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  1. I've been away from the game for a few to several weeks, and find that my X52 hotas, either of two, no longer responds to IL2 BOX or CLOD and displays a Code 43 error, but works in DCS. The device and all functions are indicated operating in Saitek programming. I am aware of at least one patch in the interval. Are there known issues with this please?
  2. No joy although I've dropped the underscore character at TAW. What is the source of the lower login?
  3. I registered with TAW a few days ago, but am not able to get in the server. What am I missing please?
  4. Wowee! Keep it goin' on. I'm looking forward to seeing it photorealistic.
  5. I'm afraid I am not finding the key command for the floor window. What is it please?
  6. Nice work. With Pink Floyd gone, how about Led Zeppelin?
  7. I will gladly offer up my thanks to anyone who moves this thing ahead. I regret that I know nothing of coding, but have a lot of time on my hands to play it.
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