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  1. i think being sink in a fluid could simulate g forces thats how they do space walks at zero g
  2. was him the african guy at pearl harbour uber with an antiaerial machine gun? i liked pearl harbour movie
  3. im only critical with critical people sometimes i would love to be more mean
  4. i spent most of my life regreting not having a special friend, till my folks passed away moment i relaized i was neglecting my green fields for the greener farther away i love loneliness now thats just how i am, its a special treat but i rather call it singularity also nowadays if you want to socialize you just go to the pub or post something online, these are good times to be lonely
  5. in blender or 3dsmax skin its a technical term for bitmap, i guess due to its similitude of working with leather to make a volume
  6. theres quamtum immortality caused by quamtum blindness to the other worlds which ultimately means quamtum loneliness for everyone
  7. is it posible to play a modern jet in dcs no spending any money?
  8. all these various fake news about a pacific theater being made seems to me like trying to influence devs
  9. once tv was showing bizrre stuff like a martian invasion in a parallel earth they showed a little girl in front of lion behind a bullet proof glass suddenly the lion attacked the girl, i jumped in my sofa but the girl didnt have the slightest reaction she was deprived of the bomb and existence, every time you jump like that you detonate the bomb in some universe
  10. watch this: the guy doesnt want to go to a concert with the other guy so he detonates the bomb everytime he has to
  11. also i realized the most probable its that the many worlds are real this means immortality for everyone also by observation i figured out that humans are naturally endowed with a bomb that destroys the whole planet at subcouncious will but how could we know, all i know its that everything that happens is everyones fault for you can alway detonate the bomb
  12. thats what grocery stores used to do put old stuff in the front till everybody knew moment they started putting old stuff in the back
  13. also did you know the alien invaded earth several times? but they erased our memories through tv but boy poor aliens theyre facing crazy guys not only immortal but possesors of i trillion kilotones bomb but how would moms know they exploded it every time their kids get hurt oh and dont get me into bees who would ever want to be a queen, we are the hazmereir of all creation
  14. we live in a twisted twisted world at 45 i think the only way to know the truth is by the lies casinos are better than banks for saving and they even give you a 2% for your money at blackjacj and the cause of dental cavities its fluoride hell no wonder ost places its illegal
  15. it happens to me nowadays with many games, shortsightedness acutes the effect
  16. i got to be 1st of 52000 players in a hotlap competition but my kill death ratio at every fps is like 0.2 what am i doing wrong? is it hackers, gifted child or what? i feel like challenged when playing fps
  17. well over the night i just got 320 bucks witha 50 euro free bonus now ready to cash out it couldnt be more legit: i used my real ip and my real name so now i just gotta hold on a skrill credit card and im ready to start as a profesional gambler is not the money a french deck is like tarot and you can learn proper thinking just playing
  18. edit: my dad once told me casinos let you win at first and later drain you and for what ive learnt so far on online casinos its that he was 100% right right now with the hit and run techniques i can drain 100 from a casino in one hour but if next day i kept on id lose it all but boy there are so many casinos offering a free first dose that this is sure legal business
  19. but what about playing for friends? the thing would be both person share a game account what is not illegal the documents provided would be fully legal and no law would be broken at all i think ill get myself a skrill credit card for ten euro and then ill be able to provide documents at least once so i think ill start by providing legal documents of myself to withdraw the money and then play for other people my profession would be comissioned gmabler for free
  20. yeah i think ill let it go after all i dont need the money and would go against my principles care about it
  21. so far i made a total of 6 hundred in this brand of online casinos would it be too bad if i forge the documents to cash out? im good with photoshop
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