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  1. ive been testing and i can answer this now: the reason why comercial batteries need oxides is because theyre enclosed and theres no other way for them to get the oxigen they need for the reaction, but if theyre open like the ones im making you need no oxides just the oxigen from the air in fact you dont even need an electrolyte, totally dry salt will do it in fact if you just join diferent materials with diferent oxidation numbers as zinc and copper THROUGH AROUND A 1000K OHMS RESISTANCE THAT GENERATES LIKE HALF VOLT
  2. here an scientific proof of capturing living energy, matrix was right so the human body generates around 18 volts, definitly matrix was right: edit: i was wrong on that energy coming from me, i was being an atenna of the energy from the floor the thing is that if you extend a tinfoil on the floor and connect it to earth nothing happens but if you put a diode in the midle 40 volts are generated, its surface dependant
  3. edit: ill add that listening to currently engineered music is a simulation of schizophrenias hearing voices because your mind percieves the voice you here coming from the center of your brain this is how a voice sounds engineered in true stero or binaural and not schizo prone bichannel:
  4. you can paint straight up in the model both in sculptris and blender which both are free but the skin map has to be made in blender while scultrips does it automatically for you and also you can import objects to sculptries
  5. i found out sometime ago that all media to be listened through speakers is not stereo but just bichannel its all from left or all from right or from both at the same time musics made like that stereo is a small delay on the signal that simulates head size that causes that delay in real life to the slow sound and can only be apreciated wth headphones and never speakers so why they call it stereo when they mean bichannel?
  6. the insight it gives is revolutionary, your process of thought the ratio, the stream of counciousness is an invisible angel taking to you waht you percieved as thoguth, man has lost the ability to talk silently by themselves long ago to stop the process of thought dont do yoga just tell the inivisible guy next to you could you please shut the f up evn if its for a while?
  7. i think i figured out the way to build a gravity wheel if you have a wheel on a frictionless axle with a momentum of 1 radian second sqaured theres nothing you can do from inside the close system of the wheel to change its angular momentum easy you let a heavy piston fall along the radius when its on the top and let inertia retake it to same position to repeat, either conservation of energy is violated here or conservation of momentum btw did anyone notice the waiting mouse pointer with the spinning balls tighted by invisible springs that windows uses sometimes is a well known kind of gravity wheel well petroclemical companies are confabulating and now they made the japanese research on how to make sith eatable, thats their plan when we run of petrol, to burn food and let us eat sith, thatll be around 30 years and if they get away with their ways thats the sad future
  8. i still prefer mouse panning, if it had mouse panning of view i might look at it
  9. wow thats so cool its amazing what you can do with potentiometers
  10. yeah maybe i oversimplify but this is my theory on the cycle of life: all you need for life to go on is some carbon some oxigen and some metal we breath oxigen and eat carbon and metals, cells take the metals and carbons and by letting oxigen oxidize the metals and carbon reduce they produce electricity that move the muscles and operate the brain, we are not thermic machines we are electrical machines that procces that propels animals produce a waste of co2 and oxides that plants with the electricity of the sun reverse, if by oxidicing metals in presence of carbon you obtained electricity you can just reverse it by inputing electricity what plants do producing the orginal carbon and metals that uses for his structure and oxigen, a reverse entropy procces by increasing the entropy of the sun
  11. on arduino: if you connect a cable to anarduino analogic input reader and another to ground in an open circuit it reads a wave of more than 5 volts of course its high voltage and very low current for those volts can not run anything but probably theres a way to transform the high voltage low current to high current low voltage and then get energy just from the air test it yourself if you dont believe me edit: i also got the 130 in 1 electric lab that radio shack used to sell somethink striked me first, when i took their crystal earphone and just touched the wires together a click was heard with no batteries is like this high frecuency wave theres in the air was condensed in the cables and then released, maybe just a capacitator and two offset antennas by the phase distance could harness this pulsing energy in the air(why insects have two antennas and ont just one like we use?) actually im the only one from my my perspective that can change the future for a brighter one cause im the only one petrochemicals cant get rid off if i succeed, im immortal and only maker of everybodys futrure, of course just like you fro your perspective
  12. i already ordered some zinc and carbon plaques to make a battery my plan is to make a sandwich zinc salt carbon carbon will reduce and oxidate zinc and produce electricity so my plan is to shortcircuit the battery so it generates heat on itself which will increase the oxidation and hence the current and hence the heat and oxidation in a close loop of constantly increasing current doctors and biochemist can do a lot of redox maths of what goes inside a cell to produce energy but theyre actually clueless for theyre unable to reproduce the energy system of a cell, of course this is a subversive knowledge that threatens the status quo, they dont even know that with oxigen breathing and carbon and metals eating cells do this i just explained, in fact they dont even know the kind of energy generated by a cell is electrical, so matrix was right, there are several megawatts running inside of breathing beings in fact a combustion is more or less what i just explained, a highly catalized oxidation that produces shortcircuit electricity that generates growing heat basically the primitive combustion engines what they do is take a battery shortcircuit it and with the heat generated produce excess of pressure to push a piston a total waste of resources and a slow murdering of mother nature, shamefull and all the fault is in the teachers, theyre worse than police and judges together
  13. well thanks to electronics i just obtained a valuable knowledge with which i can make bunchs of money but i was wondering how legal would be to use it basically i take a 1 gram seed of gold and make it grow to 1 kg of gold , in fact my system is what makes gold appear all together in nature and not spreaded but the gold doesnt magically appear, is slowly stolen from the gold of the peolple around me, its stolen with a quadratic proportion to distance of course i wont say how to do it; probably alchemists knew about this
  14. raaaid

    The "move"

    sounds to me like the cobra manouber https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cobra_maneuver
  15. raaaid

    The "move"

    thas why i hate cgi, no need for actors any more
  16. edit: and how about just geeting energy from air, definitly oil companies are conspiring: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminium–air_battery edit: well another lie they teach in college: according them electric cars need to get the energy from energy centrals but thats not true an air battery gets energy from letting carbon oxidize aluminun which produces high energy, the fuel is aluminum and is directly burnt in the car more idiots to the collection teching lies and casting a dark future for the children of the future... teachers... child police working at indoctrination centers edit: they also teach another lie: batteries dont get energy from acid what acid does is that is highly oxidant and in the oxidation of a plaque of metal electricity is produced the battery doesnt run out becuase is less acid it runs out because the plaque of metal is gone by oxidation any oxidation produces electricity
  17. theres an easier way to obtain energy from water than hydrolisis i wonder why the ships dont have thhe hull covered with zinc and copper and obtain energy this way https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salt_water_battery
  18. does anyone know any thinking sentient ai in any language if posible in c++? i would love to make a robot that thinks aloud
  19. i would teach her to say: corgito ergo sum
  20. edit: i asked this question and short answer: diodes as semiconductors are from the 50s much later than ohm and ohms law just dont apply to them so yes everything i studied is wrong and prior to the 50s these guys newton einstein ohm coulomb making laws that nature is bound to follow what a trolls game so im so cool and uber that i comand nature and from now on i impose to nature this law, stones must fall down never up and if you nature dont obey me ill lock you up because its the law, idiots
  21. theres something i dont understand about electrecity maybe someone kind with knowledge can help me voltage and current go according v=i*r so if i put two resistances in line in parallel with a single resistance with 1 ohm and 1 volt throught the two in line will go half ampere and through the single one one ampere but if i do the same with diodes i verified all current goes through the single diode and nothing will go through the two diodes in line unless i cut the single diode line, this arrangement behaves like a transistor so its everything i studied wrong?
  22. ive been watching pigeons and when they land on a ledge they do it with a hammerhead wouldnt be posible to land with a hammerhead on the cable of a zeppelin with a hook on the nose? has been tried or im really insane thinking by myself out of the box?
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