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  1. Would be nice to be able to post a youtube comment on your video.
  2. Seems like this would be a better PM. Or a question directed here
  3. Well I'm glad it's our attention to quality that selects our 3rd party. The feed back I submitted was along the line of - Great content, but I'd like to buy more faster! I did notice a few mentions of 3rd Parties a few Dev diaries back. But wasn't sure to what extent they we're assisting. I kinda of just assumed that we were off loading some work too these 3rd parties. Rather than the other way around as in these 3rd parties being attracted to us - requesting access to develop assets for a cut of profit. I guess I don't really understand how these 3rd party systems works. Haha, I should
  4. So our standards scares them away? Haha - Jk. I can understand this point - I've flown some pretty shady 3rd party planes that left a pretty bad taste. On the same coin I've flown some damn good ones. But I wasn't aware of the U-2 being in the works with a 3rd party. I hope it goes well enough to open the door to more possibilities.
  5. So I just finished typing out some feedback for IL2. After submitting my two cents - I felt a bit sour about the way I worded my complaint. So I began wondering why 3rd party developers arn't drawn to help submit some content for IL-2? What keeps them away? Is it because we're a niche within a niche? To small of a market? What's the deal?
  6. I'll put this in all in layman's term. I've found the best thing is to take your time. Clear your day so you're not worried about anything. Don't feel afraid to have your missions take 40+ mins. Don't kick you're self if you have to do a second pass. If anything looks risky, 9 times out of 10 it's probably too risky. Take your time when you line up and keep momentum in mind. The more steep the angle of attack + the faster you are - the less you have to compensate for gravity, even with rockets. The best practice that helped me the most was coming at a target at a near 90-85 de
  7. If you ask me the bug isn't that bad, Net coding isn't easy. I honestly believe the Devs need to stay focused on releasing more content to remain more competitive. If I had to choose between working on our upcoming planes/expansions or fixing some ammo counter bug - it's pretty obvious.
  8. Just kidding - You know I'll mow through you chops no problems with them 6 50s. But also been seeing a lot of help posted in general discussion. Community is growing nicely. Stay sharp vets!
  9. Interview between Jason and Frooglesim. 42mins of great information.
  10. I know you've pretty much got every advice known to man, to make things simple and short - A real simple easy tool you can use is Tacview for IL2. You can review your practice matches with the AI to see if your over shooting or undershooting or think of new tactics to use against the AI. -I usually start against 3 Vet AI with a 500M advantage at around 2500M with me at their Aft position. It's great target practice, first work on honing in those guns and getting a feel for their trajectories. http://www.tacview.net/documentation/il2/en/ Change this file to .acmi if you'd like to
  11. Count me in for Flying Circus! Your training videos helped me a ton! Thanks so much for making them
  12. It's pretty easy, did you look into the game before buying it? Did you know what you were paying for? Did you use your information box called a computer to look more into what you were about shell your money out for? I spent a long time watching this team develop on YouTube before shelling out the money I did for it. When I purchased this game I expected bugs with patches. Since I actually spent time listing to the Q&A sessions online getting to know the size and limitations of the team I was investing in. I get how hard net-coding is - especially with how precise of a simulation this g
  13. What's the problem again? I smell entitlement all over this post, just because you paid for a service - doesn't mean you get the service the exact way you THINK you paid for. You get exactly what you paid for. You invested in a product, but also a team of people. Who happen to not be the AAA fantasy you think you're entitled for. Just because you're having an issue that wasn't detected before the patch, doesn't mean you're not getting what you paid for. It's the opposite - you're getting exactly what you paid for. And shame on you if you put money into a expanding game, and not expect growi
  14. Speaking of IL2 1946, I completely forgot I had 1946 C.U.P. installed on my PC. I'll have to test this once I make it home. Which is better though BAT or CUP? Not to change the topic.
  15. I tried to bring light back on this very concern with a few of my recent posts. I'd really want nothing more than to see this title succeed. With how bridging the 'oceans' becoming more complicated/difficult. It really throws a wedge into what's trying to be accomplished here and I hope that more resources can be allocated to assist distribute the workload more efficiently. And at-least make the community more aware of what's going on behind the scenes. I'm glad Jason is being more vocal about this, it's not just sunshine and rainbows. This next BOBP surprised me in the scale compared to our o
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