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  1. Dear developers, Great work with the Dewoitine French fighter! I've had a concern on my mind for quite some time now about why nothing is being done about creating (at least one) flyable model of the Luftwaffe Dornier Do 17z bomber?... I mean, historically, the Lutwaffe had more of this type in service during the French campaign AND the Battle of Britain than the other 2 medium bombers (e.i., He 111s and Ju 88s)! I'm sure other community members wonder about the same thing , and would probably pay extra just to be able to fly this type... and then there's the Boulton-Paul "Defiant" RAF fighter_used throughout the french campaign and just about as long as the Luftwaffes use of the Ju 87 "Stuka" in the B.O.B. ( which, you know, IS flyable)...Please enlighten! _ sincerly, RAUBKATER
  2. Where would I look to find the aircraft skins (the aircraft skins that come with the game) on the PC?
  3. Can someone clue me in on how one "unlocks" the locked aircraft paint schemes, locked weapon types, etc...
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