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  1. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    Thanks again, BOO - I reduced Brightness of the Alpha channel by no less but 48% now - and the glossyness is far less now, I think.
  2. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    Ah, great, thx, BOO ! I'll study that.
  3. Flying from Anapa

    Thank you, I changed it. No idea why that happened???
  4. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    Thanks for the link, Boo, but I cannot open the file. What program is it?
  5. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    Well, the glossyness is caused, I think, by the Alpha layer in the sim skins (correct me if I'm wrong). I do not yet know, if we can decrease that into "semigloss", and what we would need to do exactly.
  6. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    ...like my brandnew G-6 - which is factory-fresh delivered. What do you think of German groundCREW (not to get confused with "groundhogs"!) ??? They didn't crawl around in the mud. Gents, the Luftwaffe was an elite force rather, flying the most modern equipment in those days. They had workshops and tools and spray-paint compressors etc. - they were not trench-fighting. Here is Barkhorn's "Christl", and his mechanic. Does he look like a "muddy groundhog"? And as for the quality of the paints: they were produced by the leading producers of the time, like the IG Farben. I do not know how quickly or not they MIGHT have faded, but surely not within weeks. After all they didn't have a hole in the ozone layer back then - colors were not bleached out as hard as today.
  7. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    Oh, really? IMHO it's more the other way round - many skinners have their skins too faint and pastel. Here are some pics of the EADS* Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-10. The brightness of camo colors differs quite a lot, depending on the intensity of the sunlight. But I think it was darker than many here may think. Do these also look like plastic models? * EADS = European Aeronautic Defence and Space
  8. Flying from Anapa

    A shorty from Anapa, some everyday business - escorting Stukas to Novorossyisk, and trying to bring them back in one piece. Damn, it's tough to see what happens around you, when you sit in a "coffin with windows"...
  9. new screenshots

    The first one with the searchlights is quite special - like it!
  10. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    I remember that I once upset an American poster, who had tried to tell me something. I had not got the clue of it, and so I meant to ask 'I don't get it - what is your point?' But instead I just wrote "So what?" which seems to mean rather a rude way to say "I don't care?" There I realised how easily things can sometimes go wrong. Frenchy, could you rather select a historical skin for the Kuban region? Cause then I'd upload it for all to use.
  11. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    If Riksen can do it, he should have the details already, and he is a good "skinner" IMHO. If he can't, I can try it for you. But be aware - we may receive a shit storm for historical inaccuracy...! I make you an offer: you seem to have good detailed info on historical aircraft (I only collect, what I find here or there). Come up with a really well documented Bf 109 G-6 skin you would like to fly - and I'll make it for you. (If you still want to fly one of my skins...)
  12. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    Frenchy, what ticks me off is, when people enter their comments with words like "Nice try...", or when they write as aggressive as Madcop did. Maybe Gustav didn't mean it as offensively as it seemed to me - maybe English is not his native language either? Maybe we should all join Jack Nicholson's therapy as in "Anger Management"? Only because you haven't seen something doesn't mean that it couldn't have been. Here is a profile from JG 54 carrying all three emblems: JG emblem (green heart), Gruppe emblem of III. Gruppe (arms with the three aircraft); and the Staffel emblem (red devil) of 9. Staffel. So it wasn't forbidden to do that. And in that case, it could have been done also in other units. I say COULD - "could" as in "could-be skins". The image below shows a skin which I DID mean to be a more historical one - a Walter Nowotny paint. But even then - no matter how many photos we study - we may have this paint blotch or that brush strike wrong. Cause that is something I learned when I built models: however much you research - it will never be the real aircraft... And now I guess we should come back own again.
  13. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    The "winged sword" is the overall emblem for Jagdgeschwader 52. The "red cross" is the emblem of III./JG 52. Some pilots carried both, the main JG emblem, and the Gruppe emblem, as you can see on some famous skins of JG 54, which carry the "green heart" and also the Gruppe emblem. Then some others carried the main JG emblem plus their Staffel emblem (like Hartmann's "Karaya"). They did that before you were even born - no matter what you doubt or not. What should I "receive gracefully"? That the first guy opens his post with the words "Nice try, Wolfram..." ?? That Madcop wrote "...so much crappy 109 profiles everywhere..." ?? I only say it one more time - those skins are NOT the historical skins of any historical pilot - which I NEVER claimed - they are fictional but possible skins for those players, who want to have some fun flying the Bf 109 G-6. How can my skins confuse anybody who is interested in historical skins, I wonder, when they are not published in a book claiming to show historical skins? Some of us are here to have some fun, you know? Something you self-nominated Guardians of the Galaxy may have forgotten about: fun!
  14. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    I have also "weathered skins" in my own use, and made some for download (see skins section). But the G-6 is brandnew right now, so I made a freshly painted and delivered one. Later, when it appears in service in the Kuban region, I will also make others with signs of service wear. Weathering is a matter of taste also - some use it a lot and heavily. I prefer "milder" weathering. But each as he/she likes. Man, what are YOU trying to tell me here? Did I ever say: Look, I have made 4 historical skins? No. These skins show the right emblems for the Kuban units, right? And they show the right group colors for the numbers, or so I think. I spent an afternoon and an evening time to give all those, who cannot make skins, some believeable G-6 skins. (Meanwhile I wished I hadn't made all the work, but flown 3 - 4 missions in the time!) So, who are YOU to appear here and judge my stuff? Are you the "President of the International Grand Jury of Historically Correct Skinning"? If you don't want to use them, you don't have to. Just move on your way, and don't try to teach me what to say or do, okay?
  15. Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Ah, so that was you in that A-20 ? I'll keep watching you!