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  1. Hello devs, what i am about to say is meant only to enhance this game. Firstly, multiplayer where we would all like to play... Your servers are too biased for total simulation. There is no satisfaction in playing, ask yourselves, what do players want? let me clue you in. Communication, so why can you not have the ability for all to communicate in the lobby before a game starts. Gaijin's Birds of Prey had this. Also, have no respawn modes...dead must spectate till next game. Have games start in flight, we do not need this takeoff and landing crap. It gets old after the first couple attempts. What we want as virtual pilots is flying, dogfighting with statistics being counted and the ability to communicate. We want to see a ladder we can climb stats wise. Your work on the minutia of getting airborne really is time/effort wasted. I have been pc gaming since Jane's ww2 fighters, 1998... Only one game, the aforementioned somewhat arcady Birds of Prey has captured the fun of air combat. Why do you devs not realize this? Are you gamers or is it just a job for you? I have more suggestions, if you really care about the direction of your game...pls msg me. I am only here to help.
  2. Thank you so much for your post, i too never use AA, so reshade was not working, but after setting it at 4x...reshade works well, total game changer.
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