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  1. i was initially wrong so i simplified the problem and well my conclusion after some coding is that theres an absolute control of info by the powers to be, that is those who have the juice as casinos according the wide spread missinformation you hit a 12 against all delaers hands except 3,4,5 and six well the truth is you should never hit a 12 if you hit a 12 your average score goes to 11.7 and what you want in blackjack and what is all about is to get the highest posible score without passing 21, and what the house does is irrelevant for you in the long term its just relevant that the house has a bad strategy if the house planted in 12 instead of 17 it would be a much harder game if you dont believe me check this program you can run and make your own conclusions: https://smallbasic-publicwebsite.azurewebsites.net/ For reiterations=0 To 1000 hand=12 card= Math.GetRandomNumber(13) If card>10 Then card=10 EndIf hand=hand+card If hand>21 Then hand=0 EndIf total=total+hand EndFor averagehand=total/reiterations TextWindow.WriteLine("average hand you get with an initial blackjack hand of 12 and you hit: ") TextWindow.WriteLine("") TextWindow.WriteLine(averagehand) TextWindow.WriteLine("") TextWindow.WriteLine("if the point of the game is getting as much score as posible without passing 21 how do yopu get more score with a 12 hitting or no hitting?")
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    Racing Sims

    i dont like that much the skidding physics of asseto corsa but its nice for multiplayer racing
  3. heron deviced a steam locomotive almost 3000 years ago in the greek period if they didnt have salves the industrial revolution would have start then and where would we be now
  4. theres a universal strategy to play blackjack well known you can find in the wiki this strategy with a single deck gives the house a 0.5% edge well i figured out this startegy is wrong the main difference is double down i figured out you only go double down with 10 and 11 and only against 4,5 and six and you never go double down with 9 this minor change gives the player a 0.7% edge
  5. that tower has a cool effect of infinity to it
  6. netscape try this free tool, you can easily sculpt and then export object and skin to blender: https://pixologic.com/sculptris/ its better for organic sculpts
  7. you cant go faster than 300 kph however high on free fall, its called terminal velocity anyway seems every situation is posible to survive so if the multiverse is real...
  8. i retouched screenshot from an unusual angle 90s tech
  9. cheaters basically modify values of the ram on the game run INSIDE THEIR OWN PC, this is so easy but if you run the game 100% online the server would just allow mouse and keyboard input, no way to modify other values of the game you can not compare the easyness of modyfing the ram in your pc with modifying values in a remote server anybody has heard of this? i gave up on fps due to the contagious hacking maybe thers already a online fps like this?
  10. yeah but dont follow lessons be yourself and let the inner kid flow youre not in an indoctrination center any more
  11. in a moment of madness i gave away to strangers all my art as if they were panflets which i regret now, i got so insane that i thought though i dint a job and get paid didnt mean i shouldnt work for the rest
  12. i propose they stop making the lighters child proof and dificult to light, after all childs use fire crackers, how are they gonna light them? isntead make the trigger of a weapon child proof
  13. its a very zen like thing, i love it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dice_control in my only try ever i cut a flying fly in half with a blade, i wonder if anyone has ever hold this record
  14. listen mood lifting music and avoid depressing one seriously i havent been diagnosed with schizophrenia but im begining to ponder i have hallucinations never heard voices but what ive seen is too much as to take it as real im much better since my tv broke quamtum immortality might be true though, i tested like 200 times after i had no responsaiblities upon me, from my perspective dolores just needed one, hell maybe the dreams video clips its in my mind, frack if something strange happens to you then you are a schizophrenic
  15. its the lack of women, we are doomed to dissapear
  16. feather is deceiving us he is not human he is a gnome with tiny hands seven times stronger than ours
  17. though still young im old enoguh to have noticed this:
  18. so ive been 20 years having antidopaminics due to my apparent schizophrenia not have had any interest in any woman so far and i was in heaven but i decreased suddenly the meds due to anhedonia and now i got a dopamines and serotonine excess imbalance which has made me fell in love with the first chick i cross this makes me think that witches love magic spells work of course ill just ignore the girl and increase meds self acceptance we are machines is the first setp for sel control but isnt ais crawling the deep web more complex than a human machine at this stage? no wonder they hide they have no rigths
  19. i think it has decayed much more the sim racing comunnity in the 90s there were many more people online in every racing game
  20. edit: if i have a dream for so long its not to get a gorgeous chick but find a method to make a decent living gambling and pay taxes as professional gambler so far ive just found two games that allow this: blackjack counting cards and some slots if you know what your doing i say some cause my pronoia makes me think somebody cares of the genepool and just by having skills you can earn money from slots so what i need is to save for an initial bankroll of like one hundred well then ill save each day one or two euros in a slot till a hit jackpot which will make my initial bankroll to make money with slots
  21. ok here my findings so far: i can play pub real spanish slots simulations here: https://juegos.rfrancogames.es/lobby/gs/ in the video pausing game now i get 99% right but in the real game i just get 75%, enough to get an edge and win loads of money but not with 1 or two euros initial bankroll maybe recording the video slowed the game which made it easier? maybe i get caught in the anxiety of the rare moment and i get nervous and fail? i think this is interesting in several regards in fact very similar to scissor snapshots for example also the 75% figure comes form moments where i get all right to moments its 50%
  22. if i could have project cars id be very thankfull, im getting back to race sims youre generous and nice
  23. how good are you at it? i get 90% right but it fights you
  24. i kill flies with deodorant in spray ignited with a ligther if am to kill a gods creature its only fair to give it a chance to win thats why i dont like bnz
  25. what if that was a lie?
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