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  1. edit: my dad once told me casinos let you win at first and later drain you and for what ive learnt so far on online casinos its that he was 100% right right now with the hit and run techniques i can drain 100 from a casino in one hour but if next day i kept on id lose it all but boy there are so many casinos offering a free first dose that this is sure legal business
  2. but what about playing for friends? the thing would be both person share a game account what is not illegal the documents provided would be fully legal and no law would be broken at all i think ill get myself a skrill credit card for ten euro and then ill be able to provide documents at least once so i think ill start by providing legal documents of myself to withdraw the money and then play for other people my profession would be comissioned gmabler for free
  3. yeah i think ill let it go after all i dont need the money and would go against my principles care about it
  4. so far i made a total of 6 hundred in this brand of online casinos would it be too bad if i forge the documents to cash out? im good with photoshop
  5. ok so theres a line of online casinos who offer free bonus to gamble, you know the first free dose when im bored i play at this casinos for free by anonimizng my self and reubicating my origin online with a proxy i have several amounts of money in online casinos to withdraw but i can not withdraw it for to withdraw money they ask you documentation i dont have they ask you for a national id which i do have but they ask you as well for a recent bill and a picture of a credit card with the sensible info covered so i could forge these documents but i dont want to make anything illegal so i would ask my friends here the following businnes: you send me a pm with your name and first surname and your birth date and nationality in some weeks ill provide you a hotmail account with a password and a message from the online casino to send them id, credit card picture, recent bill picture to cash out money so you send them the documents and in exchange ill give you the 50% of my free risk gambling benefits which can go from the 50% of 100 bucks to 50% of1500 bucks please even if you dont need the money i do, ive been several years unable to even buy a tablet to paint so just send me a pm with your name and first surname nationality and birth date youlll do me a favour and get some free legal money are you in? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsK1c9ZBpuw
  6. and is it so bad worldwide that somebody did a videoclip of it? people are so ugly and unkind that from blind faith in humanity im moving to missatropist, where are those nukes?
  7. the deer hunter game seems a sure way to make money in the quamtum world i know the many worlds are real since 2013 ive been playing a variant, i breath underwater and let my mammal reflexes save me or not, i just did i dont know how dolores oriordan manage, i tried drunk as hell i tried instead of breathing just let the water flow but nothing i rememebr when i was a kid i read in a cheap magazine how a guy murder his wife then blow his face off and keep hitting his head against the door but he just couldnt die happy xmas and enjoy santas gift of life for is permanent oh boy if it was just posible to know if ieven for a moment you exist no more seems that god has a sense of humour just sadist like the irene villa jokes
  8. once a waiter drop some cutlery i thought: by the noise seems a spoon a lady next to me said of course a knive makes more noise did she get a fine or something why we blind people are not told of our condition? really we are so many blind as one in a hundred? i feel disapointed i feel even more unique
  9. i think there was a thread on this before as a troll myself i have to say that activision is a master at trolling, so i gave them 20 bucks
  10. i read more comic books one of the lasts was about the young uncle scrooge in the klondike by carl banks imho the best book ive ever read
  11. i was considering purchasing hell let loose but that it has vehicles put me off it so i bought cod wwii is it any good? any advice for multiplayer? edit: i also got deus ex mankind divided they got a steam sale and the original deus ex for one euro benches for only naturals oh boy
  12. so why not a 3d perception test for pilots i have two perfectly functional eyes but i see flat, its good for painting but sucks at sports
  13. 1984 its going on: i always thought that the word confabulation means conspiracy but actually means false memory mandela effect all the way
  14. so anticipàting this i did a performance a while ago and put all my art in the windshields of the cars of an street so people took them the employees of a bank came out to see the show in shock im not unemployed i work on what i like for free, painting if you want a free graphic design contact me i think im crazy but what i didnt know before i was its that free thinker and insane are the same word and i would like it
  15. if force feeback was realistic youd need two hands that favours interhemispheric brain fusion when aiming
  16. once i saw people with tentacles in the back in the head with some kind of sexual organs in tv i had to look away i believe you
  17. these days im enjoying day of defeat source i like the fps where you can kill with a single shot of slow recharge, like james bond golden gun what multiplayer fps could i try?
  18. yes its bogart i enjoy painting him he has interesting ugly but pretty factions
  19. i had a bycicle, then a ktm 500, then a suzuki 500gs with which i broke my leg so i went to safer sims
  20. i have a truman paranoia but with a reason for a week i was taking notes in college in my cigarretes packages next week they gifted a black and red small cool notebook with my brand of cigaretes come on come on
  21. i think i ve done nearly evrything playing and now all seems like a boring repetitition so what is left to play have i missed any jewel throuout the years?
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