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  1. On 3/11/2017 at 2:23 PM, ICDP said:

    I'm very proud to present my latest template pack.


    Fw190-a5 template, skinpack and 4k bumpmap are ready for download.  This template is a conversion from my a3 template with appropriate details changes to match the new 190-a5 layout.  As there is no existing 2k 190-a5 template available I used the 190-a5 bumpaps to ensure lines and rivets lined up to the default a5.

    • Main template file
    • Alpha PSD template is also included in the download.
    • 4k bumpmap also included.
    • Skinpack

    Skin-pack contains.

    6x generic skins

    2x historic skins (Horst Hannig, Fw190-a4 and Walter Nowotny Fw190-a5).



    Edit: template updated to v3 on 27 Jan 2018, please download again.  Fixes include:

    • Fixed missing exhaust stack texture
    • New improved Weathering layers added
    • More accurate base camo colours
    • New alpha PSD file included
    • New skinpack
    • New metal chiping layers


    Template link



    4k Bumpmap link (instructions in .zip file)



    Skinpack link










    Years back I had the layered template for several BF-109s..E3,E4 & F4 as memory serves. but alas, those templates have been lost  I find skins everywhere, but I'm trying to find 'Templates' that offer the various layers such as those found by your works and labor.

    Would you mind pointing me to where I can retreive those templates again.   Thank you most kindly for you paramount efforts and releases.

    Respectfully- House

  2. At the huge risk of sounding like a troll... 
    I took a long break from flight sims and now Im coming back into the swing of things.. CoD steam vanilla, BoS steam as well as DCS Su27, and 1946 v4.12.2-


    I had originally bought BoS from the company but lost my serial so i bought the steam release a couple years ago or sooner.  

    In short, I notice right away that the flickering lights were gone and- yep- the welder was gone too.  I truly miss the welder in the corner and the flashes reflecting off of the fuselage.


    Is there any way possible to get the welder back ???  

  3. You know... with all this stuff going on and on about the SP campaign in this sim and it's lack of umph... and how great the PWCG is... IIRC Pat Wilson has offered up the code to his campaign generator to anyone whop wants to try to work it into BoS... Now I don't know what is going on behind the scenes and for all I know someone may already be on this... but I am just curious as to who in this community has the skills and the time to actually pull something like this off... ? I know Lupson may since he made that great SME... I know that Uberdemon and Crazy Schmidt did something similar in IL2 as far as mission builders go... I know that Starshoy & Lowengren made it happen in IL2..


    Why can't that happen here? So I ask... who has the skills.. even if you don't have the time... who knows.. maybe you could put heads together and come up with an IL2CCG.. IL2 Community Campaign Generator.. 

    Any hard core flight sim fan will vouch for Falcon 4.0's dynamic campaign engine. If there was any campaign that should be resurrected, its Falcon's campaign. We all know & remember the stir when the code was released. The people you mentioned just may know what I'm talking about.  A campaign engine that is protracted in nature, running every conceivable element on land, sea & air. Nothing is scripted and its never the same.

  4. I noticed a graphic screen that my copy doesn't show me and I don't see the transport plane. What must I do to update my BoS. I was logged on last night for an hour. Received a couple of skins....


    Updated to version 1.011 with extra transport plane and a new map, and with a 50% discount it's a must buy for simmers! 


    I have version 1.011



    I known, what I mean is if something above Ultra exist or is Ultra just all Settings here set to maximum????



    I don't have this screen....??? Why? I have the latest release....I was online last night....what have I missed or missing? Help!

  6. IMHO, the only thing I've ever seen that is sharp/crisp in winter is the ice crystals that form on things.....generally though, the whole landscape is just one big white dull blur. I don't see why we need detailed trees, for they too would be just covered in snow-ice. My point is that the whole winter-scape could be dulled down, giving the user an even higher frame rate.


    The image you posted has been removed because it contained a swastica. In the future please place images with swasticas under a spoiler tag. If you can no longer edit this thread send me the pic and I will put it in for you.

  7. Flight Sims and Gun Buffs....the subject is always fevered!!! Luv It! Anywhoo....thanks for getting me on the straight & narrow. I've worked with 3 convergence figures to determine what works for me- 140, 180, 230, 320.....longer distance convergence for straffing ground targets.....with most sims, 180 yards seemed to work well in my AC experience with 1946 and BoBII WoV...Naturally that number should be doubled for ground attack scenerios.  I've found that (in a tight turning engagement with speeds of about 230 mph) when I see my target enter the lower part of the amber sunshade, that's about the time to send some rounds down field.  Roger all of the input....its does the body good to see a topic alot of us ponder~

  8. You can change you convergence which will take this in to account to a degree but you probably want to concentrate on learning deflection shooting which while is an art form is very rewarding.

    This is the sort of thing I mean.

    I know deflecting shooting very well, but BoS models the projectile trajectory way more sloped than other sims I've been in front of over the 20 some years.....also begs the question about the actual muzzle velocity being coded. As you look at AI firing their guns, the tracers really don't model average mach 3 performance (~3000 fps muzzle velocities)....but let me allow some room for error here....what was the muzzle velocity of the mg and the cannon projectiles? Then take into account the terminal velocity of those bullets and the time of flights- since I've been a fixed target and wing shooter for over 40 years, I see an issue worthy of discussion.  It can be said that learning the firing pattern of a given shooting system can and will affect  your real world mental focus of weapons you're accustomed to shooting.  I doubt very seriously any programmer today spends time at a rifle range....I, in fact, do! 


    Also, convergence won't address the point of impact that I'm looking for. When I line a target up in my sights, and I see the impact is below or above my intended point of impact, was there never a calibration setup used in these sighting mechanisms for aircraft during this period. You take the typical infantryman's rifle. It has means of adjusting for both vertical drop and horizontal shifts since each barrel is unique to itself...setting convergences deal with adjusting the muzzles to direct projectiles so they meet at a desired distance but that doesn't have anything to do with elevation settings. In short, did fighter aircraft have ability to adjust their elevation settings for their guns? 

  9. Well I have to stand corrected with regards to the Radeon 8670HD capabilities. I made a mere switch over to 'High Quality' and now my clouds no longer rip/tear and stutters are gone. Took it all the way from Average Cloud to Overcast...this middle of the road system juggled it just fine....and makes me a proud owner of BoS. I still need to install weaker springs in my flight stick to fly campaigns!

    For Google's Records, anyone using the AMD Radeon series and needs help achieving a good smooth BoS screen would do well to remember the following-


    Let BoS handle anti-alias and anisotropic settings.....

    Anti-Aliasing Mode  -Use App Settings
    Anti-Aliasing Samples  -Use App Settings
    Filter  -Standard
    Anti-Aliasing Method  -Multisampling
    Morphorlogical  -Off
    Anisotropic Filtering Mode  -Use App Settings
    Anisotropic Filtering Level  -Use App Settings
    Texture Filtering Quality  -High Quality
    Surface Format Optimize  -Off
    Vertical Refresh  -Off
    OpenGL Triple Buffering  -On
    Tessellation Mode  -AMD Optimized
    Maximum Tessellation Level  -AMD Optimized


  10. I tried playing by the normal rules....let the program go online so I could see how this reward business unfolds. Selecting a bomber intercept mission, all seems to go ok albeit I noticed the campaign flight model was practically unusable for me and/or my joystick. I've been simming for a long time, but I cut my teeth on Falcon3x/4x so I was used to a fly-by-wire setup of sorts. With IL-1946 I'm fairly good with a psuedo-realistic flight model, but I can't seem to gain or keep any real control of the BoS flight model. Sad to say, I guess I won't be able to succeed in the 'rewards' program. Sad.....

  11. The AMD Radeon on my system has a power adjustment (1800-3700 MHz)...I noticed that if I slide it down to 2300 MHz minimum, things ran super smoothe. Which in my lay understanding, the processor takes a break on cached moments, then new image processing creates the stutter due to a lag coming back up from idle speeds. But at any rate of clock, my system shows tearing where the clouds meet the Horizon. On Clear, Cloudy or Average, my system can juggle it fairly well. But after average, forget it. I can't stand a stuttering flight sim....or any stutter for that matter.

  12. It runs smooth once I figured out that BoS doesn't want any input from my Radeon graphic settings...other than to select MultiSampling or SuperSampling on the AA....but BoS wants control of the Alias and the Anisotrop. I have exhausted myself to find that BoS will run fine on my system albeit there is a bit of confusion on what to do with the particle code IMHO. And I believe its BoS handshaking with Radeon and Radeon doesn't know quite how to handle the particle code...particularly the cockpit shadows used in CoD & Bos....the shadows appear ripped (large cubing) and I see the same thing with the horizon with cloudy or average clouds.  Definitely my system stutters when I select overcast conditions. So I either have a junk system or I merely need an honest $300 video card which will have to wait since home repairs come first.  IL-1946 never looked so gorgeous before my eyes with this system and Wings of Prey/War Thunder are absolutely stunning with maxed settings & no stutters whatsoever.  I've been working with computers since 1981...yes....81 with a 19 in front of it. I would have thought that, by now, all graphics trials & testing would be completed. Here's the power switch...here's the mouse....click program....look great. No more musical chairs with video settings.  Its silly to make so many different levels of architecture today. Make one killer motherboard, killer processor....killer integrated graphics....butt load of ram and be done with worrying about cost control.

  13. Brief Description: Ripping of clouds and a temporary loss of graphical AA


    Detailed Description: Particularly when I select average clouds... I run 1280 / 720p resolution on a 42" Toshiba monitor. I've found a file titled 'me_weather_presets'...and I wondered if this file can be adjusted for the cloud particles that are displayed...?? Since I have a middle of the road system pertaining to graphics (Radeon 8670HD), can this file be adjusted so that I won't experience stutters as the processes are delivered to the screen? My system is an HP Envy 700-216 running Windows 8.1 (64bit) Thank You Most Kindly! 



  14. Good Morning....I just received this error message- Its happened several times and to why I'm not sure.

    My system is a HP 700-216-

    AMD A10-6700 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 3.70 GHz
    Installed memory (RAM):  12.0 GB (11.2 GB usable)
    System type:  64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor
    No Pen or Touch Input
    Download Speed: 50.0 Mb Upload Speed: 3.0 Mb
    Problem signature:
      Problem Event Name: BEX
      Application Name: Il-2.exe
      Application Version:
      Application Timestamp: 553f6875
      Fault Module Name: MSVCR90.dll
      Fault Module Version: 9.0.30729.8387
      Fault Module Timestamp: 51ea24a5
      Exception Offset: 0006ccd5
      Exception Code: c0000417
      Exception Data: 00000000
      OS Version: 6.3.9600.
      Locale ID: 1033
      Additional Information 1: a478
      Additional Information 2: a478a02fc95d53cfaf62e9cb4014a64a
      Additional Information 3: 24ec
      Additional Information 4: 24ec74e0b6b22b3dd0bd45eacd70c088
    Read our privacy statement online:
    If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:
    As I understand it, I'm witnessing a buffer overflow....and with Windows 8.1 I'm not able to adjust the DEP for the main executable....

  15. I think if you own the Standard version and want to upgrade to Premium you just buy the two premium planes, the FW-190 and La-5. They're on sale now for 50% off.

    Then activate the unlocks on your account profile page here.

    That's sound great. Thanks for holding my hand. 

  16.  Just get the premium version and click the unlock everything button.

    I'd be happy to buy the premium version....does that mean an entire premium purchase or do I merely purchase the premium at a lower price to compliment my current standard purchase..? Also, I bought my release thru Steam, so the question applies there as well....or do I purchase directly from IL-2 777 BoS BoM website? Please explain what I need to do as I'm all for supporting this project. 

  17. Yes you can use the autopilot but you only get half the points using it since you're playing on Normal. Honestly the AI Autopilot is a rather silly feature, I don't know why it's there. Doesn't it make you feel like a "girly man" to have the game play itself for you?

    There's a protocol for submitting perceived "errors" in the FM to the Devs, you need some actual data to give them if you want it considered. Just saying "this is too hard so it sucks" isn't considered data

    Sharpe...you've missed the entire point of just why alot of us purchase flight sims... its all about the views. There are those that have to multi-task our lives, and its terrific to just press the A key while we sit back with another issue put on our plate.  Viewing BoS from 10 feet away on a 50" monitor is the only way to sit back with a coke & a smoke. Flight sims shouldn't be coded to believe that the user has cleared their schedule to spend 4 hours on your 'game'.....that's a serious short-sightedness on developers and so-called 'market researchers'.....you're not gonna win this argument. I'm 55 years of age, I live in a capitalist country and I know the value of a dollar. I'm old school and I know the meaning of a free lunch... I've been behind the controls. Cut my teeth on Falcon 3.0x and its variants. Falcon 4.0....Various Naval sims....so landing is 2nd nature anymore...doesn't matter what sim I've sat in front of-

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