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  1. Ouch! That sounds painful 😉
  2. Now there's a surprise! 😉
  3. Yep, been using the 40" 4K IIyama for years.
  4. No. It's all out there in books and the interweb if you want to know more.
  5. Aww damn! I thought this thread was about... https://www.discogs.com/Hevy-Gunz-Industries-Rownd-Wun/release/1880097
  6. They also indicate its upside down!
  7. I have no trouble destroying any static A/c. A short accurate burst and they explode.
  8. https://www.quora.com/Why-did-some-Spitfires-have-clipped-wings-in-WW2
  9. Start mission...quit mission = mission failed, move on.
  10. You do not need to have success in each mission. Just accept a mission failed. As Brems says, these types of mission were rarely successful. Personally, I skip these missions.
  11. A big market to be tapped there! Good luck.
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