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  1. -IRRE-Therion

    Kill crediting system since patch

    Well, I checked the new rules as introduced with the release notes of patch 3.007 and it says the following: 10. Multiplayer: a kill will be awarded immediately only if an enemy pilot was killed, bailed out or his aircraft crumbled11. Multiplayer: a kill won't be awarded if a pilot manages to return and land at a friendly airfield (with the exception of point 12, see below)12. In mission statistics, an aircraft will be scrapped only if its fuselage or a wing at its base has been ruptured So now, if I have a look at both stats you provided us and comparing with the 3 new rules, to me it works as it should.
  2. Well, I'm not sure what you observed, but what I can say or confirm is, that damage do actually influence the behavior of your plane - it is not that maneuverable as before getting hits. And as one of those cheesy Russian pilots, I can tell you that inflicted damage does change the flight behavior and you're not able to do what you can when your plane is not damaged. Btw. I do - on the other hand - observer very often, that if someone is complaining about damage model, flight behavior or weapons strength, they very often come from the German "Hanswurst" fraction!
  3. -IRRE-Therion

    A 20 landeklappen

    Ich hab's jetzt nicht gerade im Kopf - aber ist es nicht so, dass die Landeklappen am Boden (und logischerweise bei ausgefahrenem Fahrwerk) gar nicht auf 100% ausgefahren werden können? Und wie sieht es in der Luft aus beim Landeanflug? Kannst Du diese dort 100% ausfahren? Ich nämlich fahre diese eh nie über 50% aus. Und beim Starten, je nach Zuladung, habe ich diese nur zwischen 10-15% ausgefahren.
  4. -IRRE-Therion

    need the T34 Gun an Fix?

    Hi, I'll try to give you a hint or two: - go and check the product description of TC Cap - 2nd hint - check what early access means The whole game is still in development (work in progress) - so, nothing is perfect, there is no Russian nor German bias. It's simply not finished and will be improved step by step. Cheers
  5. -IRRE-Therion

    oxygen masks and goggles on and off - How?

    Have you never seen pilots having their mask unstrapped on one side and still can talk into the mic?
  6. -IRRE-Therion

    Knights of the Air Videos

    Well, it's in his hands respectively in the settings of the mixture, if I'm not wrong.
  7. -IRRE-Therion

    Clash at Prokhorovka

    It is a new map for tank battles - especially done for tanks as there is more detail to the terrain and obstacles. This map is still in the work and will probably be published next year. So you missed nothing here concerning this map.
  8. -IRRE-Therion

    Bullet strike sound level

    This is quite strange - I have the autobiography of Günther Rall and in one of the chapters he remembers vividly that they could actually hear a distinct "tic-tic-tic" caused by the small caliber hits. So what now?
  9. -IRRE-Therion

    Forum profile customisation

    I agree with you in some point - but honestly the question shouldn't be - male or female - we are all humans! Humans with lots of different facets, but still - human beings. That's all we have in common. I don't bother if somebody is male, female, gay, transgender, blue, black, red, white or green. I care about people. And everybody is welcome to share the same passion I have. I really understand what you mean and trust me, I know what I'm talking about. I've got two sons. I love them most and from the deepest of my heart. And now, one of my beloved sons is going to be a beloved daughter. So I know exactly how life can change. Btw. even if I "lost" a son, I found yet a daughter - and she loves playing tactical games and shooters, so no hugging puppies etc. Cheers
  10. -IRRE-Therion

    Knights of the Air Videos

    Hi, I just noticed a small glitch - in 1:09 when you de-winged the Spitfire with those clipped wings, it actually shows a regular wing fragment instead of a clipped one. Cheers
  11. -IRRE-Therion

    Fw190 seating height

    OH! - MY! - GOD! - Not that again, please! That's a real dead one!
  12. Well, I don't know what is so infamous about the Peshka 2? It's a very nimble and nice bomber. And finally, what do you want me to say? What do you want to hear? That I can shoot her down with 2-3 MK. 108 rounds? Well then, I have to disappoint you - no, I couldn't. But I destroyed here with a few more shots. And man, did it look great! The damage you do with your weapons - no matter what caliber - looks fantastic and far more detailed than before. And you can judge much better, if this plane will make it home or not. That's another way to save your ammunition for another target. I did some tests in the QMB on the Lapino Summer map. Selected a wave of 3 Pe2 (all of them empty, but still watch out for the rear gunner!) - all 3 went down and I didn't even run out of ammo. And of course I got hit some hits too, but actually not fatal ones. Cheers P.S.: Although it was nice to test, I felt a little bit bad about it. Usually I fly them and like to hurt the Lufties...
  13. -IRRE-Therion

    Multiple controllers?

    Hi, with IL2 Great Battles you can definitely have more than 2 USB controllers - I have got 6 of them and they're all working fine. Good, I have also to say that I'm using a USB hub because I don't want to always crawl under my desk to plug or unplug a device (I'm getting older, yes). Before you start your game, make sure your 3 devices are detected by your OS system - can you see these 3 devices on your system and are they working correctly? Have you checked, if you plugged them into the correct USB ports? Most computers nowadays have 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports - some devices run only when plugged into 2.0 USB ports and vice-versa. So maybe you should first check the system requirements of your devices - f.ex. what USB type is needed for your MS FFB? I actually don't know, because I don't have such FFB device. Cheers
  14. I don't think Han was quoted correctly, my friend - with the engine he might be thinking of the game engine?
  15. -IRRE-Therion

    Danziger's 4k MiG Condition(Updated 20181031)

    Great attention to detail - amazing work, a piece of art actually. Very nice!