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  1. well a game can be about strategy or piloting skill as flight combat sims are now theyre about strategy with best tactics being hit and run so you dont mind spits against 190 will you fly the spit while im on coms with another 190 doing thach weaves? youd hardly have a chance
  2. yes i dont like startegy at all just show whos the best pilot what i like about combat sims is circle duels in which the best pilot wins i remained like 4 months undefeated in 1 on 1 duels in european air war i have this world record at race series in an oval check out how its identical to a turning duel i defeated thousand of players in that circle so im annoyed that every time i engage in a turning duel a 190 or alike comes and shoots me or steals my prey in the old times it wasnt like that in fact now in il246 most people ride 190 in the old times it was all spits and zeros and this interruptions are not historical could you dogfight an enemy for an hour without being interrupted well i bet it was like that in real life, no interruptions
  3. that depending on how you set the scoring system you can get a boring game or a good one and if you simulated war most people would not shoot maybe i decieve myself but i dont think wwii fights were so vicious thumb rule if a plane is smoking and running away you let him go so he makes a crash landing i bet this is historic common sense strategily wouldnt you like someone got negative points for shoulder shooting or kill steals?
  4. also according historic records 3 out of 4 would do in real life as i play the game: no shooting or shooting with elevation this is very studied in warfare and it recieves the name of pretending, i bet some veteran can extend fartjer on this in old wars 3 out of 4 soldiers shoot with elevation exposing their lifes pretending in fact all war havoc is caused by that 1 in 4 socipoath modern generals realized of this so they started using realistic human like targers to turn human murdering into a reflex my personal conspiranoic theory is that fps are designed so in case of war no soldier who has virtually killed millions gaming pretends, a good example is americas army
  5. not really i made another thread on this but since you dont understand what i mean i think this video will make it clear 6dof has a constant fov, in this video fov varies with distance which achieves that window effect
  6. for example if you vulch you lose honour points if you fight 3 to 1 you lose honour points if opposite you win them if you fly over enemy base you gain them if opposite you lose them if you let away smoking planes you win them if opposite you lose them shooting chuters you lose them ... in fact im amazed how team fortress two is much more interesting in the entertainment sense since people is not about killing which gives few points but following the objective of the game which gives more points
  7. well what i MAY do to encourage new players though regular players WILL hate it so bad: keep performance according k/d ratio if you suck flying you get an uber plane if your brilliant a porked one i think online casinos do this they let you win at first and then drain the blood out of you
  8. yes thats what i was trying to visualize after making the thread and realized so unless i was wrong and the "effect" the artist used was coincidence, many planes in the same spot in the click of the picture and then just empty air
  9. i hope the video is right unfortunaly i broke my headphones several points: if you use headphones you want binaural if you use speakers stereo, so for pc games you want binaural theres a youtube around which shows clod at certain stage binaural, but it was removed, seems they were too much ahead singer mics have both channels in the same spot aiming different, so this records on what i call pseudostereo(not 3d location at all just one channel louder than the other), for example you cant locate in space neither a radio locutor nor a singer check out how this top of the line sound engineering was made by an average joe with a dummy recording head , you can even check height of the sound use headphones:
  10. well its been more than ten years soon itll be 20 :o
  11. good point it could be just a snapshot, a coincidence of many planes in the picture fov if you look with very high zoom a plane distant 100 m and other 200 m theyll appear with almost eqaul angular size anyway im almost sure the airfix artist didnt bother to use maths in his projection edit: now that you mention i think the future of virtual reality goes as you point ending in samll domes planetarium like edit: one question four you: that affinity seems like 4 screen in a row lot of lateral peripheral HORIZONTAL view but little VERTICAL peripheral view why so unbalnced? why the screens like this oooo when could be more balanced like this: oo oo edit: well now thinking a while i can answer my own quetion: why eyefinity extends the horizontal fov but not the vertical? fps users are a majority and the pesky shooters mostly come from left of right though of course the mraketing guys will sell it to flight simmers without lying by saying and improvemnet in LATERAL view knowing we subcounciously will understand PERIPHERAL
  12. thats a brunette here a blonde though 2:14 makes me think shes dyed:
  13. what your pointing out is just extending the horizontal but thats what not i meant as a matter of fact im not very sure of the exact artist trick the best i can explain it is he paints planes bigger than they should you can see it here too
  14. in my previous post i had started typing how in the live for speed forums in my lerts avatar i was bullied like hell by kids in a time in which i had a fragil mind contrary to now fitting in a mature not following the norm comunity and the thing they did most usually was pretending not to understand and put not intended ideas in my words now youre doing it can you tell me why they did it? and how comes i wrote about it and deleted before you did it, precognition? corgito ergo sum but you may be very well a product of my mind, yet i catalogue you in the amusing group
  15. oh yes i reread it and see what you mean but i disagree for european air war and janess wwii had quite good graphics as a matter of fact with my pc i run similar graphic to those in 98
  16. oh you sound like outlaw ill make you an scheme: why most old games shew real footage and new dont? option one by you= resolution option two by me and others=fatalities which raises pegi should ros include real footage? me: yes but with no fatalities, is this important? no why did i post this? because im a human who needs to express himself and thats what the net is for whats good cause bars are expensive, in other words cause i was bored
  17. yeah i posted there asking for observatory non damaging bullets besides what do you think my agenda is? have a nice conversation as in a pub with people with the same hobby than me and of course not neceseraly about the hobby, waiting for people to run out of coments and start chatting ot as the ubizoo definitly im crazy along these ten years on flightsims i never got to dislike anybody and dont you have an agenda identical to mine?
  18. the contribution im proud the most was a thread at ubisoft long ago in which i posted that certain pilot got roasted extracrispy message in the console should be substituted by certain pilot got murdered everybody called me a troll but it was later in clod what you see as attention calling is just my too much free time and creative personality,creativty calls attention in this world where education kills it(you memorize how to solve problems dont face them in a creative manner) just ace question yourself: how many of the sugestion-contributions in forums came from your mind and how many you heard them before? as a matter of fact i was posting on 6dof via trackir before it reached the market, maybe even before it was developed but ace i like you as a detractor for your weapons are humour edit: besides i dont want to inlfuence the devs as most to get the game in my favour, for example making mouse view favourable over trackir by asking for cockpit off but i see it im helping to do something great ive noticed many people want to manipulate things to get their favourite rides uber, some manipulate to destroy the game... i think it was tully who put it clearest: what saves my ass every day from the ban hammer is my absolute lack of bad intention
  19. oh yeah its peral harbour ben afleck played a rogue squadron in which americans fought bob when i dream of duels with spitfires i just see planes siloute just as that movie boy that movie is fire iron cast in my mind i assure you its pearl harbour
  20. check out the difference between this: basically one is full of life while the others plain you may wonder why: the artist used a trick by which he uses a 90?
  21. pearl harbour 2002 my god im such a nerd i can tell a spit for a 109 almost at any angle just in one 10th of second
  22. the thing im waiting to use facetracknoir is two independent axes for each yawing side, which i read is coming then my 5 eyro webcam which i got for free and can run 30 fps will make me competitive to trackirs it would be great if the game integrted 6dof via webcam and coms, im too lazy to use a not integrated comms
  23. actually this in few months will run out of sales trackir if it hasnt already: http://facetracknoir.sourceforge.net/home/default.htm
  24. its not the same cockpit on or off in no canopy planes that one with bars also if i had trackir i would not fly cockpit off cockpit on with the bars issue which doesnt happen in rof planes puts at huge disadvantage the person who has not trackir maybe this changes by facetracknoir which i bet future version 1.8 ill be able to use and before you say it why dont i buy one well you should see the situation of spain, massive evictions, 1 out of 4 unemployed, like me, thank god for the only good thing of catholicism, the consistence of families, maybe the buble is bursting? as they say about the future of sapin a country of empy houses and people without house,talk of crazyness resume: enforced cockpit on puts at disadavanatge those whithout trackir in wwii but not in wwi(the bars issue) this forum is not representation of customer reality for 99% of people here have trackir while most players like me lack it
  25. no im saying back in 98 we cared more for flight models than eye candy now seems the opposite since the most perfectly historically acurate model, that is footaged reality, is not good enough for not having enough level of eye candy besides the realistic aproach is killing the games from the 2000, see what happened to adventure games when 3d models came why not vangoghs or dalies designing games how about an option to run your game in just two colours, i bet well get 32 trillions of colours before this how about making a game oil paint style? matematicians should be making the flying models but let artist who care for originality do the graphics if i did the game i would make the sky just as in this video, proably as it is behind the skydome and the planes deep black:
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