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  1. That's what I really hope too - but if the new map "behaves" like the Prokhorovka map, then the future might turn pitch black! The known issues of the tank map are still not addressed and I didn't see any comment about this from the devs.
  2. That's quite an easy question. For me there is only: 1. La-5FN series 2 2. La-5FN series 2 and not to forget: 3. La-5FN series 2 I think, that's it on my part...
  3. North is always facing the top border of you map/screen. So, your left border is like 270° whereas your right border is 90° etc.
  4. I think they are actually implementing it, because Jason has been looking for people with different dialects to record those radio messages.
  5. Well, even if stated as WIP, the plane looks like some diecast models some lazy kids can buy in 1/72 and 1/48 scale - not nice at all. Well, even if stated as WIP, the plane looks like some diecast models some lazy kids can buy in 1/72 and 1/48 scale - not nice at all. And btw. here are some other thoughts about the whole thing: - Do these people (developers) have professional pride? I mean, why do they make such games? Only for some quick bucks? - Do these people have any motivation (except for the money) to create a product that excels and put another milestone in combat flight simulation? MicroProse was one of the most renowned studios that provided us some very good and at the time, very innovative products. I think, they influenced a lot of us (older generation), that are now here on this forum to celebrate and share the passion that once was seeded by MicroProse. So, if they don't excel with their new product, they will ruin the reputation of MicroProse again, like they did already back then with Hasbro, a cooperation which led to a disaster.
  6. The in game values (techno chat) are always displayed in %, whereas the settings on the flaps indicate the degrees. This is also valid for all other values your are reading on the dashboard.
  7. Hi mate, very nice work indeed as already stated by the others - I'm not sure, but it seems to be a 1/32 Trumpeter kit, isn't it? Well, I build 2 of them - one 109 E7 and the other was a 109 G6. If this is actually a Trumpeter kit, so be aware, that the engine hood is quite tricky as your MG on top of the engine will be some kind of a fitting problem if you intend to have the hood removable... I had to decide to display the hood open or closed, both options are nearly impossible because of those MG barrels. Good work! Cheers
  8. Well, this would be the first time in my life, that Microsoft would delight me with a product! Apart from their OS and the Office palette, which are both more or less inevitable (I know, I know... Linux, OpenOffice etc.) in daily business, I've always been very, very disappointed by their combat flight sims. The first one was fugly, the second one too and finally the third one was a disaster to me! These so-called photo realistic terrains were absolutely gruesome. Period! At the time people already complained about the look and graphic performance, and Microsoft then at the time tried to calm down the customers in stating that with the current hardware there might be some performance issues and that their product would look far better with future hardware... But, after having much better hardware, even surpassing all recommended requirements by far, CS3 especially still looked f***ing ugly. Carelessly modeled details such as building and trees popping up at the last moment, no attention to details such as proportions like having rail tracks with the double wideness of the track width of the trains... etc. ad absurdum. I think, Microsoft should stick on their core competence and leave it to others to create combat flight sims. Although with a nearly "unlimited" budget and resources (one might think), they never achieved to release a good combat flight sim in my opinion. And if you all have a look, what small developer teams can achieve (with smaller budget / resources), it is quite obvious that "big" in terms of budget and resources doesn't necessarily mean that they will publish a cutting edge combat flight sim. Just my thoughts... Cheers
  9. @Bremspropeller Thank you - finally one guy with guts to clear things up about all those "original German" nicknames that apparently were used back then 75 years ago. And sometimes it's really most embarrassing seeing all those nicknames used by other members on this board using some "typical" German terms... main point to them is, it sounds Teutonic, harsh and evil. Cheers
  10. That's what I exactly do on BERLOGA - go arena to warm up and be ready for TAW, KOTA, Combat Box and Finish...
  11. That's what I'm using and I created some different OC profiles, mostly to manage the temperature - but actually I do not trust in auto fan speed too much...
  12. Nothing wrong concerning your advice, mate - all fine. And yes, performance wise Reshade actually does a far better job, than the game defaults. But to encounter my worries about the heat, I had to manually set the vents to 100%, which honestly I don't care, but my wife and my cats hate me for that...
  13. Good friendly turn, Moach! And I'm sure you are well equipped with plenty of duck tape.... Cheerio
  14. Hi mate, I tried your Reshade settings and indeed there is a lot of improvement with it, especially graphic wise, but not necessarily spotting wise. The only thing I worry about is, that my graphic card uses much more load and the temperature rises rather quickly - the load is not the problem, but I don't want my GPU getting fried. Cheers
  15. Sorry mate, me being repetitive, but I have a link for you Cheerio P.S: If I was you, I'd opt for the TrackIR and wait for another 2 years before going for VR.
  16. Hi and thank you for your contribution. But I have two questions for you: 1. Does this work without "MODES ON" or do we need to enable the game as modded? 2. What is your approx. system setup? (CPU, RAM, GPU) Thanks and cheerio
  17. Yes, this would be fabulous and I hope this IS included in the Marshal Mode and will make a lot of sense.
  18. Hi mate, I just have seen all the steps you did to solve your problem - all fine and good, what you did. But one thing you apparently did not mention or even forgot to do is: Undo all the overclocking tweaks you might have on your system. This is very important, because I once did some overclocking and pushed it a little bit too far - for IL2 at least. All games worked OK and stable with my overclocking tweaks, but apparently there was one step beyond, making IL2 running stable impossible. So I just removed all tweaks and checked, if IL2 was now running. And - tata - the game was running again well. Then, I started to overclock again - step by step and always checked if IL2 was still running well - until IL2 stopped working, so I knew now, how far I could go with my overclocking. I really recommend to try this before you damn this game. Cheerio
  19. Hi, you can switch the FPS counter on/off by hitting the backspace key (default key settings) - it's a toggle function. Cheers
  20. Salute to you, Kwaitek - and rest in peace!
  21. Hi mate, many, many thanks for your great effort in consolidating all the tips and tricks to maintain or increase the performance of this great sim. Thank you. Cheerio
  22. Yes, I know some kind of strange, but it actually is that way. I use it frequently, because I don't want to have to start the game twice only to switch from "modded" to "non modded".
  23. Yep, it's flagged in your startup.cfg file in your main game directory. I don't have the file in front of me right now, but it's quite at the bottom of the entries. Its flag is should be something like "Modes = 0/1". So, set it to 1 and change the properties of this file to read-only. That's what I actually do.
  24. Well, I do not fly in VR, but the sun glares like in your picture when I'm flying with my TIR. I don't think it is overdone. Just look at the sun in RL, you will have almost the same effect. It's not perfect, but it's really well done. Try to modify the gamma value directly in your startup.cfg file and set it to 0.7 or even 0.6. I run the game with gamma set to 0.6 at the moment, but as I already mentioned I do not fly in VR. And avoid to use SSOA and HDR completely - performance-wise and because of the bloom effect.
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