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  1. i think the guys at cern creating microblackholes played a safe game the knew nobody would look down of them if they failed
  2. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=aX7d5v9qgm4&list=PLE37731EF99F86B52
  3. halloween or the holiday that shows the usa has conquered the world ill be celebrating difunts day
  4. but machines nowadays learn, how else would you define intelligence the thing is that intelligence is not the feature that makes us human what makes us human is the same than animals: feelings i insult all the time the chess machine out of rage emotion but she doesnt even really know
  5. i managed to beat it again yesterday, apparently even at maximum level is not concious of territoriality advanatage just mathematical value of pieces with a gambit its not imposible to beat but what pieces me off the most about the machine im playing with is that if theres a chance for him to sacrifice pieces it will do so even when theres no advantage because it has more calculation power with the less pieces and yeah i noticed it learns from his mistakes so i unistall and reinstall once in a while
  6. chess is one of the most violents agresive games i ever seens, no apt for kids i was playing yesterday chess agaisnt a bot at maximum level and giving me the advantage of going back when i made mistakes i managed to beat him once with a knight gambit that was in the first hour of playing, i got so hooked that i sateyd playing for 48 hours in a row unable to beat the damn machine welcome to 2020 where machines are smarter than human, so i think ergo i exist is wron it should be i feel feelings ergo i exist
  7. i dont see me doing that so off the wall, i used to when i was a kid but i stopped when my sister told me i could break my back anyway accounting my objective is to achive what i achieve in dreams to jump over cars or anything higher higher till eventually i fly... hell being insane is dangerous i thing ill try instead antigravity dancing moves i may fly with that as well and is less dangerous btw thank this thread to ubisoft android prince of persia
  8. i feel so old a a bunch of bots have decieved me into think they were human hell where are the flying cars anyway pc games bore me but android games keep that touch of playability that hooks me
  9. thats one thing id love to do but fears and lazyness overcomes the will of it has anyone tried it?
  10. i can play laying in my bed using the gyro of my phone as a wheel multiplayer there are no 15 minutes of clsification playing alone in multiplaye for 1 minute of human contact as in assetto i play a race every 2 minutes that pumps up my adrenaline and makes me jump and i dont have to spend a single dime if i dont want to and its 20 meags game not twenty gigas i wonder if they fill games with straw codes nowadays just to look better and bigger edit: well i just feel like someone who found out his new girlfriend is a man i was playing with bots and though they were real people i feel old
  11. edit: now seriously this commercial has more to it than it seems if the universe was shifting out of joint how could you know if your memories shift as well?
  12. sadly i agree with you but she used to be a beauty till she cut her hair, i wonder what was she thinking: edit: i used to like katy perry and amy mac donald but one cut her hair and the other tatooed his body now i just have left the monkeys
  13. the guy who did this knows: edit: also theres a conspiracy by alien entities to supress sound and light and use artificial senses in a pokemon go like world sound causes the big bang and light burns the planet maybe even just clapping your hands works for gambling edit: of course the ultimate thing that destrys a universe is your subcouncious free will the problem is this doesnt work for gambling cause i care for money but my smarter subcouncious doesnt
  14. yeah you see every time you turn a flash light theres like a 60% chance the atmosphere ignites as i gambled on but we can not percieve this for we are blind to our death but next aeon when it repeats it will be different enough as not to ignite the sun atmosphere, for example different in which you win instead of losin so theres no flashlight once i dreamt i rememebr this changes and the rest of people didnt fire sound and light makes thing change but its invisible if your blind
  15. nitrogen plus oxigen is an exotermic reaction and much likely to happen but how could you know? gambling
  16. if i play ten games at roulette at red or black in the multiverse there are gazillion worlds multiplied by to to the power of ten this is nasty you have sex with kaaty perry but as well a horde of wild monkeys rape you in the multiverse there are all posibilities world = world+1 loop so when you lose at roulette you just turn on a flash light this flash light ignites the nitrogen of the atmosphere in combination with the oxigen and earth becomes a little sun but how could you know this is likkely to happen the only ceratin thing is youll never see the face of your death just others of course the flashlight reduces its effect if the government uses a stronger light amazing thing our governaments know and the control our luck by pressing a buttom that turns a light at certain program i got this once tv got bizarre and said that trump was unwillingly photobombed
  17. when i lay down and stand up too sudden since a kid i have gravity black outs things darken but most of the times i recover with time i learnt that just slightly lowering your head recovers you from this and saves you from posible fainting i learnt this independently but i guess some pilot must have learnt you can overcome fainting g force lowering your head
  18. i used to do that and its fun but i end up putting all my imaginary friends on my ignore list, still love myself whatever freud may say
  19. if you can pretend youre a fighter piltot you can pretend youre flying a f4 instead of a 109, use your imagination
  20. i used to get jobs from upwork till i got a good illustration not watermarked that the client kept but didnt pay me so i quit i felt like starting now i have a new tablet but i found out upwork now charges you for sending jops appliances i would search the web but i dont trust much google for this does anybody know any site like upwork where at least you can work for free if nopt for some money not pay to work?
  21. to aim with the gyro gives it a new touch you even need a firm hand as in real life do you know any other android fps that makes use of the gyro?
  22. i keep playing and reversing a zx spectrum game form my childhood, now im not only immortal but can also fly and go through walls i guess the word spell comes form injecting code just by talking in reality program
  23. if people only knew movies are real obtained with a chronovisor form parallel universes they can even pick the main role actor depending the universe they pick its hollywood that is cgi
  24. hell the news movies have much better qulaity than the current ones, cgi ruined hollywood
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