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  1. Looks great...ready to headshot 109 pilot @ 300 meters...
  2. Yeah, I think I paid something like that for vol 1 also (new). I only have 1 & 2 but also have "Stalingrad: the air battle" which I think covers much of what was in BCRS 3.
  3. Opportunity rover went 45.16 km breaking the Lunakhod record for a non Earth rover, but Soviet Union/Russia has plenty of accomplishments in space. I think the Venera probes (built by Lavochkin ) sending back pictures from the surface of Venus to be very impressive.
  4. I was curious so have it a test today and didn't have any real problems. @ about 18% throttle i was able to keep it straight with rudder, but would back down to %15 if it felt was getting too fast, tap o or r brake to turn more sharply.
  5. It is more sensitive to ground handling than others. When I haven't flown it for awhile it takes me some time to get used to ground handling. I think it is the widely spaced gear for one thing, when you use differential braking it has a greater leverage affect than on the 109 for example.
  6. You can try adjusting curves, might help.
  7. The rudder has a ground adjustable tab which is set so that at cruise speed it should keep the AC more or less straight, below or above this speed it will pull to one side or the other.
  8. - GAZ-MM + 72K - Sd. Kfz. 10 + Flak38 The flak units are now going to be separate purchases however.
  9. Looking good! Really waiting for a "big reveal moment" for the P-51 I guess...
  10. First "sim" in general terms I played the heck out of was Gato for the mac (sub sim), great game.
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