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  1. Years back I had the layered template for several BF-109s..E3,E4 & F4 as memory serves. but alas, those templates have been lost I find skins everywhere, but I'm trying to find 'Templates' that offer the various layers such as those found by your works and labor. Would you mind pointing me to where I can retreive those templates again. Thank you most kindly for you paramount efforts and releases. Respectfully- House
  2. At the huge risk of sounding like a troll... I took a long break from flight sims and now Im coming back into the swing of things.. CoD steam vanilla, BoS steam as well as DCS Su27, and 1946 v4.12.2- I had originally bought BoS from the company but lost my serial so i bought the steam release a couple years ago or sooner. In short, I notice right away that the flickering lights were gone and- yep- the welder was gone too. I truly miss the welder in the corner and the flashes reflecting off of the fuselage. Is there any way possible to get the welder back ???
  3. Anyone for a 'Factory White' as a clean canvas?
  4. Yeh, I spent the weekend looking into the online campaign. I'm up to a '5' now....whooohooo! Got some unlocks, etc-
  5. Any hard core flight sim fan will vouch for Falcon 4.0's dynamic campaign engine. If there was any campaign that should be resurrected, its Falcon's campaign. We all know & remember the stir when the code was released. The people you mentioned just may know what I'm talking about. A campaign engine that is protracted in nature, running every conceivable element on land, sea & air. Nothing is scripted and its never the same.
  6. Anything Look Familiar- Older Ground Work Revisited?
  7. Whew...Ok. Thanks. New to me, & reading the forums, alot of discussion on just about everything regarding sim tweaks and I saw the detailed graphics screen and it made me way curious.
  8. I noticed a graphic screen that my copy doesn't show me and I don't see the transport plane. What must I do to update my BoS. I was logged on last night for an hour. Received a couple of skins.... Updated to version 1.011 with extra transport plane and a new map, and with a 50% discount it's a must buy for simmers! I have version 1.011
  9. I don't have this screen....??? Why? I have the latest release....I was online last night....what have I missed or missing? Help!
  10. Just piddling around with graphic settings here- always loved a cold early morning- Please resubmit your picture under a spoiler tag.
  11. IMHO, the only thing I've ever seen that is sharp/crisp in winter is the ice crystals that form on things.....generally though, the whole landscape is just one big white dull blur. I don't see why we need detailed trees, for they too would be just covered in snow-ice. My point is that the whole winter-scape could be dulled down, giving the user an even higher frame rate. The image you posted has been removed because it contained a swastica. In the future please place images with swasticas under a spoiler tag. If you can no longer edit this thread send me the pic and I will put it in for you.
  12. Flight Sims and Gun Buffs....the subject is always fevered!!! Luv It! Anywhoo....thanks for getting me on the straight & narrow. I've worked with 3 convergence figures to determine what works for me- 140, 180, 230, 320.....longer distance convergence for straffing ground targets.....with most sims, 180 yards seemed to work well in my AC experience with 1946 and BoBII WoV...Naturally that number should be doubled for ground attack scenerios. I've found that (in a tight turning engagement with speeds of about 230 mph) when I see my target enter the lower part of the amber sunshade, that's about the time to send some rounds down field. Roger all of the input....its does the body good to see a topic alot of us ponder~
  13. I know deflecting shooting very well, but BoS models the projectile trajectory way more sloped than other sims I've been in front of over the 20 some years.....also begs the question about the actual muzzle velocity being coded. As you look at AI firing their guns, the tracers really don't model average mach 3 performance (~3000 fps muzzle velocities)....but let me allow some room for error here....what was the muzzle velocity of the mg and the cannon projectiles? Then take into account the terminal velocity of those bullets and the time of flights- since I've been a fixed target and wing shooter for over 40 years, I see an issue worthy of discussion. It can be said that learning the firing pattern of a given shooting system can and will affect your real world mental focus of weapons you're accustomed to shooting. I doubt very seriously any programmer today spends time at a rifle range....I, in fact, do! Also, convergence won't address the point of impact that I'm looking for. When I line a target up in my sights, and I see the impact is below or above my intended point of impact, was there never a calibration setup used in these sighting mechanisms for aircraft during this period. You take the typical infantryman's rifle. It has means of adjusting for both vertical drop and horizontal shifts since each barrel is unique to itself...setting convergences deal with adjusting the muzzles to direct projectiles so they meet at a desired distance but that doesn't have anything to do with elevation settings. In short, did fighter aircraft have ability to adjust their elevation settings for their guns?
  14. How do I raise the point of impact for the mg / cannon sight? Did the devs incorporate this into the sim? Really tired of firing in a turn while my tracers are way under my nose in a turning dogfight.....any gun sight has the means to raise line of sight to meet point of impact.
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