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  1. if force feeback was realistic youd need two hands that favours interhemispheric brain fusion when aiming
  2. once i saw people with tentacles in the back in the head with some kind of sexual organs in tv i had to look away i believe you
  3. these days im enjoying day of defeat source i like the fps where you can kill with a single shot of slow recharge, like james bond golden gun what multiplayer fps could i try?
  4. yes its bogart i enjoy painting him he has interesting ugly but pretty factions
  5. i had a bycicle, then a ktm 500, then a suzuki 500gs with which i broke my leg so i went to safer sims
  6. i have a truman paranoia but with a reason for a week i was taking notes in college in my cigarretes packages next week they gifted a black and red small cool notebook with my brand of cigaretes come on come on
  7. i think i ve done nearly evrything playing and now all seems like a boring repetitition so what is left to play have i missed any jewel throuout the years?
  8. ive wathced it several times and like it more and more still im not touching the game with a 10 m pole
  9. looks like the cfs cone pitching indicator
  10. so far i think this is my best work, i did it using a bizarre technique by which i would look with one eye at the white paper and with the other to the photograph model using a mirror, vermeer may have done this also i run out of flesh tone pastels so i can not try again by now and its not the comic book style that seems like my late style: not anymore but there was a time i would see different colors halos around people, probably psicosis
  11. as i see it when they introduce virtual for or sex with nerds disguised as hot chicks everyone will want a touchable not press keys virtaul gloves everybody looks first at their hands when in vr
  12. raaaid


    i have a skrill credit card that i use to back up paypal i dont even own a back account, im a true rebel
  13. if you can not compete against people thats boring to death, if they only resurrected cfs with that engine
  14. i think its a more modern thing as the black friday
  15. this reminds me maybe its time to wear the cowboy boots outisde the trousers to easily go against the stream
  16. its conditioned to not rainy days as well: so if youre here post 2012 your city is a spacehip too?
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