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  1. Is there any servers up with ww1 setting yet? Or is that to early due to the limited plane set.
  2. So I linked my steam account with the Il-2 one. But now I must do this every time a start the game. That can't be normal right?
  3. Well I bought it under the premise that I would get at steam key. That was the deal. Changing that whitout giving people chance for refund or similar is just not proper business. With that said, I have no ill will against any one in 777.
  4. Is this a fact? In that case I have little to no reason not to buy. The thing about steam is I have recorded play hours, steam overlay, easy vr settings at hand, auto update etc. Thats why I like to have as many games through it as possible. And the thing about the Ju-52 steam key is mostly about that I was lied to. I don't like that.
  5. That's a bummer, guess I'll hold of with pre-order then. Just as well I guess, as I was cheated of my Ju-52 steam key. Thanks for your answer Cpt_Cool. Fly safe!
  6. If i pre-order Flying circus will I get a steam key when released? Or is that service dropped now.
  7. So no way to filter what it shows then. Thx chaps!
  8. Is there anyway you can change what turns up in the techno chat to the right? The thing is, there are some things I would like to se, like when I'm starting my engine, if I engage boost etc. But I can do without throttle, rpm mix procentage.
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