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  1. Yeah, because engine models never get adjusted, right? Geez, there's somthing to be said for the concept of learned helplessness. Scharfi seems to have no problem wrecking kids in the P-47, even at low altitude. Anyways, part of the reason dogfights are so low is because due to the shitty performance of some game internals, they limit the visibility bubble to 10 km. Once that gets rectified we can actually bomb from altitude and you'll regularly see He-111's and maybe one day B-24s up at 6 km instead of dive-bombing on the deck. This is the crux of the issue IMHO.
  2. Ultimately, you can't force anyone to fly a certain side if they don't want to. Hopefully Bodenplatte brings some numerical balance because the Allied aircraft lineup is going to be excellent.
  3. Probably the stupid spin-er-ama move from the movie Redtails.
  4. I do not understand the point of this thread. The goal is to eventually have the whole war simulated, right? What does it matter if they add a bunch of 109s now or later? Are we going to start a Too Many Spitfire Variants thread when they start adding the various marks?
  5. A few years ago there was one player with a major drinking problem that used to come on and either make people really uncomfortable or otherwise just be really obnoxious and slowly killed the public TS. Everyone flies on private/squadron comms now.
  6. Try using Steam/Proton. They've made a lot of progress translating D3D calls to Vulkan.
  7. One of mine was loose, the other wasn't. My gunfighter's base also has a nasty scratch in it. I think VKB's quality control is a bit lacking.
  8. 5k isn't "high altitude". P-38, if modeled well, should be one of the best energy fighters. There used to be a trick on the old sim where you'd pop out flaps and the speed brakes and plink Fw 190 pilots from 500m+ when they thought they could beat you in a flat scissors. You just didn't play their game and punished them for their insolence.
  9. Yes. People have been complaining about the Yaks being too sturdy for quite some time now.
  10. Oh man, the jug is easily one of the most attractive WWII aircraft. Plus those .50's Mmmmm baby yeah
  11. +1 Defensive maneuvering is very hard. You can do everything right and still get shot down.
  12. Couldn't you also use the mouse to get the angle you like, and then set a key to pan the camera, which would give you a constant pan rate so it would be smooth? Maybe pan more than is necessary (more than 360 degrees) in case there is acceleration, and then cut those frames out when you go to render.
  13. I record my replays with OBStudio and edit the videos with Resolve. Mostly I make dogfight tutorial videos for novices so I typically am just doing text overlays with arrows and stuff that I cook up in Photoshop. Resolve has pretty awesome capabilities for a free program, though. It has a YouTube preset for rendering, too. As far as smooth panning I can't help you there. All the videos I make are from the pilot perspective.
  14. The only thing that'll improve high altitude is high altitude bombing. The only way to improve/encourage that is to fix the 10 km bubble issue. There's simply no way to bomb from altitude without it, that's why most don't even try and why you see He 111s dive-bombing and getting chewed up by Yaks.
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