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  1. I've mostly been a 109 guy but the Dora was always the mount you took if you wanted a 190 but felt like mixing a little energy fighting in with that BnZ.
  2. It's a very valid concern in this day and age of erosion of the concept of ownership. For example when you "buy" an ebook but Amazon can forcibly delete it from your device, what exactly have you paid for? If anyone reading this thinks it's hyperbole, that exact situation has occurred.
  3. So you are frustrated because you lose an accomplishment except the accomplishment is still there? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. This makes no sense. So say you shoot a guy and he disconnects. The game doesn't give you the kill. There is no other consequence. You don't care about kills but you still get mad. Why??
  4. Uhh... BSR didn't create this thread. He's the caustic one. And when I wrote "like others" I meant that I share their opinion of BSR as a toxic member of this community. I did not mean that I find most others toxic.
  5. Whatever. I'm calling a spade a spade. This community has a small segment of really caustic people and he's one of them. Very adept at toeing the line to piss other users off without getting banned himself. As for this: I mean I don't purposely disconnect when people line up on my 6 so I don't know what your irony comment is referring to. But for real: if someone doesn't care about stats, why would they care about getting denied a kill on the scoreboard? I've had it happen to me a few times. At the end of the day you know you shot the
  6. I think BSR is a complete jerk like most other folks around here but in this case he's correct. If you don't care about stats why is it dishonorable or pathetic for him to disconnect? IS ONLY GAME COMRADE. YOU FEEL BETTER IN 2 WEEKS BE SURE
  7. All I can suggest is to do the following: Reset/clear your axis input curves Disable any fancy joystick profiler software you might have running Test by assigning Pitch to a different controller if possible (i.e. try putting it on your rudder pedals or something) If COVID allows try borrowing someone else's stick Check the windows diagnostic settings (the one called something like "Set Up USB Game Controllers") and see if the axis response that Windows sees corresponds to the inputs you're actually giving the stick Smells like a hardware fault to
  8. It's unlikely that your choice of controller affects axis input response. Either you have a hardware failure or something is misconfigured on your end. Have you perhaps got your axis set to trim instead of e.g. elevator?
  9. They have an awesome setup going there. Too bad my ping times are so bad. I was flying the K4 and it's hard to hit with the 108s when your adversary is warping all over the place.
  10. Wait until they do the usual high, banking turn to reposition for the next run on their target. If you put some rounds into the wing when the pilot is at high alpha you will usually cause a spin or at least a sudden dramatic drop in lift on that wing which at low altitudes is often fatal.
  11. Combat Box is the prime US-based server. I'm assuming it wasn't populated tonight because most folks are doing Christmas Eve.
  12. The Spitfire IXe is no slouch and should not be overlooked. It's one of those aircraft, much like the 109, that is good but not the best at pretty much everything.
  13. Do we know that the model geometry in the game is the same simulated geometry in the flight model? I rather doubt it. That would mean increasing the polygon count might affect the flight model.
  14. The G-series 109s in particular had a very fragmented development with several variants both official and unofficial. The late-model Gustavs with DB605D engines had different cowlings with low-drag blisters. I don't know if any G-6s had these cowlings but it's possible that the drag data was taken from an aircraft that did have them. If so you'd probably see very little net difference in drag at high speed.
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