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  1. These VKB have really stormed the place. No one suggested anything else 😄 But there's nothing in stock anyway Thanks for the answers guysspan widget
  2. Hello guys, I found myself stranded with a broken joystick after 15 yes of faithful service. Now I'm not a pro so I'm not looking for something like the warthog but I fly by myself often still. Problem now is that I wanted to buy the KG12 gladiator, (new gunfighter mkIII is too expensive for me). And last but not the least I don't know where to buy one since the last time I did there was no internet 😂
  3. That's great news! I hope "agreement in principle" won't mean anything nasty for TF when the work is done
  4. The rightful first of a series of central engine planes !
  5. I just bought my Yak-1B ! But I must say just because the price was in my "range", I don't think I would have paid more.... (no offfence)
  6. I know, mine was more of a wish... I am of the opinion that a brand new theatre would be very compensating for producers. Just like the Eastern front was when the original Il-2 came out...
  7. Hopefully we shouldn't expect ONLY eastern front theaters for the future, right....?
  8. Game devs fortunately dont have Olympic commissions to watch for balance.... :D
  9. I share the enthusiastic comments in this forum, but before going for the wallet again I want the stuff in front of me. I share your support for BoS and its Devs, but think I won't pre-order anymore though.
  10. I see, thought you meant the final version would have been a disappointment nonetheless. That was my idea anyway, hopefully it won't take too much time.
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