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  1. i spent most of my life regreting not having a special friend, till my folks passed away moment i relaized i was neglecting my green fields for the greener farther away


    i love loneliness now thats just how i am, its a special treat but i rather call it singularity


    also nowadays if you want to socialize you just go to the pub or post something online, these are good times to be lonely

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  2. well over the night i just got 320 bucks witha 50 euro free bonus now ready to cash out


    it couldnt be more legit:


    i used my real ip and my real name so now i just gotta hold on a skrill credit card and im ready to start as a profesional gambler


    is not the money a french deck is like tarot and you can learn proper thinking just playing


  3. edit:


    my dad once told me casinos let you win at first and later drain you and for what ive learnt so far on online casinos its that he was 100% right


    right now with the hit and run techniques i can drain 100 from a casino in one hour but if next day i kept on id lose it all


    but boy there are so many casinos offering a free first dose that this is sure legal business

  4. but what about playing for friends?


    the thing would be both person share a game account what is not illegal


    the documents provided would be fully legal and no law would be broken at all


    i think ill get myself a skrill credit card for ten euro and then ill be able to provide documents at least once


    so i think ill start by providing legal documents of myself to withdraw the money and then play for other people


    my profession would be comissioned gmabler for free 

  5. ok so theres a line of online casinos who offer free bonus to gamble, you know the first free dose


    when im bored i play at this casinos for free by anonimizng my self and reubicating my origin online with a proxy


    i have several amounts of money in online casinos to withdraw but i can not withdraw it for to withdraw money they ask you documentation i dont have


    they ask you for a national id which i do have but they ask you as well for a recent bill and a picture of a credit card with the sensible info covered


    so i could forge these documents but i dont want to make anything illegal


    so i would ask my friends here the following businnes:


    you send me a pm with your name and first surname and your birth date and nationality


    in some weeks ill provide you a hotmail account with a password and a message from the online casino to send them id, credit card picture, recent bill picture to cash out money


    so you send them the documents and in exchange ill give you the 50% of my free risk gambling benefits which can go from the 50% of 100 bucks to 50% of1500 bucks


    please even if you dont need the money i do, ive been several years unable to even buy a tablet to paint


    so just send me a pm with your name and first surname nationality and birth date youlll do me a favour and get some free legal money


    are you in?



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