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  1. Could it be you expect the sleek high-tech elegance of a modern computer-controlled jet fighter? These guys sat up there at 4000 Meters in an open cockpit, semi-freezing their balls off, Planky! The boys must have often been so stiff, that it is a miracle they managed to pull the elevator at all? So much for the joking department. I believe you, that there is a little bump (never flew the Camel yet) - but there were all kinds of hindrances for accurate shooting, so maybe you should live with it, if they cannot change it? Or do you want to compete with von Richthofen or Fonck? (Oops - joke department again...) Seriously: Did you ever try to set up a slight S-CURVE instead of LINEAR, and check if it still "bumps"?
  2. Wolfram-Harms

    urgent request

    Everything is yet under development, and sure the first map will come as soon as it is completed. I guess it will be great and very historical and detailed, cause they may use it in BoBp too. If it takes a bit longer, the reason could be, that it will get even more detailed? In that case it should be worth the waiting!
  3. Well, the Siemens-Schuckert might have been great - when it flew! It had a lot of diseases (overheating). But I'm not into flying the high-end planes anyway. I'm into "dying pretty and with style". So, the Albatros D.V would be my choice. The Roland D.VI would be great to have! (Dreaming must be allowed...)
  4. Well, we must not struggle that a historical sim will get well-BALANCED - it should be HISTORICALLY correct, right?
  5. Good point! I agree fully. Especially Erich Hartmann was anything but a "Kamikaze Kid", as we see them in sims. For him it was most important firstly to return alive and well. And to bring back his wingman - though he was the "highest scorer", he never lost a wingman in the whole war. It is problematic with data anyway. Was Hartmann better than Guenther Rall? Hartmann flew on the Eastern front, Rall on the Western. Quite a difference of opponents/aircraft. The chart I showed before seems to be settled - the aircraft producers usually pointed out the maximum speed of the craft. That could be measured at sea level for one craft, and at 2000 meters for another. So, if that chart is validated, we see that the "average forward speed" of Nieuport 17, Sopwith Camel, Fokker Dr.I and Albatros D.III lie close together, at ca. 170 - 177 km/h. But lift, drag, weight and engine power can lead to differing results in flat climbs, steep climbs, shallow or steep dives etc. The Sopwith Pup, which was a great little airplane (but no war machine with one slow firing gun) did won'fully well at altitudes, where the Albatros D.III could merely stay "afloat" - so the Pup would have been superior here (and I bet they desperately desired a second gun there!) One day we may see more complex simulations, which can generate all that. Albatros which climb good until 2400 meters, after that less good, and they would do really bad high up. For example. Until then, I think we shouldn't have too unrealistic values. The Sopwith Camel was definitely a turn fight, like the Fokker Triplane - not a "racing machine" like SPAD XIII and S.E.5a. It should be the flyer's talent to achieve something, even with a lesser plane. And achieving something must not be more victory marks - it might be a safe return, with your wingman alive. (I recommend Arthur G. Lee's book "No Parachute!" to all who haven't read it yet. You will feel with his everyday war life, and if you are not a "Kamikaze Kid", you may become more modest, and less craving from that read.)
  6. I never took the Dr. I in RoF - I did all my fights in Albatros versions. Biasing the Camel or other Entente aircraft, is an insult for the real WW1 pilots. Cause, why should it have taken them 4 years to win that war - with much higher numbers of men and material - why could they never really beat the Luftstreitkräfte, when their fighters had been so much better?
  7. I don't mind the Pfalz being fixed. But the Camel set to more than 190 km/h - that would be crapp.
  8. Not sure if anyone before had pointed to the NASA data web pages about WW1 aircraft - so I point them out here. On that site are several charts. One shows a comparison of air speeds, corrected by a formula, to eliminate the differences caused by different test altitudes. You can see in the chart, that the Nieuport 17, Albatros D.III, Sopwith Camel and Fokker Dr. 1 are lying pretty close to each other. If you want to check the whole site and all the details, here is the link: https://history.nasa.gov/SP-468/ch2-2.htm It must be pretty much wrong to make the Camel as fast as 192 km/h, while the Pfalz D.III gets reduced to 172 km/h. [edited]
  9. From what I read (A. G. Lee for example) the Albatros D.V could escape the Camel by diving away. This can easily be mistaken for the "Albatros being faster than the Camel". It is possible, that a slower heavier aircraft can be faster in a dive than a light fast one. The light aircraft is simply lacking one bit of the dive speed force: the weight. Lee also wrote, that the RNAS boys, who were equipped with the very agile Sopwith Triplane at that time, eagerly waited for the Camel, because they were (or felt) inferior to the Albatros D.V (see Arthur G. Lee: "No Parachute"). What they all wanted was the weaponry the Albatros had since the first model: twin machine guns. Cause all flying ability and turning agility do not get you more victories, when your guns cannot do enough harm to the opponent - quickly! That's what twin machine guns can do in an instant, when they hit. Sopwith Pup and Triplane were GREAT airplanes - but not so effective as war machines. So, the iconic fame of the Camel may originate in this ability: she was the first British scout that could REALLY do instant damage. We will not end the everlasting dispute about the true quality of the Sopwith Camel as a fighter - she will always be more famous than the Scout Experimental 5a. It appears to me that the S.E.5a was overall a much more modern fighter. It was the fastest fighter of WW1; it could pick a fight or withdraw from it without. It was very sturdy and relyable. And it also carried two machine guns - the concept for bringing down E/a.
  10. Wolfram-Harms

    How do you get the new maps after buying the download

    The others said it already - "early purchase" etc. So you have what you can get, and the rest will come, when it is all ready. I know how you may feel - I am eagerly waiting for FLYING CIRCUS' first map and carreers. Usually I do not buy any "Early Purchases", but IL-2 FLYING CIRCUS is now the first I made. Simply because the IL-2 team have never disappointed me yet, and because I know that developing good and realistic sims is a hard and stony terrain. I bet they could make a lot more money much quicker with other games, so I thought I'd support these guys to carry on. I bet you won't regret it, once it is released, newbetrebor66.
  11. Wolfram-Harms

    Flying Circus Screenshots Thread: Post your Best Pics

    Thanks, Torso - I will put some skins into my DROPBOX soon and post a link.
  12. Wolfram-Harms

    Flying Circus server??

    Today I saw, that "Jasta 5" have also opened a server now. There you can either fly (SPAD XIII or Fokker Dr.I), or do some training on WW2 tanks, on a very small island east of the Crimean.
  13. Wolfram-Harms

    Flying Circus Screenshots Thread: Post your Best Pics

    My first "home-made" Pfalz D.IIIa skin "Prussian Glory" (ahem... ) - I love making own skins.
  14. The Devs should perhaps ask Gene de Marco (pilot) from THE VINTAGE AVIATOR for reference data. TVA own a Sopwith Camel with rotary engine. I guess Gene should know the Camel top speed. 195 km/h seems absolutely overdone to me - German WIKI says: 185 km/h for the Camel and 181 km/h for the Pfalz D.IIIa Another "wing nut" is Kermit Weeks from FANTASY OF FLIGHT, Florida. In this video about their Albatros replica, you can see Gene de Marco early on. The aircraft is getting presented by Kermit Weeks.
  15. Wolfram-Harms

    Some WWI birds appreciatetion?

    Oh, some of us are already there, and I hope more supporters will join over Xmas. Made me a Pfalz D.IIIa skin for Jasta 15, and today I did some exercising - Pfalz vs Camel. Stayed high and made boom+zoom attacks, and the Camel pilot (AI set on "Average") fell. A veteran was better; he could escape, cause I wasted all my ammo on distance shots. I like the new Damage Model - the opponents don't crumble under your guns anymore. Saw no wing coming off so far. Which is much more correct. They didn't use explosive ammunition back in WW1; they rounds would only pierce neat holes into canvas and wood, and you had to hit something vital, like the engine or better: the pilot. I find it hard to wait for the first map/landscape for FLYING CIRCUS; with Douai, Arras and Cambrai, and all the rivers and canals. since they can use that new terrain for both, FC and BoBP I expect them to come up with someting REAL hot.