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    Voice acting in Scripted Campaigns

    Very good news, thx Jason, Gambit and all at the studio! Especially for single player campaigns the overall feeling of "really being there" is very important for a long-time simming. All the little things like people and carts at the airfield, lights in the evenings, and voice com are not only just resource-hungrier - they also contribute immensely to an overall feeling of deep immersion.
  2. Wolfram-Harms

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    ...for the Germans only, or for all? For all would be historically wrong because, as SP1969 already said, parachutes were only in use on the German side, and only in 1918.
  3. Wolfram-Harms

    When Do You Stop Shooting?

    Stop shooting? Why stop shooting? But seriously: on a head-on pass, I only stop shooting when it's time to pull away from him. I want to SEE my shots doing damage; he should pull a trail of fuel or smoke. Even better: parts coming off. But a head-on pass shouldn't happen in the first place. It evens the chances too much for your opponent to also land hits on you.
  4. Sorry, but the only special throttle the Fokker D.VII F has, is the altitude throttle. There is no "dive throttle" on any plane I know. You can stop the engine with the ENGINE START/ENGINE STOP command. Since the motor is warm, you shouldn't need a new start-up proceedure - just restart it. In steep dives you just pull throttle back almost fully. Let the engine on, but reduce engine revs so it won't get damaged. In the rotary planes, you could use the blip-switch for that. Of course every aircraft has it's limits for steep dives - some do better, some worse. No WW1 aircraft could dive vertically without getting damaged - at least not for a longer time. But the Pfalz or the SPAD are quite stable. Later the Fokker D.VII should also be, or the S.E.5a.
  5. I thought this was the FLYING CIRCUS department here? We should not get things mixed up. If you want to chat about RoF stuff, here is the forum for that: https://riseofflight.com/forum/
  6. Wolfram-Harms

    Weekly Flying Circus Mass Dogfight Event

    Hell, is that a U-boat toilet? Or for heavy cruisers' turret crews??
  7. Wolfram-Harms

    Flying Circus Mass Dogfight Event (Week 3)

    Central time US/Canadian??? No one knows when THAT is (except for the Canadians I guess)! Can you give also server time or Greenwich Main Time?
  8. The Pfalz D.III is very sturdy; almost unbreakable in steep dives (mind the engine revs though!). That makes her perfect for surprise attacks from high up. The she is also stronger in the prop climb than the Camel, or so it seemed to me. The Camel has a great aerodynamic climb (wing lift), but the more vertical the Pfalz goes, the more the Camel drops back and has to break off. If the Pfalz performs a quite vertical elliptical combat, it gets hard for the Camel pilot; due to said lesser prop-climb, and also because of his bad vision over the upper wing. But to be honest, I'd rather avoid any longer turning with Camels, climb back to superior alt and try it again from there. You never know which "squirming toad ace" sits in the Camel... Thursday night flight? When does it start? Which server?
  9. Good to know - although that sounds quite wrong to me. From all I've read, the Pfalz D.III pilots avoided any turning with Camels, and prefered to only make surprise dive-attacks on them, from which they could zoom up again with the gained energy.
  10. Alright then - next time, when you see everything, your Camel may chew the tail off my Pfalz! Pfalz shouldn't try to Tango with Camels. I should try the "Hartmann" then... Oh, and the music is the British band ARCHIVE - the track is called "Lights".
  11. Wolfram-Harms

    New FAA Alphabet, very important and anticipated Update

    This time Donald Trump must be innocent - he wouldn't have used "Jalapenos"...
  12. Wolfram-Harms

    Weekly Flying Circus Mass Dogfight Event

    Oh dear - I see John rotating in his grave!
  13. Ah well, I thought you must have been hampered somehow. A Camel is usually a nasty beast - sorry for killing you that way.
  14. Wonderful - thank you, SeaWolf! Hey, SP1969 - did you like our winding? You can find my video in YOUTUBE under "Dogfight". Was fun. I guess you had fired a lot of ammo before and were careful about wasting it?
  15. Is there also the Pfalz D.IIIa ? Could you lead me to the water?
  16. Wolfram-Harms

    Jasta 5 Server - Flugpark Upgrade & Photo Recon Mission

    Ah, okay, thx Matthias! I flew RoF a long time, but then the player numbers went down more and more. Must check it out next weekend. I hope you'll build something like "Bloody April" for FC, when it is out.
  17. Wolfram-Harms

    Jasta 5 Server - Flugpark Upgrade & Photo Recon Mission

    Happy new year to all at Jasta5, Matthias! Is that a new MP server? Must check...!!! (Rushes off like a kid)
  18. Wolfram-Harms

    Flying Circus Multiplayer get-together on JG1 server!

    What happened? How many players were there?
  19. Wolfram-Harms

    szelljr skindeposit (WW 1) ®

    Beautiful works, szelljr ! Here is a photo which was one od many taken for Anthony Fokker's company; showing the application of the Fokker green. It looks like they used rather raw big paint brushes and just made raw streaks.
  20. The fighting Fokker Dr.I was described by opponents as performing "manoeuvres which appeared like aerobatics". (Sorry, can't recall the source anymore) The Fokker pilot wouldn't only just fly horizontal turns, but also vertical tight elliptical half or full loops, and mix all this - it could be all over any enemy fighter in a turn fight. From all I know, it would have been quite suicidal to try a turn fight alone against a Fokker Dreidecker expert. For all who never read about it or saw any documentation on Werner Voss' last fight against six S.E.5a from 56 Sqdn, as reported by Rhys-Davids and McCudden:
  21. ...which would continue the ever-old "Camel-was-SUPER-great!"-crapp. What a pity!
  22. Wolfram-Harms

    Where will everyone be flying today ?

    Nice to see you, Bäumer - Jasta5 "Bloody April" was a great event - hope you'll try to offer those again for FC ? Did you already add the Pfalz D.IIIa to your server?
  23. Could it be you expect the sleek high-tech elegance of a modern computer-controlled jet fighter? These guys sat up there at 4000 Meters in an open cockpit, semi-freezing their balls off, Planky! The boys must have often been so stiff, that it is a miracle they managed to pull the elevator at all? So much for the joking department. I believe you, that there is a little bump (never flew the Camel yet) - but there were all kinds of hindrances for accurate shooting, so maybe you should live with it, if they cannot change it? Or do you want to compete with von Richthofen or Fonck? (Oops - joke department again...) Seriously: Did you ever try to set up a slight S-CURVE instead of LINEAR, and check if it still "bumps"?
  24. Wolfram-Harms

    urgent request

    Everything is yet under development, and sure the first map will come as soon as it is completed. I guess it will be great and very historical and detailed, cause they may use it in BoBp too. If it takes a bit longer, the reason could be, that it will get even more detailed? In that case it should be worth the waiting!
  25. Well, the Siemens-Schuckert might have been great - when it flew! It had a lot of diseases (overheating). But I'm not into flying the high-end planes anyway. I'm into "dying pretty and with style". So, the Albatros D.V would be my choice. The Roland D.VI would be great to have! (Dreaming must be allowed...)