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  1. i think vice city is the best game of history due to its soundtrack
  2. i dont watch tv, it has improved my mental health as a matter of fact till it was posted in this forum didnt know about the news then i realized why people were looking bad on me when coughing
  3. sounds fun: https://www.ndemiccreations.com/en/25-plague-inc-evolved
  4. since tensions rising a comedy break:
  5. tom hanks is photoshopped and unexistent thats just tom hanks in a parallel universe obtained with a cronovisor in another of his glorious life hell why all who have glorious lifes are so goddam handsome
  6. ok so i recall first asking this question to my best friend when i was 8 why people doesnt let me by the dry side he said he would stop and tight his shoes oh my first love besides my mom my old friend still hasnt got an answer to this old question of mine
  7. i dont let people by the dry side thinking of karma i do it to avoid confrontantion but it strikes me as hypocrit from humans to insist i go first when i cross somebody in a door but nearly never anybody lets me by the dry side the bittersweet symphony video nails the problem
  8. yet i let people by the dry side millions of times why? anywonder whats happening in the world now?
  9. im not very good at maths but if in usa 9 died and 9 recovered mortality rate is 50%
  10. seems we are being exterminated by the powers to be, ill enjoy being the last man on earth i hope so you do
  11. i feel guilty for enjoying the show i hope tomorrow its cold to be able to go on a tshirt as the joker used to say if you have to go do it with an smile
  12. its a weapon it was used against me cause i was wearing a narrow moustache:
  13. i wonder if they are deviating attention from something? whats second top new in the world? edit: maybe this: wow someone crucial is in deep sith seems the worse virus of them all money is getting it: https://www.moneycontrol.com/stocks/marketstats/sec_performance/bse/bank-public.html
  14. yeah my mom died from the flue i feel your pain but dont worry tu much, tv is doing its thing soon with the spring it will be over breathing deseases base on the cold when i caught i had gone in tshirt in full winter the previous way i do again now to show off and laugh but this fights panic seed unnneceseraily by tv
  15. hint: im dixlesic, yes i dont like doctors playing with peoples deep feelings to earn a litle paper god and all its a rightout lie i checked the symptons and by january the 5th i caught the cobid19, as the usual flue i was carefull not to spread it but for me the sympton i had never had before was the lack of air: when you catch it sleep partially incorporated and learn to hyperventilate concious seriously for 5 seconds i thought of calling the proctors, i was axfisiating slowly for 3 days, worse than trump simulated drowning torture i remember the first day i slep for 28 hours, then your lungs get congestionated and theres no usefull breathing surface on the lungs i was concious the damn virus was trying to kill me by congestionating my lungs and not let me breath however hard i coughed i could not expell the mucosity of my lungs that didnt let me breath and trust me i caught many times the flue and what i caught this januray was not the flue
  16. good for covi since ill finally be able to get a job my advice: learn to hyperventilate
  17. i wonder if theyre not telling the whole truth: this 5th of january i caught a nasty flue in the north of spain which symptons i had never had before my lungs stuck so i just could oxigenate by hyperventilating and i sounded nasty breathing i was thinking i was gonna have the horrible death of slowly axfisiating though i got console next day i wouldnt mind though it lasted for a month still didnt call the doctors i rather die than going crying to death oh proctor god please save me i dont wanna die good for the corona humanity was needing some predators, future generations will grate him edit: imho the corona virus its just this years flue it was around already here recently i rememebr a director got mad out of a concert from so many people coughing
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