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  1. Wolfram-Harms

    Asymmetrical Dead Zone

    Did you check the curves behind each joystick input command in IL-2 settings? There you can have either a linear (straight), or an "s"-shaped curve. You can also adjust dead zones for the stick; I think that was under "input devices".
  2. Wolfram-Harms


    I have no idea - maybe you try once, to mirror the setting?
  3. Wolfram-Harms


    Oh yes, it should do a lot. As AeroAce says, "tech chat" is what you get assigned at the right of your screen. The numbers should be changing when you press it. I had a problem twice after updates: the adjustment directions had got changed or mirrored. So make sure you know, what "up" and "down" really do.
  4. Wolfram-Harms

    Repainting aircraft in WW2

    I thought the US aircraft were later just left unpainted, polished aluminium? As for the Luftwaffe: they also did airbrush/spray painting on their airfields. They had hand-pulled mobile compressors with 2 metal wheels for that purpose. Still searching for a picture...
  5. Wolfram-Harms

    Village and Airfield Lighting

    There may be two aspects of the same thing: lighting here and there would sure add to the immersion. But on the other hands, it would also eat resources. The makers of a sim always have to keep an eye on that: what will the lower end of performance get? That must be a tricky balancing thing with MANY things to keep in mind. For more immersion, it would be cool though, if the airfield service barracks would have an open door for example, where some warm dim light is pouring out on the grass, like a "welcome back".
  6. Wolfram-Harms

    Where are the skins?

    Naw, Pat, it's the other way round: I still "owe" you the skins for the other German Kuban units. A new job took away most of my spare time and energy; I rather wanted to fly than make skins in my free time. I have made 3 or 4 different camo pattern now, and I still intend to do skins for all fighter units. Later, when you received them all, I could simply download and install the packages like everybody else.
  7. Wolfram-Harms

    WQHD - Can your graphic card do do it?

    Thanks, found it now. So I set my sim to WQHD resolution of 2560x1440. Then I set the NVIDIA DSR to 1.78x (native resolution), which should be the correct factor for my monitor (1920x1080). The test flight did not only run fine and smooth - I am also absolutely amazed of how fine the Anti-aliasing now appears! The aircraft and the buildings are looking phantastic!
  8. Wolfram-Harms

    WQHD - Can your graphic card do do it?

    Where do I find that? Never heard of it...?
  9. Wolfram-Harms

    WQHD - Can your graphic card do do it?

    What resolution did the TV have?
  10. Let's share some experience here - I'd like to get me a 32" WQHD monitor to fly IL-2 BoX, cause I'd love to get a finer image resolution and a bigger field of view. But can my GPU do the job - or will it falter under the higher demands? My graphic card is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (6 GB). Perhaps you can share your observations and experiences here?
  11. Wolfram-Harms

    Cannot take off in the 111

    Some planes need knowledge from the pilot which you may not have yet. So maybe you should watch this tutorial by REQUIEM - all his videos are very well made.
  12. Wolfram-Harms

    Problem - Why do I get this message?

    Thanks for nothing, everyone. I had originally posted this in the GENERAL DISCUSSION department, cause I had already expected it to be overlooked here. This department was pretty much useless for me. The problem is solved meanwhile - I made a complete new install.
  13. Wolfram-Harms

    Post something positive for a change?

    Oh dear - the film industry effects departments have come a long way! (Now, if they would use it more realistic, it would just be grand). Yeah, back to topic, I guess!
  14. Wolfram-Harms

    Post something positive for a change?

    Naw, I was only making some fun of it - I did perfectly understand what you meant to say, melkarth - even though it was perhaps expressed a bit complex. The "Ride of the Walkyries" scene in APOCALYPSE NOW! is definitely bone-shaking - no question. But must all air combat scenes produce such intense feelings? I felt very tense and anxious with those Spitfire pilots in the DUNKIRK movie - for them it was more than enough "boneshaking trouble" they were in. Especially American productions often pour out their well-filled cornucopia of sound and vision over the audiences. But if we just immerse ourselves a bit into those guys in DUNKIRK, who were young, and maybe not too experienced; then we might be able to "really feel" the "boneshakingness" of such moments. (I don't mean to say though, that DUNKIRK was an overall great film - I didn't think so, to be honest) I don't want air combat to be presented to me like "The Red Baron" or "Flyboys" - I want to see rather plain average human pilots in non-miraculous combat aircraft. I like to see a certain heavyness of those crates, and that they had to obey Newton's laws of physics. Just my 2 cent - but as you say: it's in the eye of the beholder, of course.
  15. Wolfram-Harms

    No Battle of Kuban Single player missions?

    I recommend to fly a CARREER - you can fly them like single missions whenever you like, and they are well-made.