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  1. i love fps for the easy safe adrenaline boost they give you i noticed odd effects of this besides sweaty hands i often see the game at slow motion which gives me a huge advanatge also it gets me sometimes literaly high without having anything but play moment that by the depth of field of the rendition i see it 3d the only problem is that a pro plays in two weeks what ive played in all my life no wonder f1 drivers are not allowed to drive as much as they want also getting into turn fights in flight sims gets my heart beat at 120 bpm i think games are a chair sport actually you fit on several ways
  2. karma concept is a double edge sword if you behave well for a reward arent you being selfish doing something in order to get a reward? so your real intend is not to realize a good act for the satisfaction of it but for the reward you expect? i think in the end its a question of beauty everybody wants to be beautifull inside and outside
  3. a handsome lad even with no front teeth i would paint him
  4. i hardly do any more the stuff that drives you crazy instead i do yoga to get high try it you wont be able to tell the difference: while standing take one or two deepth breaths, then hold your breath for 5 seconds and youll have a legal healthy high if you feel you black out just lower your head i specially love this pranayama in the morning just as i recently woke up
  5. edit: there are lot of lies concerning luminical speed travelling: https://www.thenakedscientists.com/forum/index.php?topic=45631.0 we can get a rocket to acelerate at 100 g during 83 hours currently from the point of the pilots after 83 hours they will see earth moving at light speed and after 166 hours earth will be moving at twice the speed of light but from earth point of view they will never reach light speed and by when they do eternity will have passed on earth (when everything restarts, will be reborn after the ends of times) obviously time travel is going on and space travel is supressed, the end of eternity is a chronodocumental edit: so the thing is clear to me: nobody can reach light speed from earth perspective but from the sapceman perspective after 83 hours at 100 g he will reach exactly light speed just he knows all eternity have passed on earth at that moment so what next? at 83 hours and onesecond i think if you reverse course and brake the ship for 83 hours youll end up exactly where you started at the time you started in next aeon and all these can be done with current technology following the known physics
  6. i think infinity can not be defined numerically but can be geometrically this is infinity: ^ and this transfinity: X shame in the 19th century with the mathematical fundamentals crysis with the euclidean geometry geometry stopped being an science theres no limit but our imagination: exposing the lies we are taught: the limit of the summatory 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.125... is two, this is false the limit of this summatory is infinite: i add 1 on 1 second, half in half second, quarter in a quarter second... by second 2 i will have added 2 but by second 4 i will have added 4 as transfinite geometry shows(X), and by second infinite i will have added infinite theyre setting limits and sick believes on us so we think theyre real and hence make them real with our godly power
  7. do you mean neglecting numbers with a zero to the left? that makes our natural numbers not natural for they would not be universally obtained that way this would be the universally natural numbers: 0 1 00 01 10 11 000 001 010 011 100 101 110 111 0000 .... but thats the fault of computers or if you rather its origin in abacus that used fixed length cells 1 in computers is 00000001 and zero 00000000 it should be *1* and *0* and then *00* we got it all wrong and from now on theres no turning back so when we run a perfect simulation of all the universe we can hack it and send info by running the simulation at fast speed and peek at the ultraluminical to be message but still will be flaw for someone forgot to account the zero to the left
  8. i wonder if its been done before in the www A NUMBER of Flies were attracted to a jar of honey which had been overturned in a housekeeper's room, and placing their feet in it, ate greedily. Their feet, however, became so smeared with the honey that they could not use their wings, nor release themselves, and were suffocated. Just as they were expiring, they exclaimed, "O foolish creatures that we are, for the sake of a little pleasure we have destroyed ourselves." A NUMBER of trolls were attracted to a forum of honey which had been overturned in a housekeeper's room, and placing their feet in it, trolled greedily. Their feet, however, became so smeared with the sith that they could not use their wings, nor release themselves, and were banned. Just as they were expiring, they exclaimed, "O foolish creatures that we are, for the sake of a little pleasure we have destroyed ourselves." your play
  9. edit: my theory on why madness is prosecuted is a quamtum one: they want everybody thinking the world is an ugly place so they even make up news in dark rooms to make people lose faith in humanity we are slowly being corrupted and desensitized what a coincidence newspapers make sure when a guy makes a crime point if is foreign but if youre crazy as me and believe that the world is a nice place and the only horror allowed are lies your screwing them for i just think maybe now but if i believed it strongly enough as trully insane couldnt i make it real? faith moves mountains, reality is made by the observer so if i believe in a better world im shaping it and hence im insane and as heretic witch ill have to be burnt elctroshcoked withches were proscuted 500 years ago and so are now they just changed names, the old church is now called science and witches mental subjects and theres no alternative either you take the rational approach bs or the irrational bs approach you find in youtube i just trust my experience not others edit: im a liberalist i believe in the invisible hand ive seen the invisible hand in act if you dont fight nobody can touch you ive experienced it personally jesus talked about it with put the other chick, then youre untouchable kids are taught about it with two dont fight if one doesnt want to tankman shew it to the whole globe but noooo instead of being taugh the truth theres nothing to fear thank to god, yeah i have a good life and thank god for it not my prime minister, we live in constant fear which leads to hate if i really could i would get lost in a big forest and learn the truth from animals to ignore mankind lies lies? ive seen many in my life ugly unfairness? never seen it edit: this guys knows some real physics
  10. edit: more on instant messaging: somebody has a message for me he is light years away: i travel to his location and he travels to mine in superfast rockets 2 seconds have passed by for both of us why the rest of the universe has aged millions but for us has been near instant however distant when i travel at close to light speed earth will see me at 300k m/s but i will see earth move away at gazillions m/s its a question of who do you want totake and who do you want to leave in your trip
  11. im considering saving one to use sculptries with it to make models and then paint them by hand then i could put them in the midel of the street for people to take them does anyone use a 3d cheap printer?
  12. the thing is that relativity withholds you can not send information faster than light but quuamtum entanglement is instant and though you can not send info with it you can sens some something that makes you win games that can not be won without sharing info ehem a contradictory statement to defend relativity but if the universe is deterministic as einstein claim could you know in advance the info its being sent i predict in the near future gambit and luke will send a get lost and andy will post some nice comment i could be light years away and get this info however distant by knowing the state of all particles before i departed oh god i cant stand the lies is it just for me or for everybody?
  13. a teacher of him said so i dislike einstein by the way he treated his family, he seemed more of a star to me i admire more tesla whom history treated pretty bad but im an idealist i dont judge people by their merits but on how beautifull they are, if they have merits as well then they should be set as an example but this society tends to idealize those who succedd however ugly inside they are you know what schizophrenia is? schizophrenia is seeing a documental late at night on arthur c clarcke in banc gogh where he admitted paedophilia the interpol claimed this tape but couldnt reach but there i was wathcing the full video in tv from my schizophrenia my odd views on life ive seen many bizarre things that point me everything being a huge lies, but i dont know if im deceved by my senses of course edit: ive really been affected by the bizarre thing tv would show sometime i think im recovering since i dont watch it is a sick tool of control and seems i was targeted by somebody edit: back on topic of quamtum enatnglement and einstein einstein hated the concept and hence its name spooki i wonder if shroedinger ever dreamt of measuring the spin of an atom and then woke up edit: how about this on no lag travelling in the near future: for this to work only eternal recurrence and realivity of time is needed to work: i depart on a spaceship and i acelerate at near light speed what im doing is slowing time i time a stopwatch to stop the ship in next aeon one second before i departed with which my twins depart to repeat closng an eternal loop so my full trip would take for earths eyes just one second
  14. edit: i dont think light speed its the limit time is the limit at near light speed im not going any faster im just make time go slow if i go slow enough eventually ill reach next universe apprent past its in the only forward time machine in futurama and of course in the end of eternity
  15. realativity the reason we dont even consider going to the stars its in the end of eternity by asimov nobody ever explained why the starlight bending that backs up relativity shouldnt be caused by the sun atmosphere refraction einstein bad at maths as a kid and that would explain relativity as your perception of time with a beautifull lady vs doing something tuff tv, the tool that allowed for massive lying eisntein the psicological misstreater of his wife, newton the plagiarizer, pithagoras the murder of hippasus disocovererer of irrationality all modern science based on really evil evil guys that as succesfull pass to hisotry as kind nice guys thanks god theres quamtum physics the observer makes the photon NOT go throguh the slit he doesnt want to this explains a consensual reality where everything that happens is our will time to take charge of our godly responsability instead of blaming others i can see the world we live in ive chose every detail im sentient of that i just believe that 99% of what tv tells its a lie edit: its in the planet of the apes if i travel fast enough in just one week millions of years will have passed on earth by then i could be in really distant stars hey but its 2020 and we are not even in the moon and now they killed kubrick for exposing them in his last movie...
  16. i was thinking wow maybe i could emulate something quamtum in base three using the 3rd value for interposition but lately all i wanna do is listen to music not much of a difference to me from light speed to instant speed to me, we are just bugs in this huge universe actually light doesnt take 100 ms to travel its that comps are slow https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_pseudo-telepathy "In their 1999 paper,[1] Gilles Brassard, Richard Cleve and Alain Tapp demonstrated that quantum pseudo-telepathy allows players in some games to achieve outcomes that would otherwise only be possible if participants were allowed to communicate during the game."
  17. what free maps are avalaible? im a free man
  18. anabatic catabatic winds come to mind
  19. wow he lasted longer than a century, rest in peace
  20. edit: i hope not to get in trouble the nice fellows, everyboyd hates them for the sith thing, didnt tag the location the thing i couldnt be luckier my plants bloomed in full winter and still last and these litle fellows come every year from god knows how far north to sit right by my window not to mention i only sleep when im tired and eat when im hungry maybe karma is true
  21. so here a video of the starlings by my house waking up in the morning:) :
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