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  1. [CPT]Pike*HarryM

    Who lives in London, England???

    Our local brewer, some damned good beer. https://www.firestonebeer.com
  2. [CPT]Pike*HarryM

    Who lives in London, England???

    No one slipped him a mickey and took his wallet? Shocked and disappointed.
  3. this chart indicates Military power is 15 minutes.
  4. [CPT]Pike*HarryM

    RIP FA_Monguse

  5. Lack of wings snapping off so easily means more survivable overall (able to ditch or bail). Nice for career.
  6. Typhoon pilots always wore the mask, wonder if Tempest V was the same.
  7. [CPT]Pike*HarryM

    Serious thoughts and feedback for Career & AI

    I have noticed that in my Kuban VVS campaign (GvIAP 16) I have NEVER encountered Ju-87, Bf-110, He-111 or Ju-52 in 30+ missions (despite them being on the map in Kerch peninsula). I only see 109s, 190s and Hs-129.
  8. They added VOIP to Il-2:46 and after a brief period of usage people stopped using it. It wasn't great (had a weird tinny quality) but it was functional. But too many freaks and trolls screaming on it or verbal "uninstall noob" type abuse, and with so many different nationalities playing Il-2 too, many different languages. So I don't think Devs will do that again.
  9. [CPT]Pike*HarryM

    Phlydaily played IL-2 today

    SideStrafe was doing Il-2 for a litte bit, got proficient enough to go on WOL and actually shot somebody down. Then some !#%!^@ dragged him into the DCS abyss where he then floundered then gave up on it.
  10. [CPT]Pike*HarryM

    What's your top speed on P-47 at about 5000 ft?

    I get 335MPH indicated.
  11. Yes, I just looked again and I see that there is a stop modeled which opens when get to a certain throttle setting. So water switch is independent of that, the video makes it seem they are interlinked somehow.
  12. I think it is supposed to go past a gate as described here, but this movement past the gate doesn't seem to be modeled.
  13. [CPT]Pike*HarryM

    Ground vehicles!

    Counted as a "kill", knocked the wheel off kilter.
  14. [CPT]Pike*HarryM

    My ownership badges aren’t showing in forum

    No big whoop, can just put it in the sig...
  15. I think I skipped it or started a new campaign to get around it, not sure what was wrong with the mission file.