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    building a selfstable inverted pendulum, finding a way to beat roulete, gaining counciousness over uncouncious process as eye acomodation in order to heal shortsightedness or become binaural
    lately perfectioning a breathing technique of my own which i call the atheist nightmare, basically i get very stoned and high breathing in a certain way, will it come along the law and forbid me breathing? :)

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  1. my factorizing algorythm is looking good, so far im getting 13 digits prime factors in 10 seconds: here the program if youre interested is pretty simple you can run it in this ide: https://smallbasic-publicwebsite.azurewebsites.net/ its my favourite ide, its designed for kids, kids get away with load of sith main() Sub main objetivo=1234567913*1234567927 number=objetivo TextWindow.WriteLine(number) iter=1 comienzo() digitos=Math.Floor(Text.GetLength(number)/2) While flag<>1 iter=iter+1
  2. i thought explosives are fit tight with something around themso its effect is bigger
  3. im onto a factorizing method that i think compromises rsa encryption security, do you think i could get in trouble if i was right? ill elaborate on my method: imagine you want to factorize the number 121, by its termination you know one of its factos its gonna end in 1,3,7 or 9, the rest of terminations are just not posible so im starting to siege i make a for so i test all numbers from zero to nine like 01,11,21,31,41...,03,13,23,33,... and i go on comparing terminations 11*01=11, termination dont match eliminated, 11*11=121, teminations match so 11 its a can
  4. its not posible to destroy information not even by a blackhole for it can be restored by the algorythm a=a+1 which contains all posible information another thing is how to index those info elements unless with the element itself
  5. i like how in hollywood they love to portrait quamtum immortalilty well ill go to my corner now
  6. i have in my mobil phone a free enigma machine and im wacthing videos on turing i think the flaw of turing machines he use to uncrypt enigma its they get in a loop too easy i like uncryptology im currently on factoring the base of modern cryptolgy and a brute force aproach to test all posible programs that for example to find the one that produces primes or pi for example i think the key for always halting turing machines is ban the backwards jum and substitute it by loops of fixed size however much i love the goto this is something spiritual im
  7. thats called a cobra
  8. i like them i must be sadistic, a slow death
  9. raaaid

    lip sync

    i use youtube music youtube algorythm sucks google will have my eternal gratitude for letting me use this together with the app youtube music: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adblock-—-best-ad-blocker/gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom?hl=ca
  10. raaaid

    lip sync

    well so now i guess is not lipsinc what i do wonder is if its live once i was wacthing a video by lindsey sterling the violinist at the end she said to a question i cant answer that, x is staring or another time i was beating a slot when the girl in the radio said x has a huge advantage
  11. i would pay what fs2020 costs if it was cars instead of planes and it included all roads of the world as andy i would do a trip around the world
  12. raaaid

    lip sync

    well since nobody falls in the trap i dont think its lip sync you can tell by when he claps his hands in the beginning right before singing the claps go through this is neither lipsync you can tell what kind of clown would do lipsync and get paid for it after all all songs are in the algorithm a=a+1 copyright sucks
  13. i spent ages looking for a sun moon dial and couldnt find none so im making my own, restarting from scratch was a big progress in the program
  14. here in the best leobnardo spirit an invention of when i dream i fly using a pullover, the self adjustable flaps: basically are aleirons with a weight that when stop fall and are vertical but aerodinamical pressure gets them horizontally so speed neutralizes and the lack of it activates them in an analogic transition as needed this makes too much sense its scary i got it from a dream tonight i dreamt i puked some parasits, today i bought something to an african and give something to smoke to a gipsy like that time my imganiary girlfriedn told me
  15. raaaid

    lip sync

    do you think this is lip sync?
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