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  1. Happy Christmas to everyone from IL-2 Great Battles Series
  2. They look amazing. Very authentic.
  3. It's sad, but I have to sign for this. Hopefully there will be an improvement. This is not Western Europe. It looks like the first Combat Flight Simulator. I already have a good idea of what the big map of Normandy will look like
  4. Still nothing? There are more and more campaigns.
  5. My dreams .... Murmansk, Kurland, Denmark, Finland, France ... I have a lot of dreams. Only life is short 😀
  6. Very nice work. Congratulations
  7. MC.202 beta testing source facebook https://www.facebook.com/il2sturmovik?fref=nf
  8. Brief Description: I-16 cockpit bug Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): my screenshot Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): N/A
  9. Hello Zeus, The map looks amazing. I have a question. They will be on the summer map trees conifers as a winter version? Thank you for your response With Sincerely, Alan Grey
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