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  1. one of my holly grails i was building now its already done at least i know i was right now:
  2. it took me five years to pass the thermodinamic subject in my engineering now im gratefull
  3. i like to try supposedly imposible things they keep you amused for a long time
  4. i plan to test the position sensor but i dont think it will have enough sensitivity so i will use a brute force attack of making a program to slowly sweep through all frequencies and testing visually when bubles come out of the electrodes edit i also plan to test it with sound besides electricity
  5. ruining oil companies will have to wait currently im building a clock 100% of my design the idea is to end with a dial that follows the sun and another that follows the moon here his heart
  6. yes but this needs more energy input than output what i want to do i dont think violates thermodinamics for the heat excess would come at a price of cooling the ambient
  7. arduino is a cheap open source microchip that allows to build many things i also plan to build a tachometer for my racing sims and some pedals for air sims and of course a self stable inverted pendulum
  8. now its difficult to distinguish the real thing from the sim
  9. raaaid


    duct tape and glue greatest engineering inventions, specially duct tape
  10. the bible code is just the confirmation of statistics the atoms of the universe are expressed in 80 digits then how really big is the number moby dick or the bible in base 24, the letters and how many patterns can you find there i bet this thread is there on some combination
  11. im just ordering an arduino starter kit my first project is to try to figure out the frecuency of vibration of water at a given temperature and send it an electronic pulse at same frecuency so it resonates and breaks into hydrogen and oxigen, if its up to me i want the oil in negative again
  12. raaaid


    a real sketch i was having a coffe in a terrace when a half naked chick passes by and looks bad at me probably for checking her, hell i was not even paying attention
  13. obviously density 1 breathable fluid is avalaible just kept secret for a tech advantage
  14. Liquid immersion provides a way to reduce the physical stress of G forces. Forces applied to fluids are distributed as omnidirectional pressures. Because liquids cannot be practically compressed, they do not change density under high acceleration such as performed in aerial maneuvers or space travel. A person immersed in liquid of the same density as tissue has acceleration forces distributed around the body, rather than applied at a single point such as a seat or harness straps. This principle is used in a new type of G-suit called the Libelle G-suit, which allows aircraft pilots to remain conscious and functioning at more than 10g acceleration by surrounding them with water in a rigid suit.[citation needed] Acceleration protection by liquid immersion is limited by the differential density of body tissues and immersion fluid, limiting the utility of this method to about 15g to 20g.[55] Extending acceleration protection beyond 20g requires filling the lungs with fluid of density similar to water. An astronaut totally immersed in liquid, with liquid inside all body cavities, will feel little effect from extreme G forces because the forces on a liquid are distributed equally, and in all directions simultaneously. However effects will be felt because of density differences between different body tissues, so an upper acceleration limit still exists. from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquid_breathing#Space_travel
  15. theres not a single picture of a spacewalk with the earth paritally shaded https://www.google.com/search?q=spacewalk&sxsrf=ALeKk01AFfAvuKmtgbpVbdaayunfhoLnBg:1590669394765&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjsnuuhydbpAhV55OAKHV5vCk4Q_AUoAXoECBcQAw&biw=949&bih=600 why because spacewalks are filmed in a swiming pool with an earth model inside edit now there are a little few seems they updated their earth model since i last check, here you can see how they do it>
  16. all space images are made on a swiming pool at neutral buoyancy, apparently we can not even go to space, maybe its the van allen belt protection
  17. so einstein time travels and murders his grand father as his subcouncious desires set in next odd aeon past his granny is dead so he isnt born so he doesnt travel to the pair aeon to murder him so he is born so he travels to odd aeon... you see theres just an oddity loop here odd aeons aere weirdily affected by time travel but pair aeons are immune to this messing so how can you travel to the past and change the past in both aeons you just can not is not logically posible what you can do is change the future of both aeons but the past of pair aeons is fixed by the natural destiny but ill elaborate: once i had a six pack of cone icecream the first didnt have chocolate in the tip thing i regreted lets suppose someone or something high wanted to reward me with a time travelling power in his hand since i was being a good kid its destiny i was gonna get a no chocolate tip icecream how much can you change this well if someone time travels and set all sixpack with chocolate tips in odd aeons ill get 6 chocoloate and in pair aeons 6 no chocolate well not bad but can we improve this? lets suppose i mess with destiny and let the fixed no chocolate tip happen once and then set the rest 5 with chocolate tips then once the effect is seeded theres both a need to time travel in both pair and odd aeons for in both i let happen a first no chocolate tip so in both pair and odds will be affected by my time travelling messing of letting the first no chocolate happen so i always have a reason to time travel so in odd aeons i will have 5 no chococlate and 1 no chococlate and in pair aeons 5 chococlate and one noc choclate so messing wildly with time travel means having six chcolate tips of twelve wild messing as they do means having ten chocolate tips out of 12 effectively i had that time of this inspiration a first no chocolate tip and to my joy the rest five were with chocolate tip as you see im highly pronoic but you can see causality in the end is not violated with ultraluminical speed time travel to next aeon after etrnity of the previous aeon has ended for they have to wait at least to have a reason to have to time travel before they can affect tieme with time travel what you would percieve as someone messing of time travel is INSTANT anticipation to circunstances so in the end their only power its theyre fast to react but actually can not anticipate at all
  18. the cantors pairing function on the wikipedia is wrong it produces negative numbers for certain big examples(edit no its right just small basic failed for big numbers) if anyone crawling the web needs a pairing functiion heres is one in small basic basically its switching between a two dimensional and a single dimension space: re: TextWindow.WriteLine("enter number") z=TextWindow.Read() onetotwo() TextWindow.WriteLine("your single dimension number is associated with the two dimensonal "+x+" and "+y) z="" twotoone() TextWindow.WriteLine("your numbers reversed from two dimensions to a single one into "+z) TextWindow.WriteLine("") Goto re Sub twotoone If x>=y Then If y=0 Then x=x-1 EndIf z=(x+1)*(x+1)-y Else z=(y)*(y)+x+1 EndIf EndSub Sub onetotwo temporal=z temp=Math.Floor( Math.SquareRoot(z)) resto=(temp+1)*(temp+1)-z If resto<=temp Then flag=0 Else flag=1 EndIf If flag=0 then x= temp y=(temp+1)*(temp+1)-z Else y=temp x=z-temp*temp-1 EndIf If y*y-temporal=0 Then x=x+1 temp=x x=y y=temp EndIf EndSub
  19. i did a pairing function that i hope combined with cantors will allow me to recursively compress info given two numbers x,y i associate them biyectively with a c number for x bigger than y c equal to x plus 1 all sqaured minus y minus 1 for y bigger than x c equal y sqaured plus x now im on reversing it its all about counting this way * * * ** * ** ** * ** ** ** ** ** *** ** ** *** *** ** *** *** *** * *** *** *** ...
  20. its in the sound not the visuals
  21. can you refuel on air in the free stuff of dcs? thats something ubercool and sexy
  22. im not een watching it again ive even seen the fat guy and rest of the family of family guy spitting on the daughter someone who controls the media really has some deep sith dark agenda i mean i dont watch tv and im becoming more and more healthy and odd
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