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  1. Yep ... that fixed the problem I'm having with this game. Thanks for pointing it out .. rep given.
  2. Have played this for a bit and can't stomach how arcady ot feels. Cockpits are approximations, don't need to use rudder pedals in the 109. I grant that it excels in atmosphere, but my initial impression is the sim feels like it's trying to be sophisticated, but fails. I'll play with it some more and see if I can let it sway me into a more positive perspective. Until then I'll just stay away as I don't want to be spoiling influence for those who enjoy this game. Good luck and have fun! Cheers.
  3. Am I missing something, or can the campaign only be flown as a Russian pilot?
  4. Just bought this game and looking for info on the guns master arm/gun saftey switch ... ok, there's none. I'm disappointed with this as that reduces immersion for me.
  5. Downloading BoS right now .. I might be interested and fly DCS (props) and IL2 CloD.
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