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    building a selfstable inverted pendulum, finding a way to beat roulete, gaining counciousness over uncouncious process as eye acomodation in order to heal shortsightedness or become binaural
    lately perfectioning a breathing technique of my own which i call the atheist nightmare, basically i get very stoned and high breathing in a certain way, will it come along the law and forbid me breathing? :)

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  1. i find the way wt handles tags in simulator battles is much better than il2 no tags at all, so much friendly shooting
  2. if posible highly damped with force feedback for some reason the guys who designed the f16 control thought the same its like having an augmented reaction time
  3. dont worry i havent wrote the review nor will i youre right it would be unfair with the team seems today i woke up with my left foot
  4. well maybe its not that noticeable in the game maybe excetp that for most want to be axis its more noticeable in the forum for example people copypasting their face into an axis officer or the endless threads regretting the lack of a swastika, maybe the moderation its time to move to 4chan, no dramas but a relief and much better overall, after all shooting an uware guy from behind is not my style not to mention the google ranking i give to this forum with my original content while 99% of the rest is copypaste its not deserved
  5. please some one test theres a voltage of 100 milivolts between right and left hand why that is nowhere in the net?
  6. my review will advice to skip on this game unless you want to gather with a bunch of nazism noltalgics who think freedom of speech is an aberration who are upset at the not portraiting of swastikas and who pretend to rewritte history into a nazi ideal and no you wont be able to lock my review at steam
  7. somehow in serious reseacrh keep us in sync i quote from the wiki: Current research[edit] It has been demonstrated[4] that the above-described game is the simplest two-player game of its type in which quantum pseudo-telepathy allows a win with probability one. Other games in which quantum pseudo-telepathy occurs have been studied, including larger magic square games,[5] graph colouring games[6] giving rise to the notion of quantum chromatic number,[7] and multiplayer games involving more than two participants and this effect is instant faster than light: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_pseudo-telepathy
  8. we were taught is two but... you add one in the first second, half in next half second, a quarter in next quarter of second... by second two of adding in this succesion you will have added up to two but by second four of this succesion you will have added up to four cause after all this example is a displacement at constant speed so the limit of said succesion is infinite, we were taught wrong in school after all just a mandatory indoctrination center deviced to limit our freedom of thought
  9. the turn would be tighter and it would have a save oversteer when you take a corner too fast are then engineer sheeple like, the blind man following another blind man for centuries
  10. ive been testing and i can answer this now: the reason why comercial batteries need oxides is because theyre enclosed and theres no other way for them to get the oxigen they need for the reaction, but if theyre open like the ones im making you need no oxides just the oxigen from the air in fact you dont even need an electrolyte, totally dry salt will do it in fact if you just join diferent materials with diferent oxidation numbers as zinc and copper THROUGH AROUND A 1000K OHMS RESISTANCE THAT GENERATES LIKE HALF VOLT edit: i also figured out if you join a plaque of metal and a plaque of wood you get alternate current and not using earth conection for this you can join as many cells as you want edit: actually i was right in my initial hypothesis: we are very good antennas but we are also electricity generators: between the right and left hand theres a potential of 100 milivolts that explains the ancient kelt dance of joing thousnads of people in line giving hands looking at the sea, in both ends there must be several hundred volts also the kids dance of many kids in circle giving hands im trying to emulate that kids dance holding a battery with the dance polarity between my thumb and index in which there are between also 100 milivolts
  11. here an scientific proof of capturing living energy, matrix was right so the human body generates around 18 volts, definitly matrix was right: edit: i was wrong on that energy coming from me, i was being an atenna of the energy from the floor the thing is that if you extend a tinfoil on the floor and connect it to earth nothing happens but if you put a diode in the midle 40 volts are generated, its surface dependant
  12. edit: ill add that listening to currently engineered music is a simulation of schizophrenias hearing voices because your mind percieves the voice you here coming from the center of your brain this is how a voice sounds engineered in true stero or binaural and not schizo prone bichannel:
  13. you can paint straight up in the model both in sculptris and blender which both are free but the skin map has to be made in blender while scultrips does it automatically for you and also you can import objects to sculptries
  14. i found out sometime ago that all media to be listened through speakers is not stereo but just bichannel its all from left or all from right or from both at the same time musics made like that stereo is a small delay on the signal that simulates head size that causes that delay in real life to the slow sound and can only be apreciated wth headphones and never speakers so why they call it stereo when they mean bichannel?
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