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    Nice clouds in Battlefield 1

    those are more of artistic clouds than realistic, dont see it coming
  2. raaaid

    The Good men do.

    my dad told me it was usual for nazi ofiicers to refuse shoot innocents even if it ment being shot themselves
  3. raaaid

    Strange Pics my Bro sent me.

    nahhh venus filtered by swamp gasses
  4. raaaid

    U-boat sim, new trailer

    another one bites the bait wowowow i wouldnt contaminate the planet carrying around a petrol ship around not even fro all the gold of the world actually im an artist, mostly comedian
  5. raaaid

    U-boat sim, new trailer

    being a nautic engineer i have some trouble sinking ships hell too aseptic in 2019 they should include the gore of it
  6. and i still wonder: why i see youtube 3d as well, is it depth of field or there is more to it?
  7. if i understood what narcisistic self interest is id have a job and not be here
  8. man of the past was smarter, they were able to talk i rhyme to remember things idiocracy comes to mind
  9. well if i say i saw a pink elephant you may question his reality but the perception is unquestionable unless im willingly lying my seeing youtube 3d is unquestinable at least for me and one of the main cues for steropsis is actually depth of field of the lens the problem is that sleeping 16 hours is harder than it sounds today i just could make up to 12 hours there are two ways to get uraveled one is to sleep and the other is travel
  10. raaaid

    found this today

    the singer looks like putin they must share ancestors
  11. raaaid

    New movie with WWII planes coming.

    if its a new movie it means planes will be cgi i passed on movies after 2000
  12. raaaid

    Model Pilot

    im considering to buy a cheap 3d printer for my scultries and blender models theyre like 150 now, anyone has tried to build a model with one?
  13. raaaid

    Aircraft that do not exist!

    the invisible aircraft made of glass comes to mind
  14. raaaid

    Schräge Musik, and a sad thought...

    wouldnt aim the guns up help as well in deflection shooting and getting an angle much sooner?
  15. when petrol runs out and biofuels are the norm what will we eat? hint why do they call it the service? https://www.mnn.com/green-tech/research-innovations/stories/steak-made-from-human-poop-passes-taste-test the time is coming closer maybe by 2060 the word service gets its meaning https://afdc.energy.gov/data/10339 and you know what i think people just deserves it for their insensibility to babies starving inf front of their mothers edit: you may wonder from where did i got the service joke? once angels appeared on my tv and told me so i know thats certainly coming, you can know too fro certain if you do the numbers of course i wont see it but you will, i dont deserve that so ill be death in these worlds so i go frack myself and you prepare to eat some of these steaks edit: i was told the future by angels but dont you think its adding two and two?
  16. after millions o years of creatures taking dumps it would make sense now all earth is dry sith i guess thats why earth is brwon i recall as a child most of my cloths were brown, i guess it suited my hair we are not made of stars we are made of sith
  17. One dung cake of an average size gives 2100 kJ worth of energy. on the other side this just has 350 kj and we are burning it: https://www.mcdonalds.co.za/menuItem/corn-cup fossil fuels are animals rests and an animal along his life produces tons of poop and just some kg of carcass son 99% of petrol component is poop so petrochemicals are just selling us old sith at gold price i figured out this myself so i suppose you didnt know either https://singularityhub.com/2016/12/18/canadas-building-a-plant-that-will-make-fuel-out-of-poop/#sm.0000ee2t86d1mfjbsft1qvjt1kqt2 https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/kb7zna/biomethane-green-gas-climate-change
  18. well im just concerned with hunger and biofuels so youre telling me its cool to run a car on food while people starve? hell lets run cars on sith and make each person of this world a gaining samll factory gates agree, i like microsoft more and more
  19. hell you could make fuel from poop, biodiesels are deeply sick fro burning food while others starve, long life to poofuels sometimes i wonder if the aliens are farming us because of that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dry_dung_fuel
  20. raaaid

    How is DCS WWII?

    i really hope the cfs community doesnt split much more to keep the online numbers high
  21. raaaid

    Enjoy the Super Bowl!

    i wonder from where do the players get golden and silver leggins, tried unefectively to get them twice online hell grey is not silvered in fact id say is its opposite
  22. raaaid

    my last work, taylor swift

    i dont know im gratefull by my gift to be able to produce beauty ive read some comics and not everybody can
  23. raaaid

    my last work, taylor swift

    to do taylor swift actually i used the daughter of antoine la vey the satanist as model, the resemblance is striking: i did it with my mobil phone so when i get a touch screen i think ill improve a lot
  24. raaaid


    when i did the senior year in the states i remember once i forgot to take a notebook to the history class i think it was i rathered not to take notes than ask for a shit of paper or a piss of paper odd language i thought