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    building a selfstable inverted pendulum, finding a way to beat roulete, gaining counciousness over uncouncious process as eye acomodation in order to heal shortsightedness or become binaural
    lately perfectioning a breathing technique of my own which i call the atheist nightmare, basically i get very stoned and high breathing in a certain way, will it come along the law and forbid me breathing? :)

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  1. wow age here is noticeable when toilet breaks are a priority if at least was some hotty at the phone
  2. so could this card game i deviced be right showing how highly paradoxical the monty hall is? you have 4 covered cards and you know there are two red and two black ones you pick one and keep it covered, yor chance to get a red is 50% you put face up one of the other three if the chance of the original pick now decreases by showing a red card as info have unveiled you keep the pick and if the chance to be a red increases by showing a black card you switch pick so on this way when clasically the chance to get a red is 1/3 your actual chance is 1/2 and when clasically the chance is 2/3 your chance increases to 3/4 could this be correct, what do you think?
  3. so what happened to the crickets? google says theyre going extinct anybody else misses them?
  4. graphic design

    how about this in a pop art vein:
  5. DCS news

    that spanish flag may cause visibility issues with negative g
  6. Born in the wrong generation

    i would have prefered to be a cave man
  7. graphic design

    tonights work: my first pastel ever made with the paints box my brother gift me
  8. Which 262 Will We Get?

    so whats gonna be 262 counterpart? otherwise would be boring
  9. From Flytitus "The Italian Pride Giveaway"!!!

    i find it one of the best performers for its time, great on you
  10. man is better than the machine in all aspects havent you seen lukes shot in a million? he didnt use autolevel, had he his dad would be yet in the dark side
  11. graphic design

    i made an illustration on when atreyu meats the lucky dragon in the spider web both get away so whats the problem how about this for nightmares https://i.makeagif.com/media/5-16-2018/XPJvAb.mp4 edit: a better catwoman:
  12. graphic design

    or maybe i should pursuit this style though doesnt seem so this is extreamly easy to do, anybody could: three illustration based on micahel ende neverending story:
  13. graphic design

    or how about this on the best picasso style:
  14. ive discussed that in an f1 forum and main opinion is tc off is faster but unsafer