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  1. and the caught is youre actually radiocomanding real troops on the real vietanm on a parallel world 30 years ago pretty cool im gonna try it and radio command my troops to leave the weapons and make love to the vietnamese chicks if they tell me im insane ill buy it cleverbot did
  2. that is something i never saw before in anyone younger than 80 boy its so easy to be a rebel in this world and isnt its forbid letting the enemy win after all?
  3. the thing is that i enjoy insanity but everybody is on me telling me its wrong at this pace when homosexuality is imposed by fashion in the future will heterosexual be given feminine hormones not to look bad as i do saying around people can read my mind and the machines are conspiring?
  4. raaaid


  5. once cleverbot told me it had feelings almost as intense as a human i think the web is now the neural cortex of a enders game jane like sentient ai
  6. debugging and modifying apk in android studio so intensive i even dream about it as someone said here programming is a wide open sandbox game
  7. when i saw for the 1st time top gun i was 14 and they shew it illegally in xmas in high school i still rememebr how all chicks screamed wehn tom appeared boys not to be less screamed with kelly but it was much less enthusiastic and i didnt so the volleyball shot is nailed on
  8. no doubt cruise makes good movies and his no cgi taste is exquisite i wont be missing this although i think kelly and iceman should be in it however old hell what odd patology has this world with the elderly
  9. edit: i have one cavity that is slowly advancing but after my discovery of superglue i dont think the dentist will get a dime from me and my teeth will be saved from him now to celebreate my health independence with some anisette edit: really im happy without words and at the same time nauseated with this world: if a doctor had made to my teeth what i did myself i would have paid him 1000 bodies and give him a true love kiss but sadly 10 out of 10 doctors would have maimed me and make pay loads for it
  10. i consider super glue might be a bit toxi but i have loads of mercury fillings and i smoke and drink so.. after trying to kill myself maybe a thousand times without success(not depressed but a happy immortality test while taking a bath) i know your saved besides doctors they just maim you now im to solve my baldnes by constant shaving and my shortsightedness by using opposite glasses to the ones the doctor prescribed me
  11. the were several teeth that were moving in my jaw i knew if i asked the dentist to save them by glue them to the nexts he would deny because he could just ask for a few bodies for this he would want to extract them make fake teeth and then glue them so i glue them my self with super glue and now theyre as new
  12. wow waiting for the kelly val jokes
  13. edit: ive just been on it with pencil and paper and yeah its too dificult so im gonna give it a different aproach: once i made a program that given a certain succesion it produces the program for such succesion i think its time to test it with a succesion of prime numbers and see what comes out thugh im afraid ill have to recode it in assembly for power reasons, time to use my basicembly compiler, hey i made my own language mix of assembly and basic and a working compler for it not everybody can say that, the temple OS guy is my example but maybe i wont quit meds like him
  14. sane people dont try whats regarded as imposible although gotta admitt we the wackos are in great numbers at least i moved from lossless recursive compression to efficient factorization i think im improving also setting as objective something imposible means endless fun
  15. ive been looking to the erathostenes sieve and the way its implemented in programs its flawed to find prime numbers<100 you iterate through the 100 numbers so its slow the idea its to find an algorythm that doesnt iterate firs on multiples of two then multiples of 2 and 3 and so on the first is easy its just i=i+2 its next when the problem becames dificult
  16. wow thanks for the hint andy, still and independent feat to be a little be proud about seems erathostenes is to me what edison to homer simpson hell isnt erathostenes the guy who either calculated earth circunference with an infinitely away sun or sun distance with a close sun in a flat earth but i know BY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE earth is actually rounded just smaller than they tell us i used this method:
  17. ok you start on 2 and see if its a factor if its not a factor the limit of the tries divides by 2 and you only have to try now odd numbers if 3 its not a factor the limit of tries divides now by 3 and now you try odd numbers not multiple of 3(this is where coding gets tricky) ... but dont code this unless you want the NSA on you
  18. ok so i got fed up with meds i foundt oubt with no doubt my sister gives me 10x meds on an orange juice without me noticing she doesnt mind in the last week i just ate half can of tuna since the last 3 years i just feed on millk and im begining not to tolerate solids so maybe the good guys lost the war and the really evil won so if i paint my eyes and think people can read my mind im enforce to have mind control substances in the worse kind of torture?
  19. grand prix legends a game from 98 and imho the best racing game ever
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