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  1. i dont fear at all anything cause ive never had counterevidence of a pretty and fair god


    now the pope and church goers go with a mask cause he believes so much in  afterlife


    i noticed long ago pretty redheads are cool







    i correct myself apparently he is a true xtian with balls








  2. once i was drunk as hell cutting ham with a long knife


    saw a fly aproaching flying threw a slash and cut the fly in two halfs


    now i understand i threw a random slash and the fly flew towards the blade for some reason


    i never tried again but once so i have a 100% kills of this kind


    later in 2002 i had a nervous breakdown due to so much bizarreness around me


    every time i saw a fly i killed it with my index finger hitting it like a marble


    i killed this way like 40 or 50 in a row without ever missing one in the row


    the died just so i felt a bit better 😟


    now i can pet flies i never kill them any more


    odd mistreated missunderstand animal

  3. 2 hours ago, CanadaOne said:


    My guess is you just don't remember that you heard the whole thing.


    Possible that the whole day is just a blur in your memory. A thick green fog of... I'm sorry, what? :sleep: humana-humana-bananana-shmoomana...

    good observation i think once i listened to a full pink floyd album and i enjoy it though i dont remember


    just once  i think it was a smily

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  4. i think the 55 bucks i spent on the f1 2019 was a good inversion in fun


    the time attack is full of cheaters but the single player physics in full real is just fantastic, it reminds me  a lot of grand prix legends, you have to be really smooth with the accelerator


    havent tried the multiplayer yet but its full of people


    its not a game its a very decent f1 sim

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  5. i dont believe conspiracy theory for conspiracy theory is handled by the confabulators i bet the queen of england is a brave ultranice old HUMAN lady


    virologist say its a nature punishment


    heard it long ago if mankind keeps his evil ways nature will punish him with a supervirus


    and the virologist accused to create covid said this was a nature punishment for mankind uncivilized ways


    and both now more that us

  6. myself ive just stock some bread and a bath full of water, enough to stand a month


    the rest of people who stock pile like crazy are selfish and deserve to die suffering and prove this is a well deserved nature punishment


    also i wonder why if the wife the prime minister and vicepresident have the virus why theyre not quarantined but force the healthy people who dont fear death to be




    when i wrote this i was on withdraw symptom, not now, trully theres a really evil side on me im getting to now

  7. 5 hours ago, voncrapenhauser said:

    Think my heart is more stent than heart now. I now count 5 stents plus my tripple bypass 2 and a bit years ago. Ithink the NHS are tired of me now.☝️☝️ Think I need a holiday.  

    thats from loving too much


    hope you recover the soonest

  8. but she is right...


    or maybe she is just cute :)


    anyway i agree with her


    nature doesnt negotiate and you cant fight physics

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