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  1. after a bit learning about encryption i think factions as the nsa vogue for factorization encryption on this way the average joe can not decrypt but they with the quamtum computer can but im still mesmerazied at the holy gray of cryptology: an unbreakable method even by quamtum computers: a random key equal or bigger than the message to code and voila pretty good privacy for the average joe i wonder if they teach this in college al security you ever wanted in th XOR command you can try this in ruby secret="secret0message0i0want0to0code0in0an0unbreakable0way0not0even0with0quamtum0computers0without0the0secret0key" key="kaffadkjghfkajgnbgmjgrljeghkjgafbvgkghlhjgkshkgdfjthdhkghgdkhgfhgkjhghgghsdjkfhklgfhkjfhsdfjklglgshkjghjkghsgkdjhgdkgh" secret=secret.to_i(36) key=key.to_i(36) #all the secret is XORing the two numbers, as long as the key is trully random and equal in size or bigger than the message not even a quamtum computer and sherlock holmes could break it codedmessage=secret^key puts codedmessage.to_s(36) uncodedmessage=codedmessage^key puts uncodedmessage.to_s(36)
  2. seems insanity is striking hard lately i even understand now the advanatages of quamtum encryption to encript the message so i dont get locked up: raaaid is insane and proud about it 1111 i through an entangled quamtum dice of 36 faces alice and bob throw it 42 times, as many as letters being the dice entangled we get same results alice adds to the message to each letter the tossed number and counts from zero if it pasts 36 bob decrytps the message by sustracting the message he got the entnagle random key if eve eaves drop the entangle will break and the messages will stop making sense the breaking of the entanglement each time a entangle dice is thrown means each message can only be read once
  3. edit: here basicembly in github: https://github.com/farolero777/farolero777
  4. i updated the link it had a minor mistake now i just have to make an operative system and im ready to go
  5. it was a product of madness brain overheating, i wouldnt be able to do it again i introduce you to basicembly 1.2 if you want to try it just uncompress it in c: it has the simplicity of basic and the power of assembly basicembly1.2
  6. i really love games with cartoonish graphics and ink outlines simpler is better
  7. current games are a dopaminic graphic reward for pressing a button im playing mame arcade quarter machines currently they are mind work out
  8. i meant of other games im tired of ultrarealism holy grail im in for something more creative concerning graphics personally i like crispy models controllable if you have fast reactions something dificult but not to make of dificulty the objective the microsoft series is know by his baby cushion flying model if you aske me i rather il2 fm on 256*256 than a modeern cfs fm on 4000*4000 anyway im shorsighted uncorrected so what do i care
  9. why im pointing to a comunity fact with il246 all concern was in the fm and graaphics were labelled as eye candy now all is discussed is graphics and fm discussion is forgotten and the thing is that theres lot of discussion to have for there are not two sims with close fm
  10. in my times we used to called graphic quality eye candy give me all the time a good fm and forget the eye candy
  11. ok i see nobody has an answer for that dreams videoclip in fact i had to show it to a friend to make sure it was not a product of my mind and thats the thing if i hear a cristal clear as someone making a joke about two balls and some replying: THE FALLENS THERE i heard this crystal water as coments on: wow it doesnt explode or he doesnt fall when i do my yoga breathing and your silence to that dreams videoclip evidences youre in the know so im in a dilema my senses tell me everybody is colluding agaisnt me but everybody tells me im crazy and my senses decieve me like she doesnt say frack you at the end of this video she says thank you does she say thank you at the end or frack you according native speakers from this forum as outlaw she says thank you and i have to admit my senses decieve me for i understand frack you? so should i medicate myself untill i hear there thank you?
  12. well as the hallucinations remitted im saner now and now longer wear a narrow moustache my tipical hallucinations are peoples coments which i clearly hear but must be an unexistent product of my mind also on tv i see many hallucinations so maybe youre right and i need the meds since there are so many people caring for me and recomend me to have meds ill have them plenty but only if somebody can explain this: dolores oriordan died drwan in the bath with cloths on this video shows dolored drwan in the bath with clothes on how is it posible being much prior the video uploaded in 2009 than her death? if nobody answers this i can only accept everybody is colluding agaisnt me, take that platon and my best move will always be do the opposite of what im told in fact even if you are colluding agasint me how do you know we are not colluding after you in an upper level did xist off know we were watching him all along as he was torturing truman? no the only one who looks at the camera is the own truman he sees the cameras of the movie we all saw krist off just sees his own cameras that in fact not even work are just part of the bigger hollywood setup
  13. yesterday i went to bed and put this in a loop besides me: i dreamt i was god and boy does it feel good to be god but then the morning noise turned me back to huamn, like this there are plenty stones i created i cant lift
  14. Almansa tercer regimiento de husares segunda compañia
  15. i think our hair is our antennas to the universe and the way you were your hair radically affects your perception since i wear a shitler moustache and paint my eyes i can hear sound with my figertips the only time i was able to do this was 12 years ago when also started seein perfectly with my peripheral vision but i saw an ufo at night next day peed 50 times and all improvements were gone also i can hear with my ears at least to 34000 hz but im deaf in the range 14000-21000 also my 3d perception is acuting in a day and all because a moustache no wonder is forbidden
  16. sometimes i read dune the spice expands counciousness
  17. https://www.fastcompany.com/1274328/10-biofuels-companies-you-need-know-about
  18. you can do it on how biofuels is burning food while some starve for the record the boost water injection is a water injection maybe that would be interesting for your work
  19. i get confort in however expensive is actually useless
  20. i think insane and attention ho are names deviced by them to keep people sheeple like
  21. of course aliens are extradimensional time is not linear is out of joint shifting:
  22. well actually youre right theres nothing spetial about me for youre an alternate version of me yeah you might be right i might hallucinate all those things but then why most of the hallucinations are on youtube as the great martian war do i hallucinate you are you real? maybe youre a product of my imagination and you dont know it yet
  23. wow wheels up landing, very samrt i wonder if he plays sims
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