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  1. Maybe when the Ferdie comes out that and the SU-152 can get added back in, at least for a trial.
  2. Wow! Nice detail. I just discovered the Star Trek shuttlecraft on the Nevada map (in a hangar at area 51).
  3. Nothing that I have heard, I think the Mi24 is only help in real development.
  4. Managed to land the Mi-8 for the first time in hover/near hover (+9 knot forward speed), white-knuckle ride!
  5. When the sound loops I use Alt-C to change radio channel or shut it off.
  6. Lovely plane. Nice it is getting updated too (Mid-life overhaul). I am *trying* to also learn the Mi-8. Not having spent much time in Helos at all, it's somewhat challenging... Got all the green cockpit and a bazillion switches goodness going on like MiG-21...
  7. Thanks for clarification, if you remember who this player was should report, I will try to figure out from stats. I value my virtual lives so is quite annoying...
  8. Semz, if you use your AI gunner, can you not do that when behind a friendly tank? I think you were trying to use me as a meat shield and retarded AI was shooting me in the back...
  9. Well, it was one of MY better landings. I usually come in much shallower then have to add some burner, it is nice to not have to do that (and be able to see the runway). I am going to start using the ILS system to get a handle on an ideal approach/landing. Lots of interesting info here! There is a good video on the "aircrew interview" channel with a Finnish pilot where he discusses the 21 quite a bit.
  10. Here is one of my better landings...
  11. Yeah, it has that gear lock. I just unlock it and forget it. I find it an honest aircraft once you get used to these little odd system quirks.
  12. Been flying the MiG-21 quite a bit and love it. "Trying" the Mi-8, wow, what a handful for a chopper noob, but still fun. I want to try out the GAW server but will have to use a newer plane for that I guess, have a-10c, F-16 etc.
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