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  1. Same here - waiting for FLYING CIRCUS. Three projects in the works are pretty much to do. But I hope that with the new engine they will have something lasting a bit. Will I ever see a "Pacific" sim before I am too old to fly it? I doubt it...
  2. Hagar, when you'd come to rescue me, I'd have a 50/50 chance of survival - do I get that right?
  3. Well, Hagar, if you'd be flying in real life, you wouldn't want to shoot at your own friends, would you? So, if in doubt, you better not fire. In WW1 crates it is quite useless anyway to fire at an aircraft, when you can't even recognise, what it is. The trick in those days was to go so close that you could read the opponent's altimeter.
  4. I had the same in WAR THUNDER. The latest UPDATE brought changes which made all my REPLAYS obsolete. This can happen when a game is still getting updated; it is no game problem - it is only just a pity. I had a REPLAY where I killed 5 tanks in a row without getting killed myself. Saved it to make a little video of it one soon day. Gone with the wind now. Not sure if I can ever be that good again - sob!
  5. Muahahahahaaa!!! The Pup was a fine aircraft! Only just not a very dangerous warcraft with one "Pop-pop-pop!" slow machine gun.
  6. I had seem an airfield screenshot with ground objects. I guess some tanks will be possible. They didn't have too many of them in those days though. Too dark to read in them. And a book would only catch fire, when the German flamethrowers blow their burning oil into the tank.
  7. Such films remind me of Goebbels' propaganda films: purely emotional distortion of truth, overpowering you with rousing music. Such films have nothing to do with real wars.
  8. Well, every time you press the "Center" command (which I need a lot), this will be lost again.
  9. With PERSIL, all the fabric would be sheer WHITE, SP1969 ! That's why I fly the Albatros. Wooden fuselage, varnished. Before the Lozenge, the wing surfaces were painted with real paint. They cleaned them, and they painted them over. Aircraft which were mostly covered with fabric, showed more "aging". I read that the outspitted Castor oil "ate" the color. Here is more than enough "inspiration" for all who like to add "weathering". https://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=7cf7e9f7dec91b2f23fadccf4ee1df0d&topic=2015.msg32720#
  10. "Rosebud's Early Aviation" is a fine website for identifying planes. At least, if you have SOME idea about the nationality. Cause you have to click each link to see the photos, and that is a looong list... The site was gone for some time, but then someone saved it as a historical archive. I found plenty of interesting craft there, which I had never heard of before. Enjoy! http://chezpeps.free.fr/musee/early/archive1.htm EDIT: Dammit, the site cannot be reached? At least for me... Is it down again? Does anybody know a newer address?
  11. SeaWolf, you can set the "opacity" of each layer with PHOTOSHOP. So you could have "inbetween statuses" of dirt. From what I have read, the German mechanics kept the aircraft very tidy and cleaned them, painted them, fixed bullet holes etc. I guess the Entente did it similar, but don't know. I have read about planes being dirty or mud-covered, when they had quick advances in wet weather and landed on conquered enemy airfields with no own workshops, tools, brushes and brooms. But generally, they were quite aware, that they were given the latest and most advanced weapons f
  12. If you ever need Germans, we could make some test lines (though I don't like my own voice from my answering machine...).
  13. All claimed within 4 hours - nobody say the fans and users aren't reading their forum!
  14. Can any good IL-2 flyer please fly and record a "barrel roll" and post a video of it, in outside view? I tried flying that manover after reading, how it should be done - but I failed to get anywhere near. Thanks in advance! EDIT: I was flying a Bf109 G-4.
  15. Thank you so much, LuseKofte, for the "Havoc" campaign - will get this fighter pilot into a bomber's seat for once! La Gomera - Tenerife ? I guess you found some sum down there? Here in Berlin, it's all grey. BUT: great for playing games. No-one interrupts you with "let's go out for a walk!"
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