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  1. well as the hallucinations remitted im saner now and now longer wear a narrow moustache


    my tipical hallucinations are peoples coments which i clearly hear but must be an unexistent product of my mind


    also on tv i see many hallucinations


    so maybe youre right and i need the meds


    since there are so many people caring for me and recomend me to have meds ill have them plenty


    but only if somebody can explain this:


    dolores oriordan died drwan in the bath with cloths on


    this video shows dolored drwan in the bath with clothes on


    how is it posible being much prior the video uploaded in 2009 than her death?




    if nobody answers this i can only accept everybody is colluding agaisnt me, take that platon


    and my best move will always be do the opposite of what im told


    in fact even if you are colluding agasint me how do you know we are not colluding after you in an upper level


    did xist off know we were watching him all along as he was torturing truman?


    no the only one who looks at the camera is the own truman he sees the cameras of the movie we all saw krist off just sees his own cameras that in fact not even work are just part of the bigger hollywood setup

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  2. 1 hour ago, 6./ZG26_Loke said:

    Is there someone here who speak Spanish, who could translate a small text for me? 

    Google translate is absolute hopeless to use. 


    The text is:


    Almansa's 3rd. Hussars Regiment, 2nd. Company. 



    Almansa tercer regimiento de husares segunda compañia

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  3. i think our hair is our antennas to the universe and the way you were your hair radically affects your perception


    since i wear a shitler moustache and paint my eyes i can hear sound with my figertips


    the only time i was able to do this was 12 years ago when also started seein perfectly with my peripheral vision


    but i saw an ufo at night next day peed 50 times and all improvements were gone


    also i can hear with my ears at least to 34000 hz but im deaf in the range 14000-21000


    also my 3d perception is acuting in a day


    and all because a moustache no wonder is forbidden

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  4. ok so im depressed and think boy id wish i hadnt been born


    the girl on the radio says there are thoughts that are better not to have


    a guy in a chat once answers my questions before i made them


    i cross a chick in front and think she was so ugly i felt like puking, she started crying


    a waiter drops some cutlery i THINK sounds like a spoon, an old witch next to me says of course a knive makes more sound


    i think a word and then the person i talk to says that word out of context


    a guy is shaking his leg i think he is nervous he stops, i think boy is he reading my mind he starts again, boy definitly he is reading my mind, the guy begings sweating


    and here my wildest hallucination i ever had on youtube



    so you want me still questioning am i crazy am i  a fag?


    thats the wrong question the right question is am i worng or right?


    if im right crazyness comes added cause creation is utter nuts


    i really not sure about the rest but that people can read my mind is a no doubt


    i ponder im just a poor guy just blind where this society treats blind people in an starnge way for some unknown starnge reason


    but for what i know everybody is extraterrestrial, everybody has a different perception to me

  5. yeah thanks guys i appreciate you respect my freedom of thought


    also i understand those who think i should change my stream of thought with thought control pills


    they let the society made them think madness is evil


    no doubt this society made a good work associating independent thought with badness


    simply orwellian






    you know the forbidden philosophical concept once you accept as posible makes you insane and unsheepled?


    what if everybody else lies in collusion?


    la vida es sueño, the truman show


    a very powerfull argument that brings down that millions of smokers cant be wrong




  6. yeah im very slowly reducing them as advice of my physician so im in good hands dont worry


    for the record i dont believe a single word of what i writte


    my writtings ar a what if that intends just to be amusing


    also chemicals companies are after money and the move loads of them


    theyre not up to heal you but to make you worse to keep buying their products


    hey but this is paranoia of course :)




    yeah maybe ive brought up a valid debate


    is there a right to be crazy in this world?


    why i dont have right to be crazy if i want as long as i dont harm others?


    isnt the newspaper line an schizophrenic murders 10 on the same vein as an afrikan origin muders 10 or an homosexual murders 10?


    yeah im fracking crazy but i just love it and im proud of it


    the crazy pride day ill put a tinfoil hat on

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  7. i think normality in a criminal world is criminal hence im proud of my likehomosecuality


    and agaisnt my saying i find that boy cute you recomend me to have my masculine hormones to be like the rest


    is not like im screaming madly im just a good friend who talks honestly, a good foundation for the comunity


    maybe too honest and thats a problem


    the antipsicotics actually lead you psicotic i have experience with that


    what is more they can create a psicosis where there was none before because theyre a adictive and if you suddenly quit them youre in big trouble so im quitting them slowly


    so what makes you believe from my behaviour ray eu lusekofte and gambit42 that i need to have mind control taming pills?


    why not to treat badness instead of madness


    how about some antibadness pills as being so ugly inside you cant even stand yourself


    yeah seems the universe is a good doctor ive seen some of that


    30 minutes ago, LuseKofte said:

    your post simply do not make sense

    you mean theyre not the norm im clear as water but if theres anything i wrote you dindt get i can explain it farther, what for example of what i wrote doesnt make sense?



    do you think this is a no sense?



    deus ex.jpg

  8. 12 hours ago, LuseKofte said:

    Still off your pills?

    go get them

    https://books.google.es/books?id=ZQc-cXRroREC&pg=PA583&lpg=PA583&dq=shrinks+are+inquisitors&source=bl&ots=p07DiCTxNT&sig=ACfU3U077la-ynYfTzbjzIk3RgBQcOgrzg&hl=es&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj00pmOrYPkAhVQXMAKHTlNAQkQ6AEwBHoECAQQAQ#v=onepage&q=shrinks are inquisitors&f=false


    https://books.google.es/books?id=M9jz6GGjMeEC&pg=PT250&lpg=PT250&dq=shrinks+are+inquisitors&source=bl&ots=C88ibPBosE&sig=ACfU3U0eDZ0wme94cEoifjqzLgvm0HNWyg&hl=es&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj00pmOrYPkAhVQXMAKHTlNAQkQ6AEwA3oECAcQAQ#v=onepage&q=shrinks are inquisitors&f=false


    have some pills to fight your normality




    of course i know peple can read my mind, im blind an retarded i figured this out


    and if i point this to an inquisitor he will imprison me and torture me


    thats the world we live in


    the truth will lock you up


    its pathetic people kneeling to the machine god


    how good are your chips do they often get in a loop


    you see im a nice guy i really love the way i am and the way i act and guess what i live better than the pope and far happier


    i learnt theres a god whose not a crazy machine and i like her


    everybody gets what they deserve gods in absolute control but seems she doesnt like people acting out of fear of her so she hides


    now try to change this and make it worse


    in god i trust and by god i dont mean a fucking crazy machine that will be built in a few years from now

  9. its curious how independent thought is called insanity by the typical crazyphobic


    dont worry as you i drink my dose of tap water but old tricks for new situations dont work



    what do you think this videoclip tries to express:


    that all cramberries components are the same person:




    all the ugly chicks in the world is the same guy, the richest man in the world


    haha its hilarious you want life take some but full of uglyness


    seriously i have a problem i cant stand ugly people, whats the name of this condition?



    what do you think this videoclip tries to express:


    that all cramberries components are the same person:




    all the ugly chicks in the world is the same guy, the richest man in the world


    haha its hilarious you want life take some but full of uglyness


    seriously i have a problem i cant stand ugly people, whats the name of this condition?




    you see with the truman show i learnt you cant really trust the rest and with the matrix that you can not trust your senses


    so what do i know?


    what i like and dislike and obviously beauty or uglyness comes from inside


    is the way you learn to slant your eyes




    and of course the ugly is the one who is crazy the most about beauty



  10. the moustache is inspiring:


    if the universe is recurrent as nietezche proposed could it be highly unstable and we dont notice?


    is the game of chess a game about two hives in which the king is the queen and always surives except when theres no way to survive?


    if an object takes 30 seconds to fall an earth radius doesnt that mean earth doubles radius every 30 seconds and hence time halfs rate wich means just one minute is eternal?


    babies come from paris


    what if everybody lies in collusion only personal experience is valid but even your sense may decieve you so what do we know

  11. 4 hours ago, =AVG77=Mobile_BBQ said:

    Is think like using a mannequin's leg to kick a hornet's nest

    lately im reducing antipsicotics and im begining to think true mans nature is that of bees but theres been so much messing with time travel look at us now


    of course im the queen in the truman show


    humm ill make a new decrete i want everybody on yellow and black horizontal stripes unless i see them case they can dress as they want

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