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    building a selfstable inverted pendulum, finding a way to beat roulete, gaining counciousness over uncouncious process as eye acomodation in order to heal shortsightedness or become binaural
    lately perfectioning a breathing technique of my own which i call the atheist nightmare, basically i get very stoned and high breathing in a certain way, will it come along the law and forbid me breathing? :)

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  1. i didnt watch the news cause i dont watch tv nor any video for i conside those kind of images with fatalities some dark porn
  2. i have loads of time and a fender scatotraster any advice?
  3. descanse en paz, wow what stories could have this guy tell
  4. dont you think that videoclips portraits a world of hienas? thats reality sadly and i was not the only one to notice people behaviour of get out of my way that here comes an important hiena, the guy who made that clip noticed too and the worse is that that is so truman like once i dreamt that nazis had won the war and people were made to march on the streets by walking dressed on grey i was an aristho, actually i descend from the sister of an spanish king, so i dressed on purple and i had not to march but seeing people mean behaviour no wonder the nazis made civilians march when they win of course that was too depressing so i jumped out a tenth story and then the allies had won and people were mean just by walking mean
  5. suicide is the main death cause of non natural deaths, even bigger than car accidents yet doesnt make it to the news cause is in nobodys agenda myself i tried it so much without succes that i concluded im immortal maybe i should go to a doctor so he fixes that edit: and i dont think that suicide is a pathologic state of mind becoming an salve with 10 or 12 hours shift is like saying god pls if only i could know what is like not to exist myself i only tried once to drawn myself for depresion the rest was trying to figure out why i could not die in fact as soon as i get any money im death cause i plan to get a revolver and five bullets to see if quantum immortality is true am i crazy for this? no just have the human passion to learnt the nature of things if im wrong i lose nothing if im right ill become the most pwoerfull man on earth
  6. so a person always ceases his way so you think he is nice but i analize it deeper and he is not nice at all cause he gets on the way of everybody maybe without thinking about it
  7. oh its attention to the litle details litle details are some of the most important things in life
  8. raaaid

    so rick and morty anyone?

    i like trip tank too, its like visions of hell
  9. bahhh i bet its really a fake news to keep us amused and no thinking that was in torrente movie
  10. i bet weve chatted with him some time shame he didnt land it, maybe in some parallel universe he did
  11. ok im going on a side of the sidewalk and im about to cross a kid whose coming the opposite way like some meters away theres the spot to cross i move to that side and then the kid in front moves to that side as well not letting me way i move more to the side, the kid moves more ok then i pay attention to the kid because maybe theres a reason because he really wants that side of the sidewalk but theres no reason he just goes that way because i want to go that way pay attention to what this videoclip portraits and tell me isnt it a nightmare? i cant go to the streets without most people getting into silent agression, of course i never fight it but sadly it clearly tells what mankind is like
  12. raaaid

    so rick and morty anyone?

    yeah it brings some questions on existence could immortality be achieved with clonation and ego loading? the feeling of immortality would be undeniable but how much would be a deceipment maybe egyptians accounted for clonation technology? but on the other hand if there are infinites yous what does it matter to lose a few yous i thinks there are reality changes like every 2 seconds and we dont notice cause our memories change with it the different dimensions are all happening at the same time overlapsing and we dont even notice i think if you manage to see 3d for real you achieve enlightenment and begin noticing those changes hell karma could be instant and we never know thats my objective get so high with pranayama breathing i achieve nirvana and keep the stereoscopic sight and then open my third eye
  13. kids dont go out any more cause of the mass media manipulation to seed terror
  14. analogic in a way means of infinite variations, digital on the other hand is mathematically limited at least till i get my reverse entropy algorythm working
  15. first time i heard of vanity sizing i thought i had uncover it all still levis does vanity sizing then, dont like them any more there are some songs in mp3 that lost all life due to unhear frecuencies supresion, i noticed many on the other hand a record records a melody analogically and reproduces it the same, so the frecuencies are infinite how are you gonna get that digitally besidesyou dont even need electricity to play a record