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  1. TexasWarbird

    So, where is the hot fix?

    It's pretty easy, did you look into the game before buying it? Did you know what you were paying for? Did you use your information box called a computer to look more into what you were about shell your money out for? I spent a long time watching this team develop on YouTube before shelling out the money I did for it. When I purchased this game I expected bugs with patches. Since I actually spent time listing to the Q&A sessions online getting to know the size and limitations of the team I was investing in. I get how hard net-coding is - especially with how precise of a simulation this game is. I knew I wasn't buying just another AAA title with the resources to fix those bugs a day after patch. The bottom line is, I expected 16 month old bugs and I'm not upset if it takes a while to get fixed. But I guess it's confusing to you guys since what I expect from people to actually already know is assuming too much.
  2. TexasWarbird

    So, where is the hot fix?

    What's the problem again? I smell entitlement all over this post, just because you paid for a service - doesn't mean you get the service the exact way you THINK you paid for. You get exactly what you paid for. You invested in a product, but also a team of people. Who happen to not be the AAA fantasy you think you're entitled for. Just because you're having an issue that wasn't detected before the patch, doesn't mean you're not getting what you paid for. It's the opposite - you're getting exactly what you paid for. And shame on you if you put money into a expanding game, and not expect growing pains. If I could get exactly what I paid for, my Mcdonalds burger would be layered in %100 Grade A quality beef.
  3. TexasWarbird

    steam keys

    I was looking to do the same thing, couldn't do it without the steam key! I'd love to say some great things. But I can understand how hairy things can get having licenses for both platforms. Lets keep the pirate hats far from our table. Honestly, I don't mind - so long as I have access to everything with one install.
  4. TexasWarbird

    P-51D Interesting characteristic

    Speaking of IL2 1946, I completely forgot I had 1946 C.U.P. installed on my PC. I'll have to test this once I make it home. Which is better though BAT or CUP? Not to change the topic.
  5. I tried to bring light back on this very concern with a few of my recent posts. I'd really want nothing more than to see this title succeed. With how bridging the 'oceans' becoming more complicated/difficult. It really throws a wedge into what's trying to be accomplished here and I hope that more resources can be allocated to assist distribute the workload more efficiently. And at-least make the community more aware of what's going on behind the scenes. I'm glad Jason is being more vocal about this, it's not just sunshine and rainbows. This next BOBP surprised me in the scale compared to our other expansions.
  6. TexasWarbird

    Steam Intergration

    Just a pointing out - IL2 is now on page one for Flight games on steam. https://store.steampowered.com/tags/en/Flight/#p=0&tab=TopSellers Granted the list sucks. It's still something cool to bring up. Last time I checked we were on page 6.
  7. TexasWarbird

    Post something positive for a change?

    I figured since request for content posts are so prevalent; I owe it to them to take the liberty and highlight that portion in particular. To bring light on what this team is accomplishing, despite its size. It’s really is something monumental. But at times it seems like is the size of the team is looked over more than it should be. Causing calls for assistance like his to be ignored. Including the fact that there team is an international force - multiples that difficulty. I think some people don't realize how fragile something like that can be. We owe it to them to try to help them find more stability any way we can. I'll continue to buy on site, and do what I can taking the time to write what I have so far. And maybe hope to see you invest more as well.
  8. TexasWarbird

    Post something positive for a change?

    This is the discussion I was referring to, not sure if it's the one you're looking for.
  9. TexasWarbird

    Post something positive for a change?

    I know this might be over zealous But what I'm really grateful for is the devs good work in general and they're ability to prioritize all those "issues" despite there small team size. So with that in mind, usually when I make a post I try to be as respectful as possible. After all, changes requested are mere suggestions. So I'll post a note once and if it's ignored, my feelings arn't hurt - that's business. I still have the best WW2 flight sim on the market to enjoy. So what if it's missing one kink that's hard to notice on the greater surface? It gives me no reason to want to complain. But I notice sometimes users take it to another level.. I listened to the Q&A session between Jason and the community - that was supposed to be about the new release of BOBP, and it turned into a bug reporting fiasco. I could literally feel Jason's patience wearin thin lol. He seemed a little disappointed. But it's not the point, I won't make assumptions about how the man felt..But he had to constantly remind people how small the team is and try to direct users onto a different topic. So unless we clone Hans, there's going to be limitations, and just maybe we should be a bit more mindful about those limitations. Rather than find faults, I reckon a good way to be grateful would be to try to find means to help. I'm sure it'd be much appreciated. There's been quite amount of job postings and requests for assistance on the site. As Jason noted in the Q&A, other simulations titles are able to pull quite a bit more resources/assistance from their community and IL2 hasn't showin the same pool. Maybe we could shift a bit of focus to finding more means to assist and achieve our goals. Although I'm not one to talk, I haven't been in this community long. But it's just an opinion from what I see looking in. Hopefully I didn't come off as disrespectful to anyone and I write this opinion with as much respect as I have to offer. I very much will like to see this title/community continue to succeed and grow far past any projected growth. V/R TexasWarbird
  10. TexasWarbird

    P-51D Interesting characteristic

    Another piece of information I found,was that this sound was also attempted to be simulated with A2A for FSX. (Unmodded)
  11. TexasWarbird

    P-51D Interesting characteristic

    After taking a look at some more air show videos, I have to agree. Also I think the reason it's more prominent on some P-51's versus others at air shows - has to do with if they're actually carrying real 50 .cal's, or phony place holders.
  12. TexasWarbird

    P-51D Interesting characteristic

    That is true, I hope that it is triggered with the closest replication as possible - Including the conditions needed to cause that sound. I don't fully understand the conditions, I just hope it is not so difficult that it's cut out. Even if it is, I'd can understand - I can't imagine it'd be easy. Although I'm not hard to please, I'd like to believe any attempt the devs makes at it would come out great.
  13. TexasWarbird

    P-51D Interesting Characteristic.

    I created this post earlier today, and I figured it would belong here as well. Type of improvement: Historically accuracy/sounds Explanation: Certain flight sound characteristics of the P51D. Benefits: See post below
  14. TexasWarbird

    P-51D Interesting characteristic

    If added on-top of the already excellent modeling done, this detail in my opinion would sure excel this aircraft model firmly and far above it's competitors.
  15. TexasWarbird

    P-51D Interesting characteristic

    That it did, I'm wondering how difficult it'd be to add something in like this. (Factoring in the conditions needed to trigger that sound). No other simulators I know have covered this sound in detail. I'm worried it'll be to difficult to model. With how unique and badass it is. 😔 Though it'd be a shame not to try! Begs the question. Is it even possible?