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    building a selfstable inverted pendulum, finding a way to beat roulete, gaining counciousness over uncouncious process as eye acomodation in order to heal shortsightedness or become binaural
    lately perfectioning a breathing technique of my own which i call the atheist nightmare, basically i get very stoned and high breathing in a certain way, will it come along the law and forbid me breathing? :)

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  1. raaaid

    If you like salt you're eating Plastic

    to not think about it im gonna have a smoke and some coffe
  2. raaaid

    no wonder games are so slow

    i made a small tutorial on my basisemblic
  3. raaaid

    no wonder games are so slow

    so here you have my basicembly compiler and text editor ide the simplicity of basic and the power of assembly together https://drive.google.com/open?id=15t5JGyRFq1Gdr_s7SykhjEh89umGKpxQ if you want to install my basicembly install it in c:\basicembly for if you install it in desktop this folder is protected and wont work
  4. raaaid

    no wonder games are so slow

    to create games devs use high level languages, and with those high level langaugaes they create engines that will be reused to create more things with high level languages so i just created basicembly a language with a high level synstaxis but an actually low level functioning, a translator to translate basic directly to machine code check the difference of speed between normal basic and my translated basic with the translator im building
  5. i love oversteer but for streets i would go for anything that does understeer
  6. these are the 16 commands i use now: bob is a register of 4 bytes and hence the maximum number is 256*256 alice is a register of 2 bytes and maximum number 256 comparison with zero is just made with alice not bob theres just one single stack called pile and a single array called ram load_in_bob register , bob=number, 0 load_in_alice_register,alice =number, 1 increment_bob; bob=bob+1, 2 incremenet_alice, alice=alice+1, 3 decrement bob,bob=bob-1, 4 decrement_alice, alice=alice-1, 5 jump_if_no_zero, if alice<>0 then go to tag, 6 jump_if_zero, if alice=0 then go to tag 7 jump goto 8 push_bob, Stack.PushValue("pile",bob), 9 pop_bob,bob=stack.popvalue("pile"), a push_alice, Stack.PushValue("pile",alice), b pop_alice,alice=stack.popvalue("pile"), c load (bob),alice,ram[bob]=alice, d load alice,(bob),alice=ram[bob], e NOP ,do nothing and read next line f so my idea now is make a compiler so people can make easy code on a high level that is translated on a single step to byte per each small basic command and hence runs at lighting speed if i make a small basic program of ten lines using this sixteen commands it wilbe very slow it has to be translated so it aquires huge speed because small basic would compile that program to like five or ten mega plus the small basic dll plus the windows api so the executable will be five megas big and the micro maybe has to run through one giga of instructions just to run ten lines while with my language system the executable will be 10 lines ten bytes and the micro will go maybe 100 or 1000 reiterations so what do you think of my new langauage? i call it minilogic and its written like this to shorten '0 78 or bob=78 '1 56 or alice=56 're '2 or bob=bob+1 '5 or alice=alice-1 '6 re or if alice =0 then go to re that would revers to small basic to this: bob=78 alice=56 re: bob=bob+1 alice=alice-1 If alice<>0 then Goto re endif TextWindow.WriteLine("78+56 is "+bob) and to machine code to this:(im using the zx spectrum machine code) org 33000(the entry point in the spectrum ram) ld hl,78 ld c,56 re inc hl dec c jp, nz ret what do you think of my idea? do you have any advice for me in the way that i shoud carry my endeavour to build and untrafast samll basic language of 16 commands? edit: sorry i made a mistake i dont use any more nop nor goto to make an unconditional goto i put two succesive opposite conditional jump so alway jumps and the no operand is not necesary so i use instead call and return so i can make subroutiines
  7. the main advantage of my language is that you can writte programs with basic sintax that are actually machine code and hence will run at lightning speed also i dont want absolute reducionism but to build a natural universal logic system more than two variables for example is redundant and ilogic unconditional jumps are illogic you just put two consecutive conditional ones of contrary nature that have the same effect also this works on the zx spectrum im using for simplicity, i really recomend it https://www.zophar.net/sinclair/zx-spin.html
  8. thanks a lot for pointing me to this andy i think then it makes no sense to be so reducionist so i think ill extend my language to 16 commands so its hexadecimal most of assembly commands are redundant 16 are more than enough, for example you need not more than two variables for you can save them and give them new values i dont think theres any kind of logic that takes more than two elements, then the result you use it with a third but its still two at a time
  9. i call it minimal the commands are: ld hl,NNNN, hl= any number 0 dec c , c=c-1 1 jp nz, (hl) goto line number hl if c is not zero 2 jp z, (hl) goto line number hl if c is cero 3 push bz push bc in the stack 4 pop bc pop bc from the stack 5 push hl push hl in the stack 6 pop hl pop hl from the stack 7 ld(hl),c ram[hl]=c 8 ld c,(hl) c=ram[hl] 9 here an example program to increment one to c which is six, i substract to the register c loaded with 6 255, so i end up up with seven org 33000 ld hl,255 hl=255 push hl save hl pop bc c=255 ld hl,6 hl=6 re push hl push bc hl an c change their values pop hl pop bc dec c c=c-1 push hl they change their values again push bc pop hl pop bc dec c c=c-1 jp nz,re if c<>0 then goto re ret it would translate to this and both assembly and basic with this commands woud be reversible both ways: 0 0255 6 5 0 0006 4 7 5 1 2 0006 i think this may have some future if i work right on it it has the properties of both very high languages and at the same time is so low its machine code
  10. raaaid

    How did you become addicted to WW2 aircraft ?

    its the smell of gasoline and my obsesion with time reaction and jedi piloting skills
  11. raaaid

    The Game Screenshot Thread

    this is what im playing now and its much more fun than being cheated online in an ultrarealistic graphic eyecandy fps i played this when i was 10 and now as a good kid im seeing his inside, how does it work yesderday i made phantomas immortal but he fell in a well and remain there forever so today i plan to make him fly
  12. raaaid


    wow generals were spot on with the tin prizes
  13. raaaid

    Faces of the flying community!

    i just realized i do look a lot like an ape:
  14. raaaid

    Why the World is Running Out of Pilots

    if i run the world i would make pilots pay instead of being paid and supress copyright you dont get paid for doing things everybody loves, it just doesnt work that way, thats how removed and artificial we got
  15. raaaid

    so what games should i try with an old pc?

    i think living your life causing no harm in a scale of 1 to 10 of productiveness you get a nine is not like doctors shrinks dentists judges cops soldiers teachers businessman etc who make their lives out of harming others also i know people here think im a bum but would a bum get 2 university degrees is not my fault there are no jobs excepts some to be exploited i read just the day before yesterday in the newspapers that in my small town there were 12 jobs as postman and 2000 people wanted the job of course i try to change this, im learning assembly and reverse engeneering and my plan is break the algorythm of the roulette of some online casino and make some money