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  1. ~S~ Fellows, Just keying up to let youse know, I am back from "the missing man formation". Home has never been a more beautiful place to be, at full rest, stop. We'll see you up there! "Jupp"
  2. ~S~ Fellows, Thanks to you both for an excellent collaboration. Inspiring in a single word. This is a prime example of how our community benefits collectively through our sharing projects. There is little more that I enjoy than seeing the work of like minded individuals expanding our hobby. Hats off! We'll see you up there, ~S~ "Jupp"
  3. ~S~ Walter, Looking forward to it! Thanks! Keep 'em flying, "Jupp" ~S~
  4. ~S~ Fellows, Truly refreshing to see such generosity! You both are admirable. Best to you and yours! Happy New Year! Keep 'em flying, "Jupp"
  5. ~S~ Everyone, Happy New Years! I vote no on puppets, and yes on dashboard pictures! Cheers! Keep 'em flying, "Jupp"
  6. ~S~ Fellas, Hats off to a great thread! Of late, I learn something new about this simulator and history, .etc, every time I skim the forum. Things are a bit off kilter at the moment. We early adopters also know that 777 does come right back to pleasing most of us. Anyway, thanks to all of you contributors for furthering my (re)-education on several topics, including this very one. Salute! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtrn6-cKqkM
  7. ~S~ Fellows, Took this screen shot recently while testing out the custom missions that I write. Serendipitous proof that IL-2 Sturmovik is still "tha bomb"!
  8. ~S~ Fellas, I think the OP just might actually be this guy... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Titor He definitely called the ball! Cheers OP, "Jupp" ~S~
  9. ~S~ Temp89, For that, look into : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IL-2_Sturmovik:_Cliffs_of_Dover if you purchase it, from Steam, or Amazon, etc, you'll want the mod to update it from : https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=12 Also, to note, I founded and administer a Facebook Group currently 1,300 + members : IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Community Happy Hunting, "Jupp" ~S~
  10. ~S~ Comrades, I immediately pre-ordered all three offerings. Thanks! Keep 'em flying, "Jupp" ~S~
  11. ~S~ Fellas, I'm so happy that "the Calvary has arrived". I have already gleaned a few important corrections from the forums, and also, will avoid many head scratching moments, thanks to your contributions. You know the language that we Mission Builders speak is a rare bird, the fact that there is now a flock of us working towards common goals, is awesome. See youse up there! "Jupp" ~S~
  12. ~S~ Airdoc, I am just getting back into the sim after a year, however, this is one of my old setups for a bm13, whereas the Checkzone is placed at the intended area of attack... and triggered by a Vehicle entering into it... I also have it set up to re-spawn the bm13 if destroyed, 8 minutes wait (Timer) covers the 7.5 minutes it takes a destroyed model to "disappear"... but the important bit here for you, other than rockets are long range weapons, if I remember correctly, is making use of "Force Complete"... and yeah... I'm trying to remember all of the neato fiddly stuff I used to do... a
  13. ~S~ Fellas, Vote #471 for Yes. Combat Flight Simulator. Whereas Rearming, Refueling, and Repairing, are actual activities in the real world... The basic implementing, of said activities, for the Simulation's fullest range of options... And the fact that the use of said features, would be user/server decidable... well... I vote Yes. It's very fun to RTB to RRR, or, to have Forward Arming and Refueling Points available. My Two Cents, "Jupp" ~S~
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