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  1. MF_pennsy

    Menacing Ferrets Videos

    a special salute to the JG51 in this short clip. the dogfight was most stimulating even though i lost. One of those each doing the right thing until that one little mistake that changes everything. Thanks JG51 <S> (who were the pilots? I forgot their names)
  2. MF_pennsy

    Menacing Ferrets Videos

    another short, highlighting the collision modeling. yet another thing I love about this build.
  3. MF_pennsy

    Menacing Ferrets Videos

    The Kiss just felt realistic to me. I love the modeling of this build.
  4. MF_pennsy

    Looking for a volunteer to make a small video

    you should make it yourself, use it as a learning experience. It will be more rewarding when you made it yourself.
  5. MF_pennsy

    Menacing Ferrets Videos

    sometimes you just have to go it alone. Sometimes you need someone to watch your back
  6. MF_pennsy

    Menacing Ferrets Videos

    a few shorts...
  7. MF_pennsy

    Norton AV killing EXE

    I tried to make a copy from my other rig, and a few dlls were taken away also. I could have copied them in also but chose to re-install since the old install is on a different OS I didn't want to create a conflict of any kind. I had a chat session with Norton. Once the program was re-installed we used the "file insight" feature to tell Norton the files are trusted. I did that to several programs inside of IL-2. (Norton users can right click on program inside folder, click on "file insight", click on "trust now") I haven't had a problem since doing this. The latest updates were not recognised as safe yet. Norton A/V catches a lot of flak from gamers, but more often it's not set up proper. I've been using NAV since 1995 and this is the third time it's interfered with a game. Only once Norton had to write an exception, it was done during a chat session and resolved that conflict (BF2 and the new launcher). The other two fails were due to my set up, permissions not set right. Often I hear "turn off your firewall" but if you do, what good is having A/V protection? Every time, and it has only been a few, the chat feature with Norton resolved my issues. So if Norton is causing problems, just chat with them. After all, support is part of what you pay for. Thanks to the answers I received. Help is always appreciated.
  8. I recently installed on a new rig, win 10. Had been working flawless for several weeks. Last night Norton quarantined the EXE file for game start. Undid that and went in a while. Tonight Norton just deleted the file and said it was a virus. The setting on Norton was at auto, switched to allow. I'm now forced to reinstall the game to get the exe back. Hope that stops Norton.
  9. MF_pennsy

    Menacing Ferrets Squadron BOM Division

    Pete pulled down the site. We've created a private page on FB, invite only. If you have an FB account I can send you an invite. we use http://jdmadsen.net/ferretinfo/ sometimes but by now you know we've been using Discord. Sorry took so long to reply, been vacant waiting on a rig that can handle good graphics and hold a FR. See you on Saturday nights?
  10. MF_pennsy

    Menacing Ferrets Videos

    ME 109 song and destruction demo
  11. MF_pennsy

    Menacing Ferrets Videos

    an AAR of a typical ferret meet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f__ryKDM47g
  12. MF_pennsy

    The Pe2 as Longrange Interceptor

    nice stuff
  13. Hi, Pennsy here. I've been with the Menacing Ferrets (MF's) 14 years at this posting. The roster has over 70 pilots, many retired now. The squad was created by Pete D nearly 20 years ago first flying the early versions of "Wild Bill's" Warbirds sticking with it until it was too broken to fly. We then switched to AH, several pilots are still active in that. It is the main hub of the MF's, and more info can be found at menacingferrets.com. Five of the ferrets have the desire for the modeling found here and suspect the entire squad will convert eventually. The MFBS (Menacing Ferret BOM Squad) has more or less become a subdivision of the main squad. At current, the roster stands at 5 pilots. We haven't been running on a particular schedule, but on average fly on Tuesday or Wednesday, and often during the weekends. We have one generous member that has dedicated a server as well as Team Speak. He also was kind enough to provide a web page, found at jdmadsen.net/ferretinfo/ and stats are provided for his server. His handle is belgarufo, and I'm sure many are at least acquainted with him. Another generous ferret has painted many skins custom for the squad, also a long time member of BOM, beepee. We'd welcome any invites to events, as well as welcome request for events. Our active fliers cover several time zones, and getting the entire squad together for an event has been sparse, but 3 of us are usually available with relatively short notice. Meanwhile we have some coop maps running which provide ample AI action and have option for full realism for the advanced pilots. Come for a visit, that is all, Pennsy ~S~
  14. MF_pennsy

    Looking for squardon.

    Hi and welcome. Menacing ferrets always willing to help a pilot in training. I'm still in training myself, but I have a great support team. We can talk you through stuff via Team speak, and run maps that offer either skill level. Feel free to visit jdmadsen.net/ferretinfo/ for the BOM ferret's page. We'd welcome you into the squad, but being a squad mate not required for assistance. salute
  15. MF_pennsy

    squad tags, help

    I've managed to have doubled my squad tag and can't find where to correct this. I have MF_pennsy as my account handle and during a fresh install managed to put a tag on the front making it MFMF_pennsy. Does anyone know where to set/change/remove squad tags? TIA never mind, found it under accounts