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  1. They figured out the gun gas problem in the F-86 but the Korean War was almost over by that point. http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_fighters/p86_25.html
  2. It's the 51, so they have to make sure it is as perfect as possible...
  3. Looks great...ready to headshot 109 pilot @ 300 meters...
  4. Yeah, I think I paid something like that for vol 1 also (new). I only have 1 & 2 but also have "Stalingrad: the air battle" which I think covers much of what was in BCRS 3.
  5. Opportunity rover went 45.16 km breaking the Lunakhod record for a non Earth rover, but Soviet Union/Russia has plenty of accomplishments in space. I think the Venera probes (built by Lavochkin ) sending back pictures from the surface of Venus to be very impressive.
  6. I was curious so have it a test today and didn't have any real problems. @ about 18% throttle i was able to keep it straight with rudder, but would back down to %15 if it felt was getting too fast, tap o or r brake to turn more sharply.
  7. It is more sensitive to ground handling than others. When I haven't flown it for awhile it takes me some time to get used to ground handling. I think it is the widely spaced gear for one thing, when you use differential braking it has a greater leverage affect than on the 109 for example.
  8. You can try adjusting curves, might help.
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