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  1. wow he lasted longer than a century, rest in peace
  2. edit: i hope not to get in trouble the nice fellows, everyboyd hates them for the sith thing, didnt tag the location the thing i couldnt be luckier my plants bloomed in full winter and still last and these litle fellows come every year from god knows how far north to sit right by my window not to mention i only sleep when im tired and eat when im hungry maybe karma is true
  3. so here a video of the starlings by my house waking up in the morning:) :
  4. wow so theres a new movie called 1917 i thought in the begining it was a movie from 1917 stop watching tv has been such an improvement in my health
  5. the plants of my windows bloomed since the 21st of december rarely seen visiting bees the flowers but plenty of flies have sex with the plants oddly enough i noticed this kind of flies is gaining a yellowish color tomorrow ill try to record a video of the starlings who are by my window, i wonder where the litle fellows come from, brittain or north europe its just impressive when they leave all together the tree they sleep in i wake up early to see the show and then go back to sleep
  6. there are some exceptions that confirm the rule, but as my dad used to say the winners writte history:
  7. why cowboys movies represent true americans as villains? becuase they lost and got obliterated
  8. at least it was not a tatoo
  9. i meant that if shoot a tracer aiming to the front the tracer will do something like this | but if i shoot identical tracer looking slightly to a side the tracer will do this / both will be going to the vanishing point but in the second case the vanishing point is a bit to a side so wouldnt this mean the tracer appears to travel to a side if im not lookind directly to it and with that lateral motion couldnt i calculate its distance? also i know i see flat cause sometimes briefly ive seen stereo and i know when i do i slightly cross my eyes which means im not looking directly to the object
  10. i just found out an interesting optic effect that shows the peculiarity of space: if i look at mi finger and move the finger following my eyes ray it doesnt appear to move it just changes size but if i now look slightly away from the finger and repeat the motion the finger does indeed appear to move besides changing size so this means to know how distant is an object going far away if i look staright at it i wont be able to know but if look slightly away from it ill know depth by the lateral motion of the object
  11. edit: im so bored lately that im gonna try the most posible simplified 3d rendition i think the magic key thing is to use vanishing points like that to render a cube that follows the space axes, that is that is not rotated in an euclidean space i need 3 coordenates and side size but in a flat space i can use two 90º offset vanishing points so i would need 2 coordenates and one side size and just with that i could complete a 3d cube in a flat space, motion equation are made for an euclidean space but if i want i can take things are as i see them and use a flat space in which motion in depth is change of size like that i would need not to translate from euclidean to screen rendering all the time
  12. i got this idea from 6dof headset marker you have a triangle in your head which the camera detects and hence calculates your exact position but how does this work?: 6dof knows the size of one side of a equilateral triangle and THE FLAT coordenates of the 3 corners it sees so 6dof defines an exact position in space with 7 coordenates, one for the size of the triangle side and 2 multiplied by the 3 corners of the triangle but actually in an euclidean space how many coordenates you need to define a triangle in space? you need 3 coordenates multiplied by 3, the xyz a total of 9 coordenates so what 6dof is doing is by using just 7 coordenates in a flat space is fully defining an euclidean space with nine coordenates and what does this takes us to that if your running a game in which a plane moves from point a or point b you can use euclidean space equations or make your own equations for a flat space as 6dof does i dont know if this equations are proprietary of natural point but i guess not for they are not universal they are just not public
  13. he is right you dont need to roll a plane in a hard turn you just partially stall and let the torque roll your plane
  14. though ive been personally damaged by cheaters racing sims i think jailing them is too much like i dont like them lets jail them, that sounds ugly i think they should impose fines and let their dads know about the scumbag theyre breeding edit: personally i like to reverse engineer software for fun, which can be considered like cheating i wouldnt like to live in a country where learning can lead you to jail
  15. this is still a nice planet but for how long?
  16. i think being sink in a fluid could simulate g forces thats how they do space walks at zero g
  17. was him the african guy at pearl harbour uber with an antiaerial machine gun? i liked pearl harbour movie
  18. im only critical with critical people sometimes i would love to be more mean
  19. i spent most of my life regreting not having a special friend, till my folks passed away moment i relaized i was neglecting my green fields for the greener farther away i love loneliness now thats just how i am, its a special treat but i rather call it singularity also nowadays if you want to socialize you just go to the pub or post something online, these are good times to be lonely
  20. in blender or 3dsmax skin its a technical term for bitmap, i guess due to its similitude of working with leather to make a volume
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