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  1. -IRRE-Therion

    HOTAS+fighter acft.

    Nah - this is absolutely ridiculous! Sure this combo works fine in BOX - thinking of your statement you only can fly with the mouse, I suggest to go to the settings and check the input device options. Looks like this: If mouse is selected, you won't be able to use your joystick. Cheers
  2. -IRRE-Therion

    Menu Hangar low fps

    May I ask you the following question: - Do you have theme music and background sound (mouse clicks) activated? If so, try to deactivate those sound options. I did it because I got annoyed by the music and the click sound. Then I realized the menu was much smoother. Give it a go... Cheers
  3. -IRRE-Therion

    Massive hit to FPS

    I have the same issue to report - except that the FPS impact was noticeable to me since I bought TC / FC. I didn't have any problems after the update 3.005c - stable and steady 60 FPS. But since TC and FC are installed I have quite an impact on the FPS when still on the ground or taxiing (~45 FPS). As get more altitude the impact seems to level out again and I have a stable and steady 60 FPS. I'm not sure, but it might have something to do with new trees? I mean before you could not log trees with a tank, right? Cheers
  4. -IRRE-Therion

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    Pas très sympatique cette connasse! Dommage! Pourtant, la plupart des gents ici sont aimable.
  5. -IRRE-Therion

    A20 Throttle trouble

    Hi, please deactivate the automatic engine management as it seems to be porked in some way. Others already reported troubles with this on other planes like the Spitfire etc. Cheers
  6. Oh shit, ouch - I'm really sorry and I didn't know it was your wife's name - sorry again!
  7. Hi, if you wan't to understand how the server works and which rules are implemented, I'd recommend you to go to the web site of the server and select the info tab - here you will find a document with all explanations. http://coconutside.eu:8080/en/info/ Cheers
  8. Very very nice one too, mate. But, just one little thing. Do me a favor and change the girlfriends name on this one - I don't want other people having the impression that the Swiss pilots shared the same young lady... Imagine the whole squadron having the same name on the planes? Now, that would rise up some speculations, isn't it? Cheerio
  9. -IRRE-Therion

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    OK, so then, if there is still a Yak-1B or a Spit free, you can also assign me to one of those, please. Thank you. Cheers
  10. -IRRE-Therion

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    If possible I'd like to have a Peshka 2, please. Thanks and cheerio
  11. Server is not listed at the moment
  12. -IRRE-Therion

    Linking accounts and purchasing.

    What do you mean with "Player 3513"? When you start the game and you still have not been able to link the accounts, you should have to options: - Left, to use without linking the accounts - Right, to link both accounts, which was an issue before 3.005c but should work for now. I did link my accounts and have no issues. Again, although I bought everything from the official web shop, except for BOS (which is Steam), when I started the game via Steam I always had access to the content I purchased "outside" of Steam. So you shouldn't worry too much about that. Just make sure you have the same login info on both accounts (Steam BOS and IL2 web store). Cheerio
  13. -IRRE-Therion

    Linking accounts and purchasing.

    Hi, well, before there was the option to link both accounts, I had bought BOS via Steam, but all the rest was acquired from their web site. I always run the game from Steam and had always access to all the bits I bought from the official web shop. Never had any issue. What actually changed with the linking of the two accounts is that I don't need to confirm my account info anymore. When starting the game I'm automatically signed in. As you have the same email and password for both, Steam and Web Shop, there is absolutely no reason, why you shouldn't have any access to items you bought. Btw. the error you got was an issue when they released the update 3.005, but was fixed with 3.005b or 3.005c. I assume that you run your game on the latest version which is 3.005c? Perhaps you should do the following: - Check if you can run the game offline and see which version is displayed - Be sure to disable mods - Purge both login info before log in again. Enter you login info again, but without linking your accounts (the left square) Hope I could help you with those lines. Cheers
  14. -IRRE-Therion

    Feature Requests for Tank Crew

    You are invisible at the moment, but you can get hurt or even killed by direct enemy fire or shrapnel. If you are only hurt you will actually see some blood.
  15. -IRRE-Therion

    Clash at Prokhorovka cinematic - Tiger Dawn

    It's good to have guys like Vade helping to promote this great tank simulation! To all other fellows here on the forum: - If you love any simulation, then you will enjoy it a lot (even if it's still in development and there is still more to come!) - If you already like the high standard of work the dev team deliver, you sure will be amazed! - If you want to ride a beast like this famous Tiger I, then you won't be disappointed, even still in development! Give it a shot - it's great. Cheers