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  1. almost oviedo asturias and im begining to wonder if this conspiracy im uncovering its world wide
  2. you can see by the acumulated water in the road though sunny its been raining the previous day the picture was taken
  3. the best remedy agaisnt cold is to take clothes away i have a heater in my room but when some one complains of cold like now in solidarity i turn it off to fight the cold i remain just in shorts of course i have a flue now but this time the virus just lasted 3 hours
  4. my city is very rainy evry single building of my city has a slightly protuberant roof when it rains that tiny roof covers just one person so the conflict among those citizens is constant why all buildings have equal roof? why not bigger roof or no roof, why no exceptions? but what do masons architects get by seeding discord?
  5. but can it resist electromagnetic pulses as migs do?
  6. if you have flue the disease is perfectly defined by a virus if you have schizophrenia or you are bipolar the deases is defined by your ideas an excuse to control unconvenient pattern of unconvenient thoughts that may affect the system i still remember when a shrink asked me if i think they show subliminals in tv that says it all he could as well ask me if i think facebook spies on me
  7. schizophrenia is an invented deseas to control the uncontrollable people like people let them get away with it now kids can only be medicated as autistic or hyperactive, another invented deseases the range of invented deases is so wide im sure theres room for those adults who play games and pretend to be fighter pilots i wonder whats the name of the desease of the people who evade reality oh right you have this maybe you could get some meds for it: https://www.who.int/features/qa/gaming-disorder/en/
  8. my post usually show a questioning of the accpeted reality as this one this is unaceptable and reason to lock you up so you think i can not tell whats real and what not? well can you? you just can tell whats real for the majority but actually even trump knows most news are faked in order to control the masses you see questioning reality woulkd be bad in a good world but questioning reality in a world where half of the people is obese and other half starves is a sign of sanity ive seen many things that show reality is now what people say tv is a crystal ball, people have chips n their brain, people time travel around, most people can read your mind, movies are real and news false,ninetynine% of people as you conspire agaisnt the 1%,its forbidden to produce real sound or real fire...
  9. i think my schizphrenia is a gift it gives me godly powers on the uncertain and i learnt to control it as the blue guy in watchmen siad uncertainty is a gift
  10. you know i know i have schizophrenia but i dont think schizophrenia its what people think schizophrenia its the adknowledge of the ultimate truths quite the contrary of a desease ive seen parallel worlds in tv in one world instead of smoking people would put sausages in their mouth and suck them i bet in a aprallel world im sucking one as im smoking a fag now guys like that bastard you show in the video took good care of it my main delusion is that i lack a sense that the rest of people dont lack and its forbidden to tell me
  11. freud was just a pervert dreams are real real parallel times some absurd but real thats like i can be like those who see ive died from lung cancer in dreams, doesnt get any more real than that i just happen to remember that parallel world
  12. edit: so how do you know water boils at 100º? yeah youve been told so in indoctrination centers, an unrefutable proof the truth is you know no shit but your personal experience and my personal experience its that things probably are the opposite to what ive been taught, at least education its been usefull to know what its a lie
  13. edit: you know we live in a strange world where the habit makes anything normal so youre telling me my finding odd we are enforced meds with water makes me have a disease which should send me to jail? well let me tell you something this proves freedom didnt win in wwii you know i honestly wonder if hitler speeches didnt go on this vein and history has been forged? like all germans were mean and stupid, yeah right, maybe i shoould go back to the narrow moustache and get proud of my so called schizophrenia pride, schizopfrenia , the desease of having thoughts the powers dont wnat you to have machines? will machines in the future travel throught out history? machine mans with machine mind without feeling, just an inexistent number unless someone counts it? so i have to chose between being retarded and being schizophrenic, great: cramberries a one man band, queen a one man band what happens if you tell about it? the holy roman empire kills all version of you? how old are you guys? or what is more of a question, how ol am i?
  14. i know people i recognize as the same person and i think they know theyre the same person whats the name of this human feature?
  15. photobucket highjacked my account so i saved my work into this video:
  16. isnt the answer to this question the primates eve and adam who were the only who managed to keep linage till today? hell i descend from a pure male linage from maby a million years and my sisters from a matriarcal one what are the chances if you reverse time?
  17. now im thinking on using a transformation of an euclidean space to a flat one in a flat one you just need two coodenates so you save imagine you take a picture of somebody with his arms towards you but the hands are not in the picture how would you know the directions his arms aim ti in a flat picture? because the arms gorw or shrink as they aim as you see them so you know the 3 coordenates describing a space just wih two
  18. i dont want to program a simulation my programming ide is failing lately and gets me in mad mood or what its the same question to how many humans did mankind thin in remote times?
  19. then im not interested anymore maybe theres a way to control a kyte from a bycicle
  20. i was walking some time ago on the street when a dirty nad looking pigeon stood on my way and wouldnt fly away two days later i saw the same pigeon standing still in the middle of the main road by my house the cars were dodging the pigeon wheres god
  21. you were right andy i had saved the variable flag with out noticing still im working on it i think the pigeon principle only applies to limited sets of numbers, of cours you can not fit one thousand pigeons in 999 holes but you can fit infinite pigeons in infinite minus one holes
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