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  1. [CPT]Pike*HarryM

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Stats page dead.
  2. [CPT]Pike*HarryM

    Does the ai know about clouds?

    That sounds right. In any case MiG Alley and BoB had great (realistic) AI. Even EAW had some realistic routines such as escorts that would only attack an enemy fighter when it was was close to a bomber group, then break off and return to their escort duties if the attackers were beyond that range.
  3. [CPT]Pike*HarryM

    Googling Japanese aircraft carriers is weird

  4. [CPT]Pike*HarryM

    Books - What are you reading?

  5. [CPT]Pike*HarryM

    Another P-38 found in Greenland

    Very cool!
  6. [CPT]Pike*HarryM

    Developer Diary 198 - Discussion

  7. Looks like Oleg flying the Spad.
  8. [CPT]Pike*HarryM

    Happy 4th of July to my fellow American patriots!

    Happy 4th!
  9. I originally bought BOS and the FW-190A3 and La-5 on steam. Everything else I have bought on the Il-2 store, not steam. Everything has always showed up inside my game when launched from Steam with the old way to activate the keys. I just did the link account thing and everything is still there, just did a quick mission in the 109G-14, so BoBP is there also, not an issue. It may not show up in the steam interface as a DLC or whatever, but the content is all there in-game.
  10. Yeah, an early LaGG-3 and a Yak-1 would be nice for Moscow...
  11. They did disable it as it made pullout and recovery too predictable for flak, detailed in this book... https://www.amazon.com/Memoirs-Stuka-Pilot-Helmit-Mahlke-ebook/dp/B00ISYMY4U
  12. [CPT]Pike*HarryM

    Developer Diary, Part 192 - Discussion

    Humming right along, a well-oiled dev machine!