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  1. Have you posted it here?... https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/89-technical-issues-and-bug-reports/
  2. I object to that! My Father built aircraft during WWII. 😉
  3. Yet there are MANY who would like multi-engine bomber missions that would take many hours in reality.
  4. Personally, I never fly zoomed IN. I find fully zoomed out is a more realistic seating position giving a better all round view and still able to view targets in the gun sights.
  5. When you buy any one module, you actually download everything, but you can only play/use other items once you purchase it, which then "unlocks" it.
  6. But I'm not using an NVidia card? It's AMD ASUS RoG Strix RX Vega 56. Although IL-2 is now running, I have a problem with the game folder. You said earlier that it should have the Read-Only attributes unchecked. Well I keep doing that and it just keeps resetting to Read-Only as soon as I close it. The game will not save anything that I do in it? Why is that?
  7. Oh wow! I wish I'd seen this 2 hours ago! I bit the bullet and did a full reinstall only to find it didn't cure the problem! I was panicking then. So having seen your post and @=TBAS=Sschatten14 I checked the Radeon Settings Controls and set AA to application controlled and...BINGO! I have IL-2 back. I cannot believe it was something so simple. So a huge thank you @ohnoapirate @=TBAS=Sschatten14 and @-=-THERION for your help with this problem.
  8. Thanks @-=-THERION for all your help on this. I think I'll leave a full reinstall till the weekend but your suggestions are noted. I have a full back up of IL-2 on an external hard drive to get the "input" folder from. I notice there is an "uninstall" option within the game files, would this be the best method of removing IL-2?
  9. That's the first thing that came to my mind. Attacking the V1 launch sites and the coastal radar masts.
  10. Hi @-=-THERION, I have just done what you've said. The startup.cfg WAS "Read-only", so unchecked it and all the files within became read/write. I then checked to see that the launcher and the startup.cfg both said modes = 0. While I was doing that, the update 4.002 was installing and I could see changes being made to the files. So when it finished, clicked PLAY and... it has NOT cured the problem! I found this post on the forum from someone who had done a similar thing and it appears that I might have to do a full re-install. What do you think?
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