. 2nd flight, same conditions, but starting near Belgorod city - wow! Descending almost on tree level over the city is performance wise awful - sorry to say that - but after climbing up again it's getting better and smooth again. Tried both flights again with same conditions, but changed the graphic preset from ULTRA to HIGH - no big difference. And I won't lower the graphic preset further more, no. After all, this map was designed to be used as a tank battle area and therefor the performance is absolutely OK, when I drive in a tank.
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    Tank controls are ridiculous

    Sorry, never heard of this restaurant - but there are plenty of other great restaurants here in CH, but as in A too.
  7. -IRRE-Therion

    Tank controls are ridiculous

    C'mon, mate, give us a brake, will you? It is still Early Access - so there is room for improvement, yes. But, it's not bad at all for a start. And most important to me, with this dev team we are pretty sure to get a finished product at the end - remember "Tiger vs. T34"? Now, that was a disappointment in a whole. And btw. the gunsight range can be adjusted for sure! Check your key mapping, mate. Servus
  8. I know - that's why I said this (see my own quote below)
  9. OK - further testing done. Changed the settings from ULTRA to HIGH and took the same plane, but now flying south 500m above ground to see Belgorod city. Wow, now that's a stutter fest - my god. Never encountered such a massive performance drop (still 60 FPS steady). Observing this and thinking of the Bodenplatte map - I don't know, but I have some real concerns... Coming back to the Prohkorovka map, which is thought to be a tank battle ground primarily, I can drive a tank without any stuttering though.
  10. Didn't try to bomb something yet. I just took my favorite plane - LA5FN - and made some recce flying. As I said before - wonderful map with lovely details, but noticed some minor stutter over Prohkorovka town with ULTRA settings. No big deal though.
  11. -IRRE-Therion

    Der Tank Crew Thread

    Hey, bitte, halt' Dich mal ein bisschen zurück, Mann! Early Access! Google dies doch mal, um zu verstehen, was damit gemeint ist?!? Betreffend "Refunders": Die meisten sind schlicht zu doof, um sich vorher eingehend zu informieren oder sind schlicht zu dumm, um zu begreifen, was z.B. minimale Systemvoraussetzungen, Early Access etc. bedeutet. Zum aktuellen Entwicklungsstand: Ich habe noch nirgendswo gelesen, dass das Produkt kurz vor Fertigstellung ist. Das ganze Modul ist immer noch in Entwicklung, vieles wird noch angepasst oder sogar geändert - z.B. Steuerung. Lehn' Dich mal zurück, atme langsam ein und aus - und zisch Dir doch ein Bier ein. Komm' runter, Mann! Wie gesagt - EARLY ACCESS! Tschau
  12. 1. If you own TC then you can fly over this map with every single plane you have in your hangar - works like all other maps you have in QMB 2. Only summer map version - at least for the moment. Don't know if there will be a winter map. 3. Yes, buy this thing as quick as possible - wonderful map I would say.
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    Update request...

    Now updating! Might be a biggy! Approx. 1.8 GB
  14. -IRRE-Therion

    Update request...

    Just checked - same here!
  15. -IRRE-Therion

    HELP PLS - Constant disconnection

    Hi guys, I'm not sure, if I'm of any help for you, but I recently made an observation. I don't remember if it was changed in update 3.009 or 3.008, but back then you could modify your up- and download size in the network settings, something you can't do anymore. Now, my observation was done, when I decided to download the whole game separately from the web site, just to have a second installation of the game to use it as a "modded" version (for offline use). My main installation runs through STEAM from day one and works OK - I use it for online flying. And now it comes: After second installation was done and test run was made, I copied my input config files and checked the startup.cfg file (sitting in the game directory) sepatately, because I wanted to see a "brand new" startup.cfg file and compare it with my existing one from the STEAM installation. Most of the parameters were similar, but some were quite different. Look at the portion, which might be interesting for you: [KEY = network] available_ip = "[object Object]" client_download_traflimit = 10240 client_ip = "" client_upload_traflimit = 10240 downloader_port = 28100 server_download_traflimit = 1000 server_upload_traflimit = 1000 tcp_port = 28000 udp_port = 28000 [END] See the two marked lines in red? They were both set to 1000 by default after installation and you can't modify them as before in the game under the settings menu. So, when I discovered this, I changed these two values back to my values (10240 = 10MB). Before I discovered and modified this, I also had problems in connecting MP servers. Maybe, you all should check these entries - but only modify the red marked ones, as the other ones did not change before. Let's hope my observations can help you. Cheers
  16. -IRRE-Therion

    Armament and equipment

    Just click on the grey arrow and you'll see the configuration tabs again. Btw. some MP server have some restriction (locked weapon load-outs, custom skins, fuel) Cheerio
  17. -IRRE-Therion

    EFront server (be careful)

    Hi, I tried this server several times and it was, to be honest, a total disaster and no fun. Rules seem to be inexistent and behavior of some player really questionable - on my part I strictly avoid this server. Cheerio
  18. -IRRE-Therion

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    Now that is a very "good" tip of the day! Very fair play, very sportsmanlike - I can't believe such behavior of some individuals here. No guts - no glory! That's what comes up in my mind! Have a nice disco life!
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    HS129 V2 WIP

    Hi mate, this looks fantastic - great and painstaking work. Never saw such well researched and implemented detail. Congratulations! Cheers
  20. -IRRE-Therion

    In-cockpit pilot

    Now that you mentioned the horseman, there's a picture coming in my mind that is frequently used, when something is discussed over and over again. Does anyone have it and help out here? I mean this one - thanks LukeFF.
  21. -IRRE-Therion

    Developer Diary 218 - Discussion

    I'm absolutely amazed by the tremendous work for the new map you are doing! Fantastic and I'm really looking forward to take a crate for a looooong flight - all alone, slow and low just to discover this beautiful work of art. Thank you!
  22. err - nope! Better start shoveling your savings offshore and secure your hardware! When it comes to divorce, you will be stripped down to your underpants. I went through this...
  23. -IRRE-Therion

    Work in Progress

    Hi mate, by being a little bit worried concerning the performance, I absolutely do not put your hard work in question, no! I really appreciate your work and I'm very eager to try this out. And reading about your system's specs makes me quite confident as I have nearly the same system. Again, thanks very much, mate. Cheerio
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    Problem with Steam or IL2?

    No, for me it's better to have this option off - I did some tests since January this year and to me it seemed better that way.
  25. -IRRE-Therion

    Problem with Steam or IL2?

    Well, I have both installations - one standalone and one in STEAM - the update process via STEAM is always - ALWAYS - tremendously much faster than with via Launcher (standalone installation). I do observe this every time we get an update. My settings in the Launcher are: [ ] Seed when downloaded [ ] Prefer web distribution