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  1. oh you sound like outlaw ill make you an scheme: why most old games shew real footage and new dont? option one by you= resolution option two by me and others=fatalities which raises pegi should ros include real footage? me: yes but with no fatalities, is this important? no why did i post this? because im a human who needs to express himself and thats what the net is for whats good cause bars are expensive, in other words cause i was bored
  2. yeah i posted there asking for observatory non damaging bullets besides what do you think my agenda is? have a nice conversation as in a pub with people with the same hobby than me and of course not neceseraly about the hobby, waiting for people to run out of coments and start chatting ot as the ubizoo definitly im crazy along these ten years on flightsims i never got to dislike anybody and dont you have an agenda identical to mine?
  3. the contribution im proud the most was a thread at ubisoft long ago in which i posted that certain pilot got roasted extracrispy message in the console should be substituted by certain pilot got murdered everybody called me a troll but it was later in clod what you see as attention calling is just my too much free time and creative personality,creativty calls attention in this world where education kills it(you memorize how to solve problems dont face them in a creative manner) just ace question yourself: how many of the sugestion-contributions in forums came from your mind and how many you heard them before? as a matter of fact i was posting on 6dof via trackir before it reached the market, maybe even before it was developed but ace i like you as a detractor for your weapons are humour edit: besides i dont want to inlfuence the devs as most to get the game in my favour, for example making mouse view favourable over trackir by asking for cockpit off but i see it im helping to do something great ive noticed many people want to manipulate things to get their favourite rides uber, some manipulate to destroy the game... i think it was tully who put it clearest: what saves my ass every day from the ban hammer is my absolute lack of bad intention
  4. oh yeah its peral harbour ben afleck played a rogue squadron in which americans fought bob when i dream of duels with spitfires i just see planes siloute just as that movie boy that movie is fire iron cast in my mind i assure you its pearl harbour
  5. pearl harbour 2002 my god im such a nerd i can tell a spit for a 109 almost at any angle just in one 10th of second
  6. the thing im waiting to use facetracknoir is two independent axes for each yawing side, which i read is coming then my 5 eyro webcam which i got for free and can run 30 fps will make me competitive to trackirs it would be great if the game integrted 6dof via webcam and coms, im too lazy to use a not integrated comms
  7. actually this in few months will run out of sales trackir if it hasnt already: http://facetracknoir.sourceforge.net/home/default.htm
  8. its not the same cockpit on or off in no canopy planes that one with bars also if i had trackir i would not fly cockpit off cockpit on with the bars issue which doesnt happen in rof planes puts at huge disadvantage the person who has not trackir maybe this changes by facetracknoir which i bet future version 1.8 ill be able to use and before you say it why dont i buy one well you should see the situation of spain, massive evictions, 1 out of 4 unemployed, like me, thank god for the only good thing of catholicism, the consistence of families, maybe the buble is bursting? as they say about the future of sapin a country of empy houses and people without house,talk of crazyness resume: enforced cockpit on puts at disadavanatge those whithout trackir in wwii but not in wwi(the bars issue) this forum is not representation of customer reality for 99% of people here have trackir while most players like me lack it
  9. no im saying back in 98 we cared more for flight models than eye candy now seems the opposite since the most perfectly historically acurate model, that is footaged reality, is not good enough for not having enough level of eye candy besides the realistic aproach is killing the games from the 2000, see what happened to adventure games when 3d models came why not vangoghs or dalies designing games how about an option to run your game in just two colours, i bet well get 32 trillions of colours before this how about making a game oil paint style? matematicians should be making the flying models but let artist who care for originality do the graphics if i did the game i would make the sky just as in this video, proably as it is behind the skydome and the planes deep black:
  10. gosh maybe im old bbut in my times we called that eye candy and care more for flight models seems today eye candy its called graphics and flying models doesnt matter any more since real images cant be a better flying models yet is not an image sweet enough so not valid
  11. well if were gonna talk about an inexistent yet game if we dont broad the subject things get lame how about a 140 char limit as in tweeter? its red iron cast on my mind an spit out turning a 109 in his tail or a strafing of a locomotive eaw real footage nice touch so i suggest it which brings the question of why this got lost
  12. how is a suggestion to add real footage to bos is ot? if you dont like my posts put me on your ignore list and it will be like i exist no longer for you, you wont see these threads, which is a new feature in forums since beofre even if in ignore list you would see threads started by that person
  13. observation bullets as in clod i bet im not the only one who likes competing but not virtually killing
  14. yeah what do you prefere teh universe as a supercomputer rendering a real physics at 800*600 or pacman engine at 1000000*1000000000
  15. i just checked il2 46 to try to dogfight a 190 majority of people play wonderwoman view, even theres a popular server which forbids bnz heck im vox populi, id say im one of the few normal guys here and take that as a compliment
  16. eaw and janes wwii included real footage theyre pre 2000 i dont know any game afterwards did
  17. wow dont talk of cod i remember how in cod5 you got to lose members by bombs which every time took me to a bad bike accident in which i nearly lost a leg i think we are building a very desentitivize generation with so much cheap violence in games and tv oh and i would life to cause panic in the litle guys underneath that would be cool
  18. i think next car ill buy will be electric
  19. well 90% of old games shew real footage 0% of new games show real footage my corny theory is they got complains from showing real images in which real people died but they could show some lifting non deathly real footage
  20. old games did new ones dont, why? maybe politically incorrect? many old games like eaw did so i think it would be a nice touch as long as there are no deaths
  21. in sapin the most famous forum is forocoches, doesnt take any more members, its a comunity about cars but got really famous by the combination of different kind of trols and trolls in the ot section just with a good selling forum you could really sell well a game i wonder what i rather this police state forum(banning at the slightest not to damgae a future product) or anrachy style rof forum(not banning in order not to lose sells)
  22. another optimistical feature of the genre is facetracknoir, it works great now with cheap webcams i think they should integrate coms and a webcam headtracker integrated in the game i dont know i bet most people is lazy as me and actually they work for the money ive hardly ever run coms for having to run it separatedly and searching the chanle nuisance
  23. i think this has to be the biggest troll ever like a good troll partially true like the 13000 years cycle, ad it the end of times bs and this arguelles guy, by his surname maybe a distant relative , using time trew a small ball of snow downhill and with time.... hahaha he must be rofl now most feel ashamed of their masive histeria fears, i hope arguelles is alive now enjoying his troll for the record i never pondered the world was ending, though i pondered the alien coming, whatever... good
  24. i think the ww view gauge in il246 in which a virtual plane was seen from certain angle together with the ground was a breaktrough
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