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  1. Whatever will prevent or minimize this type of "defensive" flying, most likely a combination of the push-pull issue as well as reducing those neg G times slightly.
  2. I like the G modelling as it is, but IMO two things that could be tweaked: Increase negative G effects, they're almost non-existent unless holding negative G for a prolonged time. Pilot fatigue recovery could be a bit more lenient. Often times you will still feel the effects of fatigue even with plenty of downtime in between fights.
  3. I think it's worth giving Faucon another chance, he's got the point by now. @SDV_Fin*19_ Also, please add the P38 to dueling area, Scharfi & I have shown you it's a more than capable fighter with many aces having flown it IRL.
  4. Why is P38 still not in dueling area? I don't mean to be rude but unless there's a clear reason, this is ridiculous, no other active servers to duel with it.
  5. I believe I received the Po2 from you last year Busdriver, so please consider me a lower priority behind others less fortunate.
  6. Unfortunately the 37mm on the P39 is broken since they made all those DM changes, hit something with it and there's a 75% chance it'll keep going as if nothing happened. 🤷‍♀️ @DerSheriff The P39 is even faster using 66% mixture
  7. Please add the P38 to the dueling areas @SDV_Fin*19_ Yes, it is a dedicated fighter, despite having 2 engines. 😉
  8. Actually, the guy in this 2nd video is above average, you can tell because he raises his nose as I try to bait him into the scissors. He clearly didn't expect me to attempt a vertical reversal as he came back around for a shot, and you see the P39 has no problems getting the nose around in such a maneuver.
  9. Are you so sure it's not just you? 😉
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_Witches
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