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  1. The Spitfire V isn't fast enough to handle the 190A-3 unless you catch one at low energy, or at least that's my opinion from flying the Fw. I have no data to back that up. The Mark IX on the other hand can be quite formidable in skilled hands.
  2. I usually try to time my attacks to land when the Sturmovik is banking to come around for another pass. That usually gives you a full-planform view of the aircraft so it's easy to hit. I aim to put multiple 151/20s into the wing, because the pilot is probably pulling lots of AoA at low altitude so when the rounds hit it will cause a stall/spin which at that attitude/altitude is usually fatal. Works reasonably well for me.
  3. Disclaimer: I'm not US Military. It's possible I misunderstood/misremembered the 7-8 G figure, but the guys I met last summer were all under 6 feet and totally jacked. Maybe I just happened to meet a bunch of gym rats /shrug
  4. The money quote: Jives with the technical docs I've read. I met a few A-10 pilots who were all short stocky and muscular. That body type is best for AGSM endurance and I was told their mission profile usually requires high Gs.
  5. FWIW you could code this in a very performant manner. If they haven't modeled incendiary rounds it's not because of performance.
  6. I dunno man, when I get real wound up like you are here I find it's useful to take a step back a realize that it's not important to keep making "clever" comments in threads. I mean it seems like you really care about this issue, maybe you could post something substantive. Otherwise, if you don't care, why keep going so hard?
  7. What made you think this was a useful reply? The OP seems well founded. I'd like to see a track but the methodology seems reasonable to me.
  8. Panthera is correct, btw, that modern inflatable G suits provide about 1G of added tolerance. I am not allowed to post the references I have available to me unless I want to risk federal prison, so you'll just have to take my word on it. I don't have any data regarding the libelle ones. WWII-era G suits providing more than 1 G is not realistic at all.
  9. Mettez votre puissance/acceleration sur la roue de votre souris, peut etre? Apres ca, entrez dans les settings "Camera" puis faut que vous changez "fov change speed" -> 100, pis "fov change inertia" -> 0. Lorsque vous avez fait cela, mettez "pilot head zoom in/zoom out" sur A et Z. Voila. Aussi: WTF achete un joystick esti
  10. I think perhaps the master server has developed a bug. I notice that after 4.07c it takes *significantly* longer to log in to the game now. I see about 5 servers on the list. Earlier only 2. Wondering if perhaps game servers need to be restarted.
  11. My game is running 4.007c now which appears to have introduced more errors (or at least not addressed previous errors). 1. The master server appears to be down/unreachable 2. I get disconnected randomly after a few minutes in multiplayer (all servers) 3. I have suffered a substantial FPS drop that appears to be related to particle effects (didn't change my settings but now getting stutters that were not present in 4.006)
  12. I think I have this problem as well. Get disconnected on all servers. It is not a problem with my ISP. Nothing has changed except the game version (updated today on steam).
  13. Well, ever since the new patch I cannot fly multiplayer (4.007c). I get disconnected after some amount of time. Sometimes instant, sometimes after a few mins. I thought it was due to firing weapons but it just happened just now on combat box while cruising to target.
  14. Red pilots complaining about OP 109s was like 85% of the online experience before Kuban came out.
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