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  1. There are players who seem to enjoy "camping" waiting in ambush for an enemy tank to roll in, so not much different waiting for an aircraft.
  2. If they could just remove the invisible trees from the regular maps that would be great. Bought these 2 anyways...
  3. There is a lot to like here, looks very good!
  4. I think they don't move, "style" only.
  5. Vostok Amphibian is my watch, nothing fancy but very rugged and no battery to replace.
  6. The fact that it can connect seamlessly to other servers using it is another plus. I guess that mission makers will want to include in the briefing what the 5 channels should be used for. 1 General, 2 Strike, 3 Bombers, etc.
  7. Cool! The version for the "other sim" works great.
  8. Maybe when the Ferdie comes out that and the SU-152 can get added back in, at least for a trial.
  9. Wow! Nice detail. I just discovered the Star Trek shuttlecraft on the Nevada map (in a hangar at area 51).
  10. Nothing that I have heard, I think the Mi24 is only help in real development.
  11. Managed to land the Mi-8 for the first time in hover/near hover (+9 knot forward speed), white-knuckle ride!
  12. When the sound loops I use Alt-C to change radio channel or shut it off.
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