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  1. theres something i didnt understand on the man on the high castle... i thought the heisemberg device was a device to move between worlds but it was just atomic weapons so how comes the japanese guy moved between worlds remembering the old one i mean if dimensions shift your memories shift as well why the japanese memories didnt get affected by the dimension shift could we live one minute as the man in the high proposes in a fascist world and next minute in a free one and dont notice cause our memories change with the world but then again why the japanese guy memories didnt change with the world
  2. who made this comercial apparently notices, i dont, do you?
  3. wow now that you can mount a bicamera onboard and use or thats ubercool
  4. but dont this controllers have an horrible central death zone?
  5. dont banks invest the money they posses from savings
  6. so they sell no more oil but pay you to take it hahahaha please one barrrel for me for my zippo lighter
  7. so the more oil you have the more money you owe like monopoly
  8. ok i admit it ive been tool 100% guilty serve in my defence i was affected by a withdraw sympton fro the green substance i hadnt got enough sleep and the lock down was affecting me so i apologize and clap the doctors who are risking their lives for us as a matter of fact my sister is a doctor and i trully love her edit also seems ive been using this quicksilver shirt with this printed on the inside dr emoto is right on water crystalization
  9. i mainly read this forum, but what is more important i writte in this forum im too creative to read, i need to write, i often think i should write a book, but am i not doing so here the romantic internet prosa on tales of modern customs by Lan aka raaaid ill leave this here im labeled as schizophrenic but what that does actually mean is i take all mypersonal experience, not tv or news of course and interpret reality with it in the most positive posible way even if it means counterstream accepting god and magic
  10. raaaid


    people use to post it in this section there are real masters around
  11. i did a cartoon too some time ago not me god edit as much as people can love and admire doctors for they can save you from death i despised them from the same reason cause of course they only do if they can get enough money from it its like if you go to the hospital perfectly healthy eventually theyll find a desease because theyll profit then edit how many doctors do you know who are working for free the first thing i did when the isolation started was to offer my work for free at the neighboorhood food stores whose a bigger tool and desersves it to have it more man in my whole life just four guys let me by the dry side when crossing raining i let millions by the dry side for me covid is my godsend knight in shinny armour whose come to save me from my prison of massive idiocy edit remembering right i was not 4 people who let me by the dry side when crossing raining, since i ever recall it was three men
  12. my mom died from a flue from which she was refused to be taken to hospital cause it was a minor desease my dad died with perfect health cause a doctor wanted to get benefit form the expensive equipment he bought, i wont get into details, too sick yeah he nailed its time they taste their own medicine edit now nearly everybody is obsesive compulsive about germs they can as well go to a doctor to get cured with a lobotomy and if they get depressed about the situation they can get a healthy electroshock
  13. yeah how theyre gonna sell the made in china products outside if they cut communications
  14. i could breath perfectly fine what i couldnt was oxigenate myself for my lungs were covered with mucose i just could not cough away thanks to the yoga i know i started hyperventilating what allow me to oxigenate myself again the third day i was able to cough away a bit of mucose thing i still recall as such relief now if i had gone to the hospital i would have been put in a breathing machine that would not let me neither hyperventilate nor cough to clean my lungs and they would tie me to the bed so i was not annoying whle having an horrible death and of course they wouldnt give me morphine so i wouldnt suffer cause drugs are bad for you savages...
  15. well ive already stopped using toilet paper, just the bidet, now i just use it to blow my nose i wont be collaborating on spitting on the eye of mother nature anyway im suspicious toilet paper is doped what is for sure is that people currently are bleaching their asses
  16. edit: well ive just tried the ranked servers and now im having fun with clean races, a totally different game to unranked servers
  17. well the multiplayer doesnt work the time attack leaderboards are full of cheaters and the ai crashes with you all the time now the physics are great
  18. dont worry you have to learn the game controller is horrible is much better a mouse i think its better to use lateral movement to aim and use a minimal of panning also try to fidle with sensitivity
  19. yeah thanks for the advice im trying now 350º lock with force feedback at 60% and im improving a lot the problem is this is new for me i had never driven without traction control but its fun low sensitivity on the wheel gives you a slow motion perception
  20. edit: well first my apologies for the mean comment i was not getting enough sleeping second the physics of f1 2019 are right on the spot with assetto corsa and grand prix legends and actually not ranked online races are very fun on a mad max or starwars 1 way i reinstalled the game
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