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  1. i would like to point out that most of the measures to navigate are actually made with the sun:(also ive been told by sailors that the sky at night from the sea is mindblowing(that was my reason to study nautics)no game renders night sky properly, its always to dark) the problem with classic star navigation is that you can only do it at dusk or dawn for you need to see the stars and the horizont at the same time you just need the position of the sun at 0?
  2. how about the sun? you can get precision of minutes measuring the sun and in the pacific would be the only way latitude is easy you enter with the time and date into tables which gives you the altitude of the sun and you see the difference with which what you have in your sextant, thatll be your latitude if i had been in wwii i would design a mechanic sun dial, that is a 24 hour dial clock, you just compare the local sun time with your mechanic sundial and you have nailed longitude oh i also think i figured out how the polinesian were able anciently to be able to tell longitude without a clock but ill leave that for the ot
  3. nope navigators in bombers did, remember the ubermodelled pencil of the navigator of bombers in il246 the reason cause i see more apropiate implement navigation in a flying sim than i ship sim is that planes take much less time for noticeable variations of position yeah i was thinking when this series covers most of the globe , im a long distance runner
  4. im one subject away from finishing my nautic engine enginering, i would like to become a mechanic but i lack the knowledge, i just know(not) about dogmas as entropy so i was thinking hey i could put to good use my navigation knowledge with a game unfortunately not even silent hunter does this you could make several levels of navigation from real use of ral war time tables to using just a sextant and automatically obtain data i dont know would anyone like to navigate calculating position with the sun and a sextant or is it just me? btw ive been told that stars away from contamination look like this, no game render it like that:
  5. well i admitt it my position is ridiculous just at that video but you anormal person believe what a disfunctional systen tell you while i consider most a lie, starting by space exploration: edit: the reason cause this system can decieve us so easily is in the educative system knowledge comes to the price of becoming dogmatic and stop questioning things hardly anyone understand a dome is a camera obscura, a building like a huge photographic camera einstein got his nobel for the suns gravity bending starlight, why nobody told him back the sun has an helium atmosphere which will bend starlight by refraction, in fact 50 times more than the gravity lensing if it even exists kissinger peace nobel prize holds more water than einstein nobel prize than besides according his teachers was very unintelligent remember doesnt matter if you dont understand a thing or a thing doesnt make sense theres someone smarter who understands
  6. no no really is not an idea of mine, some guy is trying that , glide instead of fast reentry, wacthed on tv someone who is on private space conquest but what hits me its how comes the nasa didnt think of it edit: i wont get conclusions for that is going loony but some FACTS: 99.9% of avalaible on the web space walk pictures are made with the sun in the zenith(top), in such a way that earth is always in full earth phase, never quarter phase https://www.google.es/search?q=space+walk&hl=es&tbo=d&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=KC_9ULarI8nPhAe25ICgCw&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAA&biw=1280&bih=845 there are no avalaible shooting of UNCUT night and day scenes together of earth from orbit, just CUTTED footage some spacewalk are known as false: this are facts anyone can verify i wont go into personal facts as my personal measure of earth is 600 km radius instead of 6000 km
  7. hey why they just dont make re entry slowly with a parashoot, no high speed not air friction to burn it
  8. put it this way: half of il2 users use wwv ALL il2 users are potential customers so what do you do herd the crowd into whats best for them or give people what they ask for what you talk about is the bar run by your mom
  9. haha good to know, actually this, just rendering the edge would avoid disorientation: hey did a guy troll me telling me in wwii the russian actually tried a TRANSPARENT PLANE?
  10. new games need new things, sorry for only having bothering one minute to make this: it solves current ww view disorientation it solves ww unrealism in deflection shooting or looking under the wings it can make both ww and normal view players play together no bars problem
  11. http://vimeo.com/11789304 i bet when the right focused oculus was set and they were walking on clouds the pope said for heavens sake stop this or well all burn at the stake so ever since they put flat lenses in the oculus of the dome that shape an eye all domes in the world are highly miopic would it be cool to put the RIGHT LENS in some dome like saint peter and recover that lost tradition of the oldest flight sim to walk on clouds? edit: btw i said lost i should have said supressed: its nowhere IN THE NET but my rambilngs edit: well i found an obscure reference on the net: in napoleon funeral they put his body in the center of saint paul dome and put AN OCULUS WITH THE RIGHT OPTICS and there it was napoleon death floating on the clouds to the parisiens amzement http://books.google.es/books?id=F1Tl9ok-7_IC&pg=PA68&lpg=PA68&dq=dome+oculus+camera+obscura&source=bl&ots=Gic-S7pjd9&sig=pACAOywhKwIySZprT-X57t0W320&hl=es&sa=X&ei=sfL7UJGsBYGphAej4IHICw&ved=0CFwQ6AEwBg#v=onepage&q=dome%20oculus%20camera%20obscura&f=false
  12. yeah i vote for 4 hour flight to throw one torpedo in the pacific oh the catarsis of that single shot after acumulated hours of tension
  13. i dont like hardore sims i play tags on and cockpit off and if i dont get a kill in 5 minutes i get bored, oh and hardly spend on hardware why do you assume were all hardcore, half of the people who play il246 are like me
  14. why they put the bar in the 190: they had to align the crosshair with a control panel view(in real life youd get closer as to have more view ignoring the panel when aiming and crouching) result 190 pilot was a midget, i guess in rl pilots flew with the head way over the gunsight they could have solved it by shift+f1 closing by as much as posible to gunsight ignoring panels,panels that you should be able to see pressin shift+f1 again and with a high head
  15. on rof not in il2 46 i find that playing no shooting, just forming behind your foes, as an exercise for a while helps you : to get really really close before shooting to get rid off target fixation con: in the split of the second when youre gonna shoot you doubt so you may miss
  16. well he is right on not bothering correcting my grammar or using capitals, but its not lazyness nor disrespect but its to let the stream of conciousness flow better and let those creative furor appear(also i dont like to correct my writting to see the subcouncious expressing as typing fiend instead of friend point remains: 1800 binaural tells height of sound 2000 dolby sorround cant(probaly for modeling ears around the mic, cheap and effective contrary to not working expensive algorithm) and since you are on sound maybe you can get me wrong on my conspiranoia "they" lead us crazy for example by every voice recored with the most modern and expensive mic or the average mic appearing to be voices from your head a simple point: if you put both channels of the mic IN THE SAME SPOT the sound becomes unlucotable unless your a cyborg who creates 3d from how much louder one channel is than other, oh but thats another conspiranoia, in other words i cant locate the woman on the radio, it appears to be a voice FROM MY HEAD i would rather this: it boosts the mind but is supressed for "they" want us dumbed down edit: hey that would be a good srah connor twist: why they implement the stereo of voices with one channel louder and both in the same spot if even a kid knows thats quite far from how human sound peerception works, that is both channel 10 cm apart can you locate the radio man? i cant but i know some who claimed they could edit: on my only ever use of facebook posting, when i discovered the chart limit,so made splitted messages: i posted to every radio station i knew how about "borg" mics flaw, as simple as you cant locate sound with both mics on same spot aiming different, like that you just get one channel louder than the other but no 3d effect at all, at most a stone age one like sounds louder the right it comes from the right so well i suggested them to take two mics and cancel left chanel of right one and right chanell of left mic and space them 10 cm apart well can you believe for a week my favourite radio station was brodcasting in binaural: so there were 5 people talking in new year and you could tell where each were but why did it last one week did the men in grey came and told them to stop? here how a mic should actually be: but really i think that would look odd for the strongly rooted handle complex, the hollow of the hand actually shapes an helix so that can anyone got of the mankind global complex and why every handle is like that and not like a hand hollow joy stick, good one
  17. really am i the only one who plays this game for fun? personally i prefer ww view though id prefer a realistic ww view as my painting i mean will in the pacific theather people fly for hours before contact?
  18. its cool you can locate sounds, and im talking of machine guns not engine a thing worth knowing is that binaural sound allows to know HEIGHT of sound though this is 1800 tech oddly enough i know not of any dolby sorround that can do this although this is quite a complex subject for that video in which you can smell the phosphorous is by a guy named zucharely, sound engineer of pink floyd or michael jackson, who would claim the ear emits sound creating an interference pattern with the incoming sound creating an holo sound
  19. yeah i never mind throtle that much but two hands elevator control is a realistic must for me that due to nagging got lost
  20. yeah well forgive me i was too much thinking of me: the part of the pilot glove which wears out the most is the one in contact with the elevator trim i find gunnery easier with two elevator controls for each hand, maybe if you have it in one hand just use one brain hemisphere while if in two you use the two hemispheres i thought every body thinks more important the elevator trim than the throtle but maybe its jut me and a few edit: well 1st forgive me for not posting this in the rof forum wheres being discussed but the trim makes it a whole new world what i said its a a bad idea this is how i would implement a relistic stick: i would make an extreme elevator curve with low sensitivity in the center and a NOT DELAYED ELEVATOR TRIM like that if i have to shoot i center the trim and have a realistic low sensitivity run and if i have to turn i move the trim and have a low sensitivity realistic run as well i mean the delay of the trim was such a mass histeria.. its like in a driving game you delay the wheel yeah i can move a 720?
  21. i always wonder why would anyone want a progresive throtle i just need 90% when overheating 100% and zero so i assign it to buttoms
  22. how about automatic roll and yaw and just picth control with sound feedback?
  23. i rememeber what brought me to the zoo was when the trim on a slider got delayed, well thinking about that ive just had an idea: lets say the joystick has 5 cm run and the slider another 5 well as the old il2 implemented trim on a slider you would still get 5 cm run and all those complains about but turns which are actually factual for the tabs acting as servo but my suggestion that can be done within the game or someone could design software to do it when you move the slider fully 5 cm the plane stick moves 5cm but when besides you move the joystick 5 cm the plane stick moves another 5 cm like that with 5 cm run you can get a more realistic 10 cm run, double precision
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