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  1. i was banned from the flat earth society for saying nonsenses according them though they finally accepeted if theres no sky dome air would scape
  2. ok so i have 4 black cards and 2 red cards all covered, the prize is the red card i shufle and pick one but keep it covered, just take it apart, the chance to have gotten a red is 1/3 i take the other five cards and start uncovering them one by one untill i uncover a red card lets suppose when i uncover the red card there are 5 cards uncover now the chance to get a red card is 1/5 because theres only one red card left of five is it on my interest to switch the intial pick , to remain, or is it the same? and what would be the case if there were 2 left uncovered cards this is identical to the monty hall except for one thing, info remains hidden, nobody knows where the prices is what do you think?
  3. well worry no more i got rid of all taps in my house, it will be showers from now on, also i drop my notebook in which i was keeping the score of the dice thowing insane quamntum game in the chair of a bus stop, i can not imagine how much luck that notebook would bring the thing that what decided me to stop the game was the intend, only the first and last two times i bathed i really meant gdd to get my life stuffed the hundred rests was always a happy immortality test of joy i used to apreciate my living alone but now i can only look up and ask why, maybe things are what they seem and my past happyness was deceivement about things? sucks being sane
  4. yes im uncertain about everything which i thing is a sign opf sanity, anyway i allow myself to trust my family blindly i cant stand doctos the name: "hypocryt swearing" nails it, i wonder if dentists swear as well
  5. yes but its a catch22 if i tell the doctor i found out im immortal by breathing underwater every time i take a bath since 2013 he will increase my antidopaminics so then theres nothing to lose even more and loads to win the irony is that being insane is being wrong and in my immortality delusion i just cant be proved wrong, a card you never see is a card that doesnt exist so how about quamtum loneliness,
  6. the thing is that due to my very rare and actually the same for everybody i wont expend a dime in docotors and insurance my theory is that doctors though with hteir best intents (money) mame you to supposely save you and then you wish to die and you die hell everythings a lie theyre sick devils they give you antibiotics you know what that means? ANTILIFE¡¡¡¡
  7. my theory is that just a glass of ice water can kill you but if somebody loves you strong enough youre saved the many worlds interaction as quamtum entanglement are really insane the thing is that gambit loves me but he just doent know acceptance of reality as selfchose is a sign of sanity i think
  8. with nothing to lose and noone depending on me i decided to runa quamtum experiment apparently whie playing with a yoyo i found out independently about what others alled quamtum immortality you can not die because you can not be perceptive of your death, youre only concious in the universes you survived i understood this playiing with my yoyo cause i fugred out why it was so good, every time you fail a trick it kills you so you just can see the yoyo behaving like magical of course this would be a question of programing a machine with sensors i could program this sad machine in a way that if you dont break a leg today the sad device is activated i guess thats free will afetr all the abilities to destroy the universes you want to destroy, comes to mind the raped nun who needs a lemon, you have to know yourself, its all a subcouncious thing so i can see heaven as a place full of aliens where the sad device is connected even if somebody loses a tooth but this wouldnt last how long before the leaders start using the sad device for their own slfish interest
  9. https://www.theonion.com/report-worlds-lone-non-telepathic-individual-still-com-1819574996
  10. raaaid

    Racing Sims

    the thing is i spent years learning the simbin sims and all i learnt concerning skid control is useless in assetto i dont think there are two sims with even close physics no wonder i studied in college friction force is independent on how big is the contact area and you know grip is friction what a waste of time my two degrees edit: have you any of guys tried ferrari virtual academy? is not avalaible no more but you could compete against real f1 pilots hotlapping and checck telemetry to learn i was shocked at how alonso liked understeer, i understand now if you want to be constant its better im using myself understeer setups lately in assetto
  11. raaaid

    Racing Sims

    does anybody know if in assetto is posible to see peoples names over the cars?
  12. i dont like tags off is there anyserver with tags on?
  13. raaaid

    Racing Sims

    now with my new machine im really enjoyin assetto online i really love those kids who cause havoc on purpose, you just dont ge that fun from ai and my g25 wheel was a better investment than an astronomical watch as i had to chose some years ago
  14. so far after my long gaming break im enjoying cs go and assetto corsa seems that valve finally got rid of hackers, cs 1.6 is a hacking fest but cs go is really clean i dont know i suppose i got to appreciate life for what it is, really theres no need to dream , the real life is nice enough
  15. oh poor me and i thought that my new girlfriend was pretty and awesome you know i think i got utterly insane i shaved my head and i wont wash it again;) i accept im just an schizophrenic though i hear no voices and highly delusional, theres nothing special about me just a 1%, im not sure what of the past was real and what not but who cares of the past i just hpe hallucinations dont come back and anyway my tv broke and i wont fix it anyway ill thank evolution for allowing me to have a chemical imbalance that makes make happy most of the time i think now i got the right meds does, apparently i was having an excess of them which lead me insaner maybe even i wont post any more nonsense
  16. i have a 4 cpu at 2.4 ghz 6 gb ram and 4 gb gpu, and all for 250 second hand im trying counterstrike, i cant stand the gore of team fortress my game account here is closed for some reason so ill have to try support and finally run bos what games do you recomend me?
  17. temporal insanity? i hoped you enjoyed it i enjoy every single second of mine
  18. well i can tell at least two moments in my life in which i dodge a chick like hell just because we were both mutually atracted, and you know nature is wise unfortunately now a chick is asking me many questions, im not used to that and i think im falling in love of course im too old and wise for that so i told my shrink to increase the antidopmainics i have you know medically,biochemically love and insanity are identical and excess imbalance of dopamines and serotonine that can be cured and castradine for baldness and excess of testosterone
  19. i cant talk to the girls i feel naturally atracted to just to the ones i dont feel atracted to and all beacuase the way they tell us to wear our cloths i cant be the only one
  20. well after some coding i return to my original pronoia that the basic strategy actually gives you an edge exactly a 0.7% edge you can chack it running this progam in samll basic: re: pflag=0 dflag=0 doubleflag=0 bet=1 i=i+1 dealerhand=Math.GetRandomNumber(13) If dealerhand>10 Then dealerhand=10 EndIf If dealerhand=1 Then dealerhand=11 dflag=1 EndIf If dealerhand=6 Or dealerhand=5 Or dealerhand=4 then tope=12 ElseIf dealerhand=3then tope=13 elseif dealerhand=2 then tope=13 ElseIf dealerhand=7 then tope=17 ElseIf dealerhand=8 then tope=17 elseif dealerhand=9 then tope=17 elseif dealerhand=10 then tope=17 elseif dealerhand=11 then tope=17 endif card1=Math.GetRandomNumber(13) If card1>10 Then card1=10 EndIf If card1=1 Then card1=11 pflag=1 EndIf card2=Math.GetRandomNumber(13) If card2>10 then card2=10 endif If card2=1 Then card2=11 pflag=1 EndIf playerhand=card1+card2 If (playerhand=10 ) or (playerhand=11 ) or (playerhand=9 And dealerhand<7 And dealerhand>3 ) Then bet=2 doubleflag=1 Goto skip endif If card1=11 and card2=11 And dealerhand<6 then playerhand=11 doubleflag=1 Goto skip endif If (playerhand=18 And pflag=1 And dealerhand=6) Then bet=2 doubleflag=1 Goto skip endif If (playerhand=17 And pflag=1 And dealerhand<7)and dealerhand<>2 Then bet=2 doubleflag=1 Goto skip endif If (playerhand=16 Or playerhand=15) And pflag=1 And dealerhand<6and dealerhand>3 Then bet=2 doubleflag=1 Goto skip endif if (playerhand=14 Or playerhand=13) And pflag=1 And dealerhand<6 and dealerhand>4 Then bet=2 doubleflag=1 Goto skip endif doubleflag=0 skip: If card1=6 and card2=6 And dealerhand<7 then playerhand=6 bet=2 endif If card1=7 and card2=7 And dealerhand<8 then playerhand=7 bet=2 endif If card1=8 and card2=8 then playerhand=8 bet=2 endif If card1=3 and card2=3 And (dealerhand=4 Or dealerhand=5 Or dealerhand=6) then playerhand=3 bet=2 endif If card1=9 and card2=9 And (dealerhand<>9 and dealerhand<>10 and dealerhand<>11) then playerhand=9 bet=2 endif If card1=2 and card2=2 And (dealerhand<7) then playerhand=2 bet=2 endif If (card1=10 and card2=1) or (card1=1 and card2=10) then temp=Math.GetRandomNumber(13) If (dealerhand=11 and temp>9) or (temp=1 and dealerhand=10) then bob=bob+0 Goto re endif bob=bob+1.5 Goto re endif player() dealer() If dealerhand>playerhand Or playerhand=0 then bob=bob-bet endif If playerhand>dealerhand then bob=bob+bet endif If Math.Remainder(i,1000)=0 then TextWindow.WriteLine(bob+"*"+(bob/i)*100+" % * game number: "+i) endif Goto re Sub player While playerhand<tope Or doubleflag=1 card=Math.GetRandomNumber(13) If card>10 Then card=10 EndIf If card=1 Then card=11 pflag=1 EndIf playerhand=playerhand+card rep: doubleflag=0 EndWhile If playerhand>21 Then If pflag=1 Then playerhand=playerhand-10 pflag=0 Goto rep EndIf playerhand=0 EndIf EndSub Sub dealer While dealerhand<17 card=Math.GetRandomNumber(13) If card>10 Then card=10 EndIf If card=1 Then card=11 pflag=1 EndIf dealerhand=dealerhand+card rep2: EndWhile If dealerhand>21 Then If dflag=1 Then dealerhand=dealerhand-10 dflag=0 Goto rep2 EndIf dealerhand=0 EndIf EndSub
  21. raaaid

    Racing Sims

    i still have left to do to finish a gpl race at maximum level another thing at which gpl is superior to asseto is ai adjustable ai for the handicapped i guess in assetto, at least i know it would take me a huge effor to beat hill in a grand prix
  22. if i realize im insane truly im insane?
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