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  1. when i was a kid in spain there were 36 million inhabitants now there are 46, if they didnt poison air water and food it would be 66 millions it makes sense from a cold point of view and thats why i dont like social engineering
  2. i have extraordinary abdominals due to coughing so much but i wonder if they poison cigarrtes as they do showing pictures of doctors horrors https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masaru_Emoto edit: as i was thinking while taking a shower afer getting caught in the rain everybody is a n idiot for nobody letting me by the dry side of the buildings i discover that my quicksilver shirt had written INSIDE: be bitter blame everyone so it works
  3. i think from the graphic point of view 3d games are horrible is there any momdern adventure game or similar you know of in 2d? im considering going back to the scumm lucas arts golden era
  4. normally no game amuses me but yesterday i tried magic online arena and was 24 hours playing in a row im into necromancy, magic has the exact balance and chance as to be highly addictive shame is a pay to win game but if youre good at probabilities you can win more than lose has anyone tried it?
  5. no game can be realistic in the american cesseion war was determined that 3 out of 4 pretending shooting sissy of with big balls not sure wars havoc is cuased by the psicopatic one in 4 in fact im suspicious fps are designed to get rid of this natural reflex for example why not giving you a higher score for capturing a foe?
  6. for what i heard genetic studies determined 2 thirds of mankind are gengis khan descendants feeling like playing war games?
  7. if i was able to chose to get rif off mymental issues i wouldnt, i think its a gift, some described schizophrenia as a direct line with god and he nailed it, thats what i periceved in moments of acute madness, events unfold following my stream of thought, shame im sane noiw
  8. ive always took the bad moments as to be able to apreciate the good moments like some black exalts a little color sleeping more is important if i sleep less than 11 hours im in a terrible mood but if i sleep more i can take any sith with a smile
  9. i dont think depression is a desease is a defence mechanism against adversity, long story short: today as always woke up in excellent mood saw a pretty waitress and felt terribly depressed then i decided to quit smoking and stop playin taxes to mafia and state and either burn the money or drink it served by said waiter and i feel totally happy again hell the bastards could pay you a vacation in the caribe instead they give you shit so youre not annoying thats how much sworn to be hipocrit doctors care
  10. i think reality is a majoritarial consensual agreement of how things are imho we are all two the universe and the antiuniverse and everybody is good, what bastard should be god to creaste sick people in constant shame of themselves? real sick people are machines allmighty but unexistent i wonder often why i like to be alone andd may complain about this but its my choice, i think in the double slit experiment all mankind chose the same slit, the rest ceased to exist normality is pathological in a sick world
  11. wow didnt microprose make games for the spectrum? i still remember the sweaty kid with glasses un the intro
  12. according my family tree i come from males whom all managed to have one son boy im the disgraced of my famyly what are the chances that my grandgrand...grandad had un unbroken line of males
  13. im descendant of the sister of an spanish king according my dad, i think that explains my lazyness
  14. in my opininion the so called mental deseases are personality features i have the contrary of depresion im always happy but at the cost of denying reality, i guess it was my way to succesfully fight depresion dont let anyone tell you the way you are is a desease and remember the glass is totally filled at least with air even if it seems empoty
  15. raaaid

    Racing Sims

    i have a g25, its awesome its better than most real car wheels its even covered with leather my mom gifted it to me years ago for passing an exam edit: i dont like the pedals thoguh so i use cheaper pedals mixed with the g25 wheel
  16. anyway though my initial idea didnt work i understand why the monty hall is called paradoxical so i figured out a way to play the monty hall with cards and the thing is that like your playing yourself you need no monty to know the hidden info if you use just 3 cards it wont work because as you dont know the cards you may uncover the prize the caught is to play it with 6 cards, two red prizes and four black goats you take one card appart and shufle the rest then you uncover one of the left 5 cards, if its red you reshufle the five cards and retry, you havent got to know any info you didnt know before for you know for sure at least theres one red among the five cards if its black you get a second card if its red you reshufle you keep reshufling and getting two cards one by one untill you uncover two black cards then is a question of switching your intial pick so if you have one chance of 50% because there are 2 black and two red cards and probability is a way to handle hidden info how have you increased your chance to two thirds if you actually havent accesed any hidden info?
  17. i see flat in fact id bet space is actually 2d plus time so flat earthers maybe right in a way the third dimension is ilusory due to inflation(the cause of gravity) as parmenides i think motion is illusory is the change of size as distance changes whats real these kind of independent thought is what science the new church hates so much
  18. i dont know about the rest of forums but i think the flat earth society is a science forum in disguise to mock pseudo science oh just drop by an science forum and say that the god newton stole his diferential calculus, youd be instanly permabanned science or the new church after changing collar i do fine in programming forums though
  19. i was banned from the flat earth society for saying nonsenses according them though they finally accepeted if theres no sky dome air would scape
  20. ok so i have 4 black cards and 2 red cards all covered, the prize is the red card i shufle and pick one but keep it covered, just take it apart, the chance to have gotten a red is 1/3 i take the other five cards and start uncovering them one by one untill i uncover a red card lets suppose when i uncover the red card there are 5 cards uncover now the chance to get a red card is 1/5 because theres only one red card left of five is it on my interest to switch the intial pick , to remain, or is it the same? and what would be the case if there were 2 left uncovered cards this is identical to the monty hall except for one thing, info remains hidden, nobody knows where the prices is what do you think?
  21. well worry no more i got rid of all taps in my house, it will be showers from now on, also i drop my notebook in which i was keeping the score of the dice thowing insane quamntum game in the chair of a bus stop, i can not imagine how much luck that notebook would bring the thing that what decided me to stop the game was the intend, only the first and last two times i bathed i really meant gdd to get my life stuffed the hundred rests was always a happy immortality test of joy i used to apreciate my living alone but now i can only look up and ask why, maybe things are what they seem and my past happyness was deceivement about things? sucks being sane
  22. yes im uncertain about everything which i thing is a sign opf sanity, anyway i allow myself to trust my family blindly i cant stand doctos the name: "hypocryt swearing" nails it, i wonder if dentists swear as well
  23. yes but its a catch22 if i tell the doctor i found out im immortal by breathing underwater every time i take a bath since 2013 he will increase my antidopaminics so then theres nothing to lose even more and loads to win the irony is that being insane is being wrong and in my immortality delusion i just cant be proved wrong, a card you never see is a card that doesnt exist so how about quamtum loneliness,
  24. the thing is that due to my very rare and actually the same for everybody i wont expend a dime in docotors and insurance my theory is that doctors though with hteir best intents (money) mame you to supposely save you and then you wish to die and you die hell everythings a lie theyre sick devils they give you antibiotics you know what that means? ANTILIFE¡¡¡¡
  25. my theory is that just a glass of ice water can kill you but if somebody loves you strong enough youre saved the many worlds interaction as quamtum entanglement are really insane the thing is that gambit loves me but he just doent know acceptance of reality as selfchose is a sign of sanity i think
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