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  1. yeah you maybe right, trully icant be sure leclerc is cheating is just a suspicious anyway i guess the top guy who is making 1 16 does it sucks really bad i was loving this game till now
  2. stumble please if you will check the dinamic racing line in the discussed corner, you need to brake really hard there, engine brake is not enough hell i was happy as hell with this game but cheating screw it so hard for me, well at least as i did so many times now everybody will play russian roulete with 3 bullets in the drum, slow axfisiation, its sad im happy about that back on 2010 they publish ferrari virtual academy with the assetto corsa physics where you could compete with ral pilots, best racing game ever fernando alonso is a decent sportive gentleman and great pilot much better than me but felipe masa provided a screwed setup he didnt use for his hotlap, what an asshole
  3. maybe im wrong but if you can cheat why wouldnt they cheat, just like the tour of france where everybody goes doped edit and he doesnt break either at 2 28 where you need to break if you want to get the apex
  4. well i still think the game at least in single player is great what is not so great is people playing it check out how leclerc at minute 3 takes that corner without braking he is using a grip mod cheat as half of the people in the leaderboards as if it was not enough that real pilots use assist they decide to take it farther and plain cheat still he is in 1 20 others who cheat as him are on 1 16 i wonder if it gets more pathetic than this i researched and codemasters permits to use cheat mods online without banning it
  5. i find it usefull for racing online in circuits you dont know but i think stumble is right currently its the only assist im using
  6. yesterday real f1 pilots had a competition in melbourne i watched the qualification and the times were identical to ai on maximum dificulty f1 2010 and 2014 didnt like them but 2019 nails it
  7. here myself on my favourite game mode playing a multiplayer asynchronous hotlap against 100k pilots 😄
  8. i was wrong on the leaderboards full of cheaters it was just i had a different car and didnt know the thing is that when ever i have to pilot anything easy to spin in game a car or a plane i try to emulate the f16 controls ultrashort runway and very stiff forces i just couldnt control spins in this game but now i use 75 degrees lock in my 900 degrees g25 with the force at maximum damped at maximum as well and i can countersteer ultrafast and still keep a clean line real pilots use 350 degrees i just cant cope with that the way im wired my system is like using telepathic controls also the physics of assetto corsa is identical to f1 2019 but unlike in assetto corsa you dont qualify multiplayer 20 minutes for a 5 laps race which is boring but in f1 2019 its a single shot lap and then 5 laps race mostly probably is the only game i bought in the last 20 years which im getting back as fun its cost
  9. well maybe its not violent or gore but its mean as hell and that is worse than violent or gore
  10. chess is a really mean game not at all recomendable for kids unless you want them to hate each other if i had to pick the most violent and mean game i ever seen its chess no doubt in my experience
  11. nice ggesture, seems the late events is showing the good side of most people
  12. personally im considering stop using toilet paper and use just a bideau kill a tree to clean my butt is a bit sad
  13. myself i got to live the 4400 blink episode i got to get to live 24 hours with one of the guys whom im considered obnoxious the most my brother but i like him and love him by now just like the 4400 episode
  14. i dont fear at all anything cause ive never had counterevidence of a pretty and fair god now the pope and church goers go with a mask cause he believes so much in afterlife i noticed long ago pretty redheads are cool https://www.thedailybeast.com/sarah-ferguson-tweets-that-coronavirus-is-mother-natures-punishment-of-feckless-mankind edit i correct myself apparently he is a true xtian with balls nice
  15. once i was drunk as hell cutting ham with a long knife saw a fly aproaching flying threw a slash and cut the fly in two halfs now i understand i threw a random slash and the fly flew towards the blade for some reason i never tried again but once so i have a 100% kills of this kind later in 2002 i had a nervous breakdown due to so much bizarreness around me every time i saw a fly i killed it with my index finger hitting it like a marble i killed this way like 40 or 50 in a row without ever missing one in the row the died just so i felt a bit better 😟 now i can pet flies i never kill them any more odd mistreated missunderstand animal
  16. we should have care about covid19 before contaminating the whole planet, now its too late natures getting rid of humans ill say well deserved https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Species_made_extinct_by_human_activities bees in the great scheme are more important than humans
  17. good observation i think once i listened to a full pink floyd album and i enjoy it though i dont remember just once i think it was a smily
  18. i think the 55 bucks i spent on the f1 2019 was a good inversion in fun the time attack is full of cheaters but the single player physics in full real is just fantastic, it reminds me a lot of grand prix legends, you have to be really smooth with the accelerator havent tried the multiplayer yet but its full of people its not a game its a very decent f1 sim
  19. edit: i just purchased the game to play online, ill make a review in some time
  20. at 10 g acceleartion it takes 28 hours to reach light speed from earth those 28 hours would be eternity but from the astronaut he would percieve just 28 hours the mass of the rocket becomes infinite but so does the propellent gasses so it keeps working why so many lies in science?
  21. myself im beggining to enjoy the situation i think its making people better
  22. the truth is not out there maybe inside
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