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  1. Keep up the great work.
  2. II./JG77Throweight

    Tactical Air War

    Thank you.
  3. II./JG77Throweight

    Tactical Air War

    No joy although I've dropped the underscore character at TAW. What is the source of the lower login?
  4. II./JG77Throweight

    Tactical Air War

    I registered with TAW a few days ago, but am not able to get in the server. What am I missing please?
  5. II./JG77Throweight

    Developer Diary, Part 182 - Discussion

    Wowee! Keep it goin' on. I'm looking forward to seeing it photorealistic.
  6. II./JG77Throweight

    Ju 87 D-3 abbrev. Pilot's Manual

    I'm afraid I am not finding the key command for the floor window. What is it please?
  7. II./JG77Throweight

    Developer Diary, Part 109 - Discussion

    Wow. Just...wow.
  8. II./JG77Throweight

    Jupp's Missions

    Nice work. With Pink Floyd gone, how about Led Zeppelin?
  9. II./JG77Throweight

    Developer Diary, Part 99.99 - Discussion

    Holy boom and zoom Batman.
  10. I will gladly offer up my thanks to anyone who moves this thing ahead. I regret that I know nothing of coding, but have a lot of time on my hands to play it.