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  1. Besides, where I work (and at home), I have security apps & settings that virtually forbid any contact with most gaming servers as they have been documented to 'spring board' their clients- No such thing as a free lunch. Ifs its free- It ain't really free- Nope! I didn't know any thing about this....I saw a flyer for a sale on BoS so I made my purchase. I'm content with what I have, glad to support a project in the works....but that's just it- a project in the works.... I"m now funding work and receiving less than full compliment of their labor- if you want more of my support you will release the locks. I don't have all of the time in the world-
  2. See photo- The panoramic view of the IL-2 plane is gone. Once I select a mission, fly mission, end mission....return to main menu screen....the last plane that I flew is restored to correct view, lighting & panning! 2015_5_6__1_35_44.bmp 2015_5_8__14_58_59.bmp
  3. I too have the mouse running thru mud on my menu screens. And I've lost the photoramic view where you first enter the main menu screen. Once I opt for a quick mission...then fly/cancel flight....go back the the main menu screen- all is ok except I still have a mouse that is chugging along thru syrup or mud. Had tried 3 different video drivers.
  4. 2015_5_6__1_35_44.bmpJust got this.....at the moment I'm not able to access any external views...no padlocking, no friendly or enemy view...no flyby- in short, I'm stuck in the cockpit with no means of padlocking anything. This was a steam purchase and it was a maze just with all of the purchase requirements, access codes, verify this verify that.....and all I have for the moment is a nice cockpit and a nice sky. Also Im very disappointed in the graphic tuning options. Im able to run CoD fine with a mix blend of medium and high settings.....shadows no clouds.....clouds no shadows....I insist on mimimum fps of 28, My system is a HP-700-216....12 GB ram...AMD Radeon 8670HD...Ive been setting up computers and enjoying flight sims since Falcon 3.0- I found the config file- is that where I must go to solve this issue? Do I remove and install again? Never an ounce of trouble with Vanilla CoD nor Fusion efforts. Please help!
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