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  1. To throw a pursuing AI enemy of my tail when I'm out of ammo I will go down to the deck and fly through the valleys on the Kuban map, weaving between the mountains. Invariably, they will end up in the sticks. I would not expect to be credited but it's very satisfying!
  2. Elem

    Night fighters over the Kuban

    Loving the campaign Juri, but can you tell me the criteria for success of mission 3, Submarine Cover? I've flown it twice and downed all the Il-2 but not before one of the boats gets sunk.
  3. So no targets for the ground pounders? Without the ground war there is no air war, especially during the PGW.
  4. Elem

    Boat and trains in Career mode

    When BoS was first announced, I was excited at the prospect of protecting/attacking all the river traffic crossing the Volga that the battle is so famous for. Sadly, this never materialised. I was hoping one of the clever campaign creators might make one featuring such actions.
  5. Elem

    No credit for a Taran kill

    Yes, that was my concern. How could the sim differentiate between a deliberate act and an accident? May not be possible.
  6. Fabulous! Many thanks.
  7. So I brought down 4 HS-129B with the onboard ammo but the 5th I got with a Taran attack. It killed my engine but I was still able to glide back to make a perfect landing and get a mission success message, but only credit for 4 kills. Should we get credit for Taran attacks? Also, has anyone been able to use the Jump to last Mission option? I don't seem to be able to select it?
  8. I can whole heartedly recommend this then... https://www.amazon.co.uk/iiyama-X4071UHSU-B1-ProLite-MVA-Monitor/dp/B016UPDKIW
  9. Elem

    Best aircraft for attacking ships

    Got to be the beautiful Beau...No contest.
  10. And waaay too small for that!
  11. And here's your chance to own one... https://www.historicandclassicaircraftsales.com/polikarpov-po2
  12. Elem

    U-2VS or Not?

    Yup! Bring 'em on, and the ladies too!
  13. Elem

    Who lives in London, England???

    Ha! me too. I hope they are tending to it!
  14. Elem

    Who lives in London, England???

    Hey Custard, you're a man after my own heart! That is my all time fav malt. It's fermented peat water!!