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  1. when i lay down and stand up too sudden since a kid i have gravity black outs things darken but most of the times i recover with time i learnt that just slightly lowering your head recovers you from this and saves you from posible fainting i learnt this independently but i guess some pilot must have learnt you can overcome fainting g force lowering your head
  2. i used to do that and its fun but i end up putting all my imaginary friends on my ignore list, still love myself whatever freud may say
  3. if you can pretend youre a fighter piltot you can pretend youre flying a f4 instead of a 109, use your imagination
  4. i used to get jobs from upwork till i got a good illustration not watermarked that the client kept but didnt pay me so i quit i felt like starting now i have a new tablet but i found out upwork now charges you for sending jops appliances i would search the web but i dont trust much google for this does anybody know any site like upwork where at least you can work for free if nopt for some money not pay to work?
  5. to aim with the gyro gives it a new touch you even need a firm hand as in real life do you know any other android fps that makes use of the gyro?
  6. i keep playing and reversing a zx spectrum game form my childhood, now im not only immortal but can also fly and go through walls i guess the word spell comes form injecting code just by talking in reality program
  7. if people only knew movies are real obtained with a chronovisor form parallel universes they can even pick the main role actor depending the universe they pick its hollywood that is cgi
  8. hell the news movies have much better qulaity than the current ones, cgi ruined hollywood
  9. they could use those in movies and not cgi
  10. for what i know this only happens in barabaian languages roman ones not allowed peace on you man im watching uranus with my ticking heart modesty apart oh god i would love to have a native lavel of english to be able to double talk to the powers to be
  11. i have no the slightest clue and thats bad for im a nautic engine engineer but my thing actually is coding and painting
  12. yeah youre right what im finding so far is that some numbers dont compress even if the method works for the rest my intend is not becoming famous but find a reverse entropy algorythm that produces things that make sense out of chaos and like that communicate with immaterials beings made out of just info do you want anything more inmaterial eternal and spiritual that information? anyway i dont think i can improve the generator of all info algorythm a=a+1 and im not very sure just the algorythm a=a-1 defies the pigeon hole principle
  13. i think after a long time i hit into a posibly recursive compression method: i think the pigeon hole principle is valid for LIMITED numbers but it fails for infinite ones i want to compress the random number 1234567890 i add it the tag 777 1234567890777 i divide this number by 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12... and so on till it gives me a result that ends in 777 for example 4321777 so ive compressed the number 1234567890 into 4321 to decompress it i add the tag 777 to the number 4321777 and i multiply this number by 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12... untill i hit a number that ends in 777 as 1234567890777 ao the number 4321 would uncompress to 1234567890 does anybody see a falacy on this simple concept? of course is not gonna work with small numbers but with big numbers i could make awesome compressions if i used a longer tag not very eficient for the current computing power but should work
  14. i think coincidences are a divine touch, this story proves it
  15. something i learnt over the years really i dont need to expose my bones on a bike to wear a cool leather jacket and cowboy boots so i hardly play the game no more but i couldnt pass on the forums as a matter of fact i hardly game no more so no im learning coding for the last few years
  16. suddenly i have a need to climb a mountain
  17. after a bit learning about encryption i think factions as the nsa vogue for factorization encryption on this way the average joe can not decrypt but they with the quamtum computer can but im still mesmerazied at the holy gray of cryptology: an unbreakable method even by quamtum computers: a random key equal or bigger than the message to code and voila pretty good privacy for the average joe i wonder if they teach this in college al security you ever wanted in th XOR command you can try this in ruby secret="secret0message0i0want0to0code0in0an0unbreakable0way0not0even0with0quamtum0computers0without0the0secret0key" key="kaffadkjghfkajgnbgmjgrljeghkjgafbvgkghlhjgkshkgdfjthdhkghgdkhgfhgkjhghgghsdjkfhklgfhkjfhsdfjklglgshkjghjkghsgkdjhgdkgh" secret=secret.to_i(36) key=key.to_i(36) #all the secret is XORing the two numbers, as long as the key is trully random and equal in size or bigger than the message not even a quamtum computer and sherlock holmes could break it codedmessage=secret^key puts codedmessage.to_s(36) uncodedmessage=codedmessage^key puts uncodedmessage.to_s(36)
  18. seems insanity is striking hard lately i even understand now the advanatages of quamtum encryption to encript the message so i dont get locked up: raaaid is insane and proud about it 1111 i through an entangled quamtum dice of 36 faces alice and bob throw it 42 times, as many as letters being the dice entangled we get same results alice adds to the message to each letter the tossed number and counts from zero if it pasts 36 bob decrytps the message by sustracting the message he got the entnagle random key if eve eaves drop the entangle will break and the messages will stop making sense the breaking of the entanglement each time a entangle dice is thrown means each message can only be read once
  19. edit: here basicembly in github: https://github.com/farolero777/farolero777
  20. i updated the link it had a minor mistake now i just have to make an operative system and im ready to go
  21. it was a product of madness brain overheating, i wouldnt be able to do it again i introduce you to basicembly 1.2 if you want to try it just uncompress it in c: it has the simplicity of basic and the power of assembly basicembly1.2
  22. i really love games with cartoonish graphics and ink outlines simpler is better
  23. current games are a dopaminic graphic reward for pressing a button im playing mame arcade quarter machines currently they are mind work out
  24. i meant of other games im tired of ultrarealism holy grail im in for something more creative concerning graphics personally i like crispy models controllable if you have fast reactions something dificult but not to make of dificulty the objective the microsoft series is know by his baby cushion flying model if you aske me i rather il2 fm on 256*256 than a modeern cfs fm on 4000*4000 anyway im shorsighted uncorrected so what do i care
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