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  1. edit: ive just been on it with pencil and paper and yeah its too dificult so im gonna give it a different aproach: once i made a program that given a certain succesion it produces the program for such succesion i think its time to test it with a succesion of prime numbers and see what comes out thugh im afraid ill have to recode it in assembly for power reasons, time to use my basicembly compiler, hey i made my own language mix of assembly and basic and a working compler for it not everybody can say that, the temple OS guy is my example but maybe i wont quit meds like him
  2. sane people dont try whats regarded as imposible although gotta admitt we the wackos are in great numbers at least i moved from lossless recursive compression to efficient factorization i think im improving also setting as objective something imposible means endless fun
  3. ive been looking to the erathostenes sieve and the way its implemented in programs its flawed to find prime numbers<100 you iterate through the 100 numbers so its slow the idea its to find an algorythm that doesnt iterate firs on multiples of two then multiples of 2 and 3 and so on the first is easy its just i=i+2 its next when the problem becames dificult
  4. wow thanks for the hint andy, still and independent feat to be a little be proud about seems erathostenes is to me what edison to homer simpson hell isnt erathostenes the guy who either calculated earth circunference with an infinitely away sun or sun distance with a close sun in a flat earth but i know BY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE earth is actually rounded just smaller than they tell us i used this method:
  5. ok you start on 2 and see if its a factor if its not a factor the limit of the tries divides by 2 and you only have to try now odd numbers if 3 its not a factor the limit of tries divides now by 3 and now you try odd numbers not multiple of 3(this is where coding gets tricky) ... but dont code this unless you want the NSA on you
  6. ok so i got fed up with meds i foundt oubt with no doubt my sister gives me 10x meds on an orange juice without me noticing she doesnt mind in the last week i just ate half can of tuna since the last 3 years i just feed on millk and im begining not to tolerate solids so maybe the good guys lost the war and the really evil won so if i paint my eyes and think people can read my mind im enforce to have mind control substances in the worse kind of torture?
  7. grand prix legends a game from 98 and imho the best racing game ever
  8. time to reload gpl
  9. space walks are made on a filtered swimming pool, its obvious earths never shaded you used to know but to my like god life example you blinded yourself and now youre like me
  10. well ive seen a documnetal on tv on kubricks made moon landing also saw one on monkeys who returned from space superintelligent for the cosmic radiations its also in the simpsons
  11. thats a great idea i wonder now how to make a copper like shinning plane here a less filtered alternative of the white knight:
  12. its a question to add it complexity what in the end makes it dificult to understand but the idea is simple: the apple doesnt move is the ground that moves up as everything inflates today is my birthday so ill have some chupitos de anis, old women are wise i think in the double slit experiment all concious being agree on certain slit and the rest of worlds cease to exist so i enjoy my life as picked by my true self, my subcouncious, instead of letting learnt conditionings taught by big brother make me believe this world is sick yeah be bitter blame everyone sew inside a 50 euro quicksilver shirt, machines are really evil but thats not important cause they dont have feelings to be sorry at their inner uglyness so the universe is still right with extreme evil
  13. this guy explains it pretty well, i got independently this idea and im not the onlyone: https://medium.com/@davidlevitt/space-itself-is-expanding-gravity-and-general-relativity-explained-6395aa2e4d69 edit: the universe lasts infinite paraseconds( our perceived time accounting time slows down) and one minute actually from any moment if you dount account for time ralentization i was corrected of this 15 years ago in a physics forum
  14. also science agrees the universe mass inflates or what is the same space shrinks around mass the question is how would you know the rate of inflation if the measure instrument and your eyes inflate as well? you know the rate of inflation by its inertial effect gravity edit: also this inflation fact was known by whom took as unite of time a minute: according my calculation earth doubles size every 30 paraseconds this means the rate of time halfves every 30 paraseconds which means the end of eternity is ONE MINUTE AWAY so when you die you just wait one minute to be reborn though of course some cheat with superluminical sapceships nothing says you cant reach light speed just you aquire infinite mass when you reach light speed but so does have infinite mass your propellent gasses you just destroy the whole universe with an infinite gravty shock wave when reaching light speed and appear in next aeon universe but the universe is actually highly unstable but who could you know,though from your perception the universe is fully stable the most probable is youre not here in one second but none of us will be there to point i was right
  15. the thing is difficult to picture but my assumption is that mass inflates in presence of space but i can say as well space shrinks in the presence of mass and this would fully explaying the newtonian gravity and einsteing curved space with a non inertial frame cause a non inertial frame is that whose center doens move nor rotate like a shrinking frame of reference, on this way gravity would reduce to the square of the distance to the center of mass is the same for space is motion real and change of size illusory? then it should work out as well by relativeness take motion as illusory and change of size as real i think the answer to andy question is that we both get small as we apeear to move but the objects in the midle remain big which produces that llusion of motion
  16. im not very sure of what andy asks specially taking into acount time is part of the equation and it dilates as well but if you put an shrinking frame of reference on earth that reference frame is actually NON INERTIAL cause the center does NOT MOVE OR ROTATE yet it explains gravity as the aceleration of the ground up from that frame reference what is more if you take an shrinking frame of reference a staright trajectory appears as curved, voila you have einstein curved space time in a simple manner of course the measure instrument inflates as wel so this inflation can just be noticed by its inertial effect of gravity also probably you are a figment of my mind i often wake up after wondering if im dreaming with a clear no as im sure im not dreaming but actually i was
  17. imagine you want to define a cube in an euclidean space you need x,y and z and size to render the same cube in a perspective painting you just need 3 coordenates, x,y and size with this 3 coordenates you can fully paint a 3d cube, to complete it you just need to know the vanishing point is at the center of the picture and whats gonna use the microchip that renders everything to save position and size of things, 3 coordenates or 4 coordenates? parmenides was right and euclides got decieved by apperances
  18. so in 2002 i fell in love with a chick that would igonre me, i would fled to amsterdam where i had too mcuh and starting getting paranoid that everybody knew me i went home but i remain alone for my folks went on vacation, soon i would get paranoid nearly everybody was tryig to kill me but i survived somehow had a nervous breakdown and star yelling from my balcony nonsenses i was put on meds that had the paradoxical effect of make it worse i would start yoga breathing toget stoned, 3 deep breaths and the 4th hlding breath for 5 seconds, this gets you so high you can faint but you just have to lower the head to reduce the efect of g by the reactions of the people to my yoga breathing i got the paranoia this kills you but i was quantically inmmortal everybody knew i was right in people trying to kill me i was just immortal or not councious of my own deat in a poker game i realized i was an example of mans immortlity so i decided to made an immoratality test and tried to drawn myself in t a warm bath i prayed to survived and i did so by people faces they hinted at me i was immoratal and in a poker game i bet my life i did it at least a 1000 times ever since, yes no misppel a thousand and i surived all at least here and now while im typing this i wont do it again cause i learnt my lesson hell i light a fire to light a fag and i blew the whole planet in gazillion parallel earths cause nitrogen combined with oxigen is explosive but hw could you tell, at least by experience but if im crazy and i bet my life in a delusion how the frack im still here hell maybe you blinded yourself and now you think im utter nuts but if i told you the things ive seen, and again if the things ive seen are wrong this test wouldnt exist
  19. yeah imagine woddy from cheers as brain surgeon on dramatic oscar like acting id still laugh
  20. another one gotta love photoshop:
  21. another one this with better used blur: the sempiternum fenix
  22. im starting prostituting myself more with women than with men any advice to get more money? im worse than wholes they sell sex i sell the intimate product of my soul and divine spark, hell matahari would be ashamed of me i sold some art and cheap
  23. once i shew to a friend a potrait that accidentally had a lot of blur and she jumped as she saw it, its a very powerfull effect im trying now to achieve a 3d effect with blur the thing is that the desktop photoshop blur effect is very weak and 45 times at maximum would still be few on the otherhand the photoshop version blur for mobils is very powerfull i did that painting with my mobil and i think a mobil phone is very much painting capable
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