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  1. yeas heartmann tactics were the typical you see in i246 online with 190, hit and run, in his own words he never turned unless extricly neceseraly marseille on the other hand was a turner spit 25 lbs style with marseille tactics i get 1.9 k/d ratio with heartmans 12 but heartman style is so boooring and cowardlike(like backstabbing)
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    yes i meant im all in for integrated comms for im too lazy to use ts and i would love it to improve my english
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    An idea...

    myself i must have used comms just a couple of times for i am a fast food player i can not understand how games so old as counterstrike implement integrated comms when no needed and war simulations(god does it sound bad) where esential dont
  4. indeed its natural but for your looking at it FROM A FIXED POINT OF VIEW if you have a VARYING point of view as the guy who recorded that video it will not longer look natural why? if you look at a picture from a FIXED point of view it will look natural but when you move that point of view is when you realize its just a picture not looking natural any more why not to show 6dof working cockpit off? from a fixed point of view it will seem to work flawlessly but when moving your face close to the screen clouds will unnaturally apparently grow revealing its just a picture to each one his merit the father of this tech is this guy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrea_Pozzo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sdoVhlz21k edit: basically my suggestion can be resume as this: implement 6dof in such a way fov varies with face distance to the screen in order to keep things scaled if you want an ultrarealistic implementation then keep game fov equal to screen vertical fov, that is the angle the vertical of the scren takes from your eyes cureent 6dof is not implemented at all like this which kills inmersion and realism
  5. basically when you get closer to the screen fov remain constant with which the far away landscape UNNATURALLY grows in apparent size main difference is what apple wants to patent: "A mechanism is disclosed for automatically scaling the size of a set of visual content based upon how close a user's face is to a display." United States Patent Application 20120287163. basically increasing fov when you get closer to the screen edit: that rof video seems perfect, but just if you look at it from a fixed point of view if you change your point of view, as you do using a 6dof tracker, inmersion dies for it becomes unrealistic , when you get close to the screen the apparent size of distant objects grow when in a right rendition they shouldnt grow when distant(you avoid this by scaling them with fov)
  6. nope, compare:(you would just need to ad pan to this) anyway i think its unfair if had this idea in 2007 i was working to reach this concept at least from 2003 and pretty hard im not sure that on patents is true: i was told several time not to publish my ideas for once published in the public domain not even me could patent them
  7. yeah well im better at humour when i dont try to be humorous think about it 10000 years ago there wa JUST ONE MAN who managed to have an all male linage till today if a guy ten thousand years ago didnt manage to have an unbroken male lineage today it would be all females its the same for today, today theres just one guy in the wolrd wholl get an unbroken line of males into ten thousand years into the future one man in 6 thousand million and if it was not for this guy males would dissapear in the future
  8. yep sorry maybe the mods could merge it though here its all the info the devs need with the exception of musical typing and there some chitty chat edit: besides you dont realize of the relevance of this: if bos devs want to implement virtual window winscape tech they can do it for free without paying any patent holder for it can be proof i had the idea before they got their patents as you can see in that ubizoo thread, so its a public domain idea
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    An idea...

    im a man of extras i dont mind the power of a car as long as it has many gadgets
  10. well some crux point: i was the first on the net talking of this then johny lee and then winscape here a top comment on that video: Apple is trying to patent a derivative of your work. You need to speak up against their patent application before they boast as their invention for???
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    An idea...

    i would love integrated coms simulating the real thing i dont think im the only too lazy one to use it as it is now
  12. nope creativity is for everybody to enjoy you can not put a prize to art as i said i give this ideas to the comunity i guess theres a back up cause there are many deleted threads which interests the patent holders based on free ideas on the net edit: consider this: ghostcar in racing games is a patented feature for which devs have to pay if they want to include it but if someone could proof somone had the idea before the patent got granted the patent is nullyfied and it becomes open domain as those links to the ubizoo proof: i was talking of 6dof before there was any patent on it i was talking of winscape before there were any patent of it it took me a hard work studying perspective to have these ideas and probably the person who got the patent got the idea from me so for what i know 6dof and winscape are open domain tech
  13. well actually i was nagging about this 11 years ago in fact none here could disprove im actually the father of the 6dof tech for i was talking about implementing it when people was putting single white dots in their foreheads or mics in the begining i thought my ideas coming to reality were coincidences but check out here for example how the way mouse view was implemented in cod was my idea and this ca not be coincidence: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/75384-the-next-step-after-mouse-view?highlight=gunsight here how i was nagging about it 7 yeas ago and this makes me intelectual owner of winscape tech: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/431616-do-you-know-of-any-game-that-has-zoom-on-a-slider-and-trackir?highlight=6dof check out how i was talking of 6dof before it hitted the market http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/150479-should-i-buy-trackir-or-should-i-wait-for-an-improved-version?highlight=trackir so actually the intellectual property of 6dof ITS MINE, and i give it for free to the comunity
  14. also i would apreciate negative points so you can tell a person who just connected from a games spoiler
  15. what is most mind blowing is that binaural recording is 1800s tech and it locates height of sounds dolby sorround tech from 2000s cant locate height of sound edit: probably youve noticed that when you listen someone talking in the radio even if you use headphones you cant locate him at all i wrote to several radio station complaining on this, i explained them that the mics are used now, even the most expensive, is the human equivalent of having the two ears in the same spot, with which you cant locate sound at most you can hear from one ear louder than the other i explained them that to achive this 3d efect they just need two mics separeated ear distance and cancel right chanel on the left mic and left chanel on the right mic can you belive after that a local radio was broadcating in binaural? but just for a week i wont get into conspiranoias but as mics are now when you listen to something recorded your simulating hearing voices coming from your head, as i said theyre not binaural , not even stereo, just pseudostereo with one channel louder than the other well i dont think theres anything wrong posting this for this is ot: edit: oh and on internet anonimity check out what i got half hour after posting this: i wonder if they have a word parser or they pay some chinese guys to read forums and catalogue people
  16. maybe im wrong but so far for what i know theres no way to disencourage via score shoulder shooting, more annoying than vulching and besides contrarily to it unhistorical or could you point me to a way a server NOW, in any game, can disencourage shoulder shooting via score?
  17. well one thing is the real player and another the virtual pilot plz dont confuse the game with reality if a wwii pilot shouldershoots he wont touch another plane if a pimply nerd overshoots, well he just inflates his litle ego by scoring and when he dies just hit refly and do it again why some people want realism for somethings but not for others im all in for negative points for negative attitudes which destroy the online simulation
  18. yeah this is a dying genre: they should include 6dof to be used with webcam or ir integrated in the game mayb a mouse stick with yaw on the wheel? they should take into account we the forumites are the hardcore players when actully the average joe has a cheap pc i have many friends who would love rof but i wont tell cause that would be forcing them to buy a new pc so i think someone just spending 10 bugs on a joystick and ten on the game with an avearge pc should be able to compete en equal footing
  19. is someone shouldershot in real life he woud lose huge reputation points as games are only gains positive ones oh and ill skip my conspiranoia on how most games make us worse persons, what would happen if fps included a surrender option AS THEY ARE NOW? edit: if the surrender option was implemented there ttwo main posible scenraios: you give 100 points for a legal kill and one for shooting someone surrenders people via rewards learn to be cold blood murderers you give one point per kill but 100 if you take someone who surender to their base: people learn human dignity remains sometimes even in worse scenarios
  20. i need icons for my low end system gives bad resolution but they absolutly kill inmersion personally id rather an option to magnify JUST planes and like that see icons and distance by myself
  21. i think its more of a moral thing, imagine how well could do a football team when their own fans are insulting them i mean its even posible bugs could come uncouncious in this case, like screw these naggers for example they released a patch in which allied planes could very hardly be started, that shows work being like a heavy load more than a love thing totally understable when most you saw in the boards was hate speech not to be confused with free speech
  22. i had a cat rather them to dogs i love their independence and silent love edit: i cant avoid to say that a woman who studied with me had the bottom of the eye green just like this:
  23. yes you can just as you do with kids with reward-punishment imagine they give you one hundred points for smoking a plane and if you shoot him while he is trying to crash land you get minus 50 points but if you scort him home you get one thousand points viciousness is not inherent to humans but if you let a bunch of kids playing a game in which score gets based on killing and besides dont take away points for dying you get innocent kids playing like vicious suicidals( unless they got a kill before)
  24. i have it on my veins, think i was the top pilot of millions during conception, sometimes i dream about it also im a male who descends from an unbroken line of males do you realize the chance we have to get an unbroken line of males into the future, easier winning the powerball like one in a trillion, and see im so special that the guy who did just that, the one in trillion was my grandgrand...grandfather and if your not yet imprseed with me ill tell you my sister is descendant from an unbroken line of females yes im taht special one in a cuatrillion
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