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  1. The P-38 is easily my favorite aircraft in the game right now, and if you fly carefully it is a very capable energy fighter, even more deadly with a wingman.
  2. The 50 Cal is awesome. I suck at the P-51 and even I was able to wreck 109s in a single pass on Combat Box.
  3. Very interested. I suck at dogfighting and want to improve.
  4. I'm not sure flying against the AI will tell you anything about which aircraft is best. The AI is completely unrealistic and predictable and can never match a human unless it cheats via the flight model. You can usually tell within about 5 seconds if it's an AI aircraft or one flown by a human.
  5. If you can win in the A-8 you can win in anything.
  6. It's a (future) BOBP aircraft, and I flew against them a lot in the old sim on Warclouds and Spits/109s.
  7. A well-flown P-38 can be deadly. In pairs they are definitely terrifying.
  8. I see a few comments being made about how the thermostat on the Dora needs to be opened to 100% otherwise you "aren't competitive" at high altitude. Can anyone comment on what exactly this thermostat does and how it affects high-altitude performance? I'm not super familiar with the Jumo.
  9. Yeah definitely make a video of you doing it. I don't even know how to install that mission.
  10. Isn't it a well-known fact that most of these sims have torque artificially toned down, because most sim pilots would never be able to get off the ground? Oleg admitted to this way back when, as I recall.
  11. There's a lot of high-speed effects that need work. For example you can't overspeed the prop in any aircraft as far as I'm aware. Black/red-outs are pretty rare and I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone pull the wings off an aircraft when above corner speed. Flat spins, though, do happen. Saw one last night after I tagged a Spit with some 20 mm while he was at high AoA.
  12. Yeah, because engine models never get adjusted, right? Geez, there's somthing to be said for the concept of learned helplessness. Scharfi seems to have no problem wrecking kids in the P-47, even at low altitude. Anyways, part of the reason dogfights are so low is because due to the shitty performance of some game internals, they limit the visibility bubble to 10 km. Once that gets rectified we can actually bomb from altitude and you'll regularly see He-111's and maybe one day B-24s up at 6 km instead of dive-bombing on the deck. This is the crux of the issue IMHO.
  13. Ultimately, you can't force anyone to fly a certain side if they don't want to. Hopefully Bodenplatte brings some numerical balance because the Allied aircraft lineup is going to be excellent.
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