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  1. as much as vulching is annoying, it's also countered pretty easily, and if you as a pilot can get to a tempfield without getting shot down, chances are strong you can take off from there as well. The big advantage of RRR is for rear-field planes, especially rear-field bombers, and I've seen plenty of usage in that area.
  2. The server has stats on how succesfull aircraft are. Funnily enough according to the K/D and ELO stats the LA-5FN is actually the supreme allied fighter (it's lovely and more people should fly it).
  3. Then hop into bombers and start doing higher altitude bombing. The depots exist for a reason. I swear, if all the luftwaffe pilots actually spend the time they spent into complaining about the Tempest in figuring out some proper tactics instead the tempest's advantage would be greatly diminished. The tempest is literally only a factor in 1/5th of the game (or 1/10th considering the 262), yet the Red team consistently manages to eke ahead in the objective war and score, despite less flight time overall and the blue team in general having numerical superiority. I'm looking at the sta
  4. I'm gonna argue that throughout the early planesets most axis aircraft are simply superiour to the allied ones* and allied pilots have learned to compensate for the deficiencies in their equipment (ie by engaging in ways that minimizes their deficiencies) in the way that axis pilots don't have to up until they encounter the Tempest. The Tempest is not a super aircraft. In a low-altitude dogfight it's good, but the axis late-war aircraft have the advantage of being able to engage and disengage on their terms. The Tempest can't touch them at high altitudes. * Compare the
  5. Happy Birthday Jason! Any chance for people who have bought parts of the game through Steam to be able to own it on the standalone launcher, even if it means buying it again?
  6. The reason the Americans got the N28 in the first place is becuase the French had put them in reserve, preferring the SPAD. off course none of them could match up to the best plane of all time, the Hanriot HD1
  7. Two recommendations from me: "Pilot head snap modifier: Custom" control, "Numpad ." by default. If you press it, your pilot will quickly look at the plane's dashboard. If you then play with the POV controls it'll look at various controls or gauges in more details, or with some planes over the side of the plane past the nose, which is very useful for taxi operations. Finally, holding it and "Head snap UP" will quickly zoom down the sights, which is especially useful if you happen to have sights that are off-centre (like the various WW1 planes). If you use any camera setting oth
  8. The historical pedant in me wishes to point out that Luftwaffe command was far less interested in actually confirming the kills their pilots claimed, the Nazi aces might be slightly overrated Speaking of, I don't think superiour or inferior equipment is the cause of the Blue's Blues. On the server, the Blue pilots consistently score more kills, but whenever I play, the Blue pilots are always concentrated on the frontlines or even airfields. German bomber formations are extremely rare. Meanwhile, I've flown several bomber sorties were we simply did not get intercepted at all, including high
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