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  1. -IRRE-Therion

    What was your first combat flight sim?

    Well, and to me it was EF2000! That was incredible at the time. Yes, but don't forget that poly count wasn't an issue then. Most of the objects were displayed as sprits...
  2. -IRRE-Therion

    Let’s see your pets!

    I really hope for you that it is the left one! The one on the right looks too dangerous to me, so be aware!
  3. -IRRE-Therion

    What was your first combat flight sim?

    This was my very first one too! Bought it with a Gravis joystick: God, are we spoiled nowadays! And does anybody remember the fiddling time to free up some high memory? Himem.sys etc. just to load the drivers in the correct order to avoid wasting some precious upper memory? We are talking about KB here! Additional RAM was nearly unaffordable then back in time.
  4. -IRRE-Therion

    Lost VR movement in cockpit

    Yes, those cats can be really evil - very often my TrackIR camera all of a sudden points to the ceiling and of course nobody touched it! Yeah.
  5. Hi, have you checked your camera settings in the game? Have a look here: Now be sure to uncheck the "Cinematic" option, which blurs your head movement. Also, if you use a TrackIR or a similar device like OpenTrack etc. try to set all inertia (*) parameters to 0%. Cheerio
  6. -IRRE-Therion

    Brake lever on the Pe2Ser87 query.

    Yes I did, Mr. Honk! I simply explained how the brake works on Russian planes, OK? And therefore he can not use his buttons like he wants.
  7. -IRRE-Therion

    Brake lever on the Pe2Ser87 query.

    Russian planes have differential brake system - so when you want to brake left, then pull the brake lever (flappy paddle) and move your rudder pedal to the left too. And vice-versa. For a full brake you only need to pull the brake lever.
  8. -IRRE-Therion


    Correct - and this guy doesn't even give any answer to my questions. So maybe he doesn't want to get any help, too lazy and just claims his money back on his youth deposit account. Man.....
  9. -IRRE-Therion

    Game running so smooth now

    Well, first of all: Did you check my suggestions written above with screen shots? Second: Are we possibly talking about single player / career mode? If so, you might have the wrong settings for your system, especially check the options here: Density of the front-line activity may have a great impact on performance - set it to "Scattered". There is still a lot of action and it helps to keep a good performance (no stutter). OK - when I play online - for example BERLOGA - when I hit the cockpit and move my head for the first time in flight with my TrackIR, I have a little stutter, but only at the beginning when I move my head for the first time, after this I can move my head as I like and it's smooth like butter, believe me.
  10. -IRRE-Therion

    Game running so smooth now

    Your system is quite a bit better than mine - BUT - I don't have problems to run the game very smooth and with very good graphical setting (ULTRA preset, then some minor tweaks here and there). It looks like this at the moment: And if you are a TrackIR user so please check the camera settings: Options marked with * are only for TrackIR. But consider also to uncheck "Cinematic" option - it is good when you want to make a movie, but performance wise it's not very good for playing. And to make sure you didn't mess too much with your NVidia settings, I suggest to set it for a first try / step with simple preset settings. In your case you might want to try and set the slider to "Quality" (like I did). Hope this helps somewhat - let me know. OK?
  11. -IRRE-Therion


  12. -IRRE-Therion


    So you got this issue since quite a while? And now you want your money back? Grow up! Now, if you are really serious and wish to make this game running, then ask for help here, but with the information you gave (none if you ask me!), there is little chance to get it done right. OK, first of all, can you tell us some information about your system specifications? Like: - Operation system (OS version, 32-bit or 64-bit) - CPU - GPU (your graphic card) - RAM (how much memory do you have?) These are the least information needed to help you out. OK, now it's your turn.
  13. -IRRE-Therion

    Developer Diary 216 - Discussion

    And to my understanding on the Kursk map only the area of 19km x 23km is on a more detailed terrain mesh with destructible buildings, the rest of the map is on the standard mesh basis like the other maps, which is fairly reasonable and will help to avoid some performance issues. If you all remember correctly, when the Kuban map was released, we all noticed some performance impact, although not dramatic in any ways, but still a difference to the other maps we already had then. And I think we will observe this on the new Bodenplatte map too for sure.
  14. -IRRE-Therion


    If I remember correctly, these scooters were very popular in the 50/60s in Great Britain and some were teamed-up as a gang - known as the "Moped lads"? Not sure.
  15. -IRRE-Therion


    I wouldn't compare a Tiger on the move off road to the track machines like you have experience in, because for sure you don't drive that fast and working with those machines usually you chose a favorable terrain - you won't ride a bumpy terrain at full throttle, if you don't have to. The only German tank that was quite stable on rough grounds was the Panther in my opinion.