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  1. That's what I was saying in my first post, but I wanted to avoid the term sh*t storm, although this was the first expression coming to my mind. You're absolutely right, mate.
  2. Don't worry, there are plenty of "experts" among us...
  3. Well, my friend, if you choose a big bottle of sake, then I'm sure you will be very compromise-friendly after some cups...
  4. Thanks mate, beautiful work and I love it although I don't fly LW very often.
  5. -IRRE-Therion

    HDR and SSAO on contacts visibility

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention the shadows - setting them high helps a lot when dogfighting on low altitude.
  6. -IRRE-Therion

    If you like salt you're eating Plastic

    Good idea - me too, but I've got only plastic cups for the coffee, hmm...
  7. -IRRE-Therion

    HDR and SSAO on contacts visibility

    Oh, you won't miss your eye candy without these two options - you even will gain some extra FPS! P.S: OK, forget about the extra FPS - just saw your system specs - god damn, you're a lucky man!
  8. Hi chaps, well, I'm a little bit hesitating here - I do understand that some historical data are definitely lost and therefore it is necessary to have some technical approach in referring to other similar aeroplane. This wouldn't be a problem for me as long as the assumed flight and damage model isn't biased (heavy bomber having a jet fighter behaviour). The other thing is, I don't believe that all of us here on this forum will be as tolerant and make some compromise. If you read what happens when some planes miss some options like bubble canopy, other gun/canon configurations and not to mention all those disputes about weapons being too strong or too weak - I do think there will be a lot of people complaining about accuracy. This will be a balancing act. Cheerio
  9. -IRRE-Therion

    HDR and SSAO on contacts visibility

    Hi, if we talk about contact visibility, so my experience is that since I unchecked HDR and SSAO, but checked SHARPEN and set landscape filter to BLURRED, I spot enemies and/or friendlies much earlier and better than before. It helped a lot to me! With these settings now I can eventually tell who and from where I'm getting shot down...
  10. -IRRE-Therion


    Ja, dort sind in der Regel so ca. 2-3 Server aufgelistet - Passwortgeschützt und oft nicht 24 Stunden online.
  11. -IRRE-Therion


    Moin, moin hast Du eventuell MODS im Spiel aktiviert? Zur Zeit gibt es kaum MP-Server, die MODS erlauben. Also, bitte überprüfen und eventuell Spiel neu starten. Ich nehme doch an, dass Du Dich korrekt anmelden konntest und Du Zugang zum Internet hast, oder? Gruss
  12. -IRRE-Therion

    Tiger of the 8th Kompanie, Das Reich.

    This is quite simple - just go into the skins folder and create a folder called "_pzvi-h1". Drop the skin into this new folder and you're done - no need to activate MODS ON in the game. It just works fine like this. Cheers
  13. -IRRE-Therion

    Boots under Pe2

    Well, at least with this "skin" we all can see that the crew is very well modeled...
  14. -IRRE-Therion

    Being kicked out of MP server...

    I noticed this too, but apparently it happens almost only on crowded servers (players and mission objects) like TAW or WOL - on BERLOGA it never happened to me.