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  1. I had been running Ultra default but was having performance issues, and set it back to high default settings. Just curious, are you using the cinematic blur? It had caused a few frame issues for me. I wasn't using it when getting the glitchy cockpit though. I did set for a frame rate of 50 but everything else remains default. I deleted all recorder files and started with fresh files. The old files were unaffected by the changes. another question. Any chance someone is running hacks on the server? It was a possibility during my glitching.
  2. FYI since changing the G-Force Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames setting to application controlled, I have been glitch free!
  3. I did find my control panel for the G force. The Nvidia site said use higher numbers, the pilot above said set "Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames equal to 1". I changed it from 1 to game controlled but haven't worked with it since changing it. It does seem related to Maximum Pre-renders frames, so I'll play with all the settings and see if that resolves the issue. There are only four options in my control panel, so it shouldn't take to long to go through all of them. Unfortunately I don't very well understand what the average view setting means technically. I lost a lot of glitching just updating the G-force, but that twinge remains. I also get some random color bars and streaks using Fraps, not sure what to do about them. meanwhile GL
  4. I'm having the same issue. The Cockpit view thread offered this, "Try going to your Nvidia Control Panel and then set: Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames equal to 1. " was set at 1, trying to use 3D setting instead (Nvida site said higher number should reduce glitching) update: after updating G force, the glitching is much less frequent, but still there. Flight records prior to the update still glitch in cntrl-F1 to unusable.
  5. I'm having that same glitch in cntrl-F1 in flight recorder. started with the previous update and much worse with the current update. Not having any success with setting changes. Are the developers working on this or have a work around ? TIA,
  6. we may see Hcrana on soon. He's the founder of the ferrets. I've been prodding him a lot.
  7. Hi FR, we usually have meets on the server Saturdays around 8 PM (20:00) New York time EST. Thanks for coming in.
  8. a special salute to the JG51 in this short clip. the dogfight was most stimulating even though i lost. One of those each doing the right thing until that one little mistake that changes everything. Thanks JG51 <S> (who were the pilots? I forgot their names)
  9. another short, highlighting the collision modeling. yet another thing I love about this build.
  10. The Kiss just felt realistic to me. I love the modeling of this build.
  11. you should make it yourself, use it as a learning experience. It will be more rewarding when you made it yourself.
  12. sometimes you just have to go it alone. Sometimes you need someone to watch your back
  13. I tried to make a copy from my other rig, and a few dlls were taken away also. I could have copied them in also but chose to re-install since the old install is on a different OS I didn't want to create a conflict of any kind. I had a chat session with Norton. Once the program was re-installed we used the "file insight" feature to tell Norton the files are trusted. I did that to several programs inside of IL-2. (Norton users can right click on program inside folder, click on "file insight", click on "trust now") I haven't had a problem since doing this. The latest updates were not recognised as safe yet. Norton A/V catches a lot of flak from gamers, but more often it's not set up proper. I've been using NAV since 1995 and this is the third time it's interfered with a game. Only once Norton had to write an exception, it was done during a chat session and resolved that conflict (BF2 and the new launcher). The other two fails were due to my set up, permissions not set right. Often I hear "turn off your firewall" but if you do, what good is having A/V protection? Every time, and it has only been a few, the chat feature with Norton resolved my issues. So if Norton is causing problems, just chat with them. After all, support is part of what you pay for. Thanks to the answers I received. Help is always appreciated.
  14. I recently installed on a new rig, win 10. Had been working flawless for several weeks. Last night Norton quarantined the EXE file for game start. Undid that and went in a while. Tonight Norton just deleted the file and said it was a virus. The setting on Norton was at auto, switched to allow. I'm now forced to reinstall the game to get the exe back. Hope that stops Norton.
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