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  1. Not much! 2-3 Euros each!A few euros for switches and case. The main cost goes to the USB driver! I used open cockpits, is good but for FS guys. Now, I would suggest leo boards http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/ I was/am trying to built a pit and I thing these are the most user friendly! http://hogpits.net/
  2. I have made some panels in the past! http://hotas.gr/content/view/92/1/lang,en/ (in greek, check pics)
  3. Sorry about abbreviations but you should take a look to WH manual and TARGET. http://ts.thrustmaster.com
  4. You can use another axis (THR-FC) or a hat (CSR-CSL) for rudder. Ideal is to get pedals!
  5. I am with you! Started at 29 Oct 2013, and I hope I will keep it!!!
  6. See these post at RoF! Some good ideas! http://riseofflight.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=350&t=19182
  7. I was about to write it! Here are some very simple and very ugly The first one is mine! (Ingore the language, you will get the point from images!) http://www.hotas.gr/content/view/92/1/lang,el/ http://www.hotas.gr/content/view/63/1/lang,el/ I used open cockpit card but LeoBodnar is better solution! I would be glad to help you! caution Everything is starting with a simple panel! http://hogpits.net/index.php?view=detail&id=299&option=com_joomgallery&Itemid=14#joomimg
  8. What's is the price for that? I have seen it 209 euros at simw.com Do you have alerady HOTAS?
  9. I would be interesting too! At the moment I have built an A-10 pit for DCS sim, but I am working on a multi - pit project where I hope I would be able to have a removable panel for each sim and the back panel will stay the same. Here is the first and this is my future plans http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=93374&page=2
  10. If you go to settings, click next to a command, for instance "Fire Cannon" , where it written "Enter" and then hit a button on CH nothing happens?
  11. Thank you Firefly! I thought was different database (like DCS) and I didn't bother to click on this at profile settings!
  12. Hi, I am running a website dedicate to simulator H/W. Most articles are in Greek but there some in English too. Here is the list TM HOTAS Warthog http://www.hotas.gr/content/view/81/42/lang,en/ TM T.16000M http://www.hotas.gr/content/view/77/42/lang,en/ and TM MFD Cougar pack http://www.hotas.gr/content/view/75/51/lang,en/ I hope will help!
  13. Hello, If an admin see this plz change my display name to 335th_GRSwaty . Now has douple squad tag!
  14. Thrustmaster Cougar + Warthog ( Throttle + Stick) + Simped vario pro! I used Cougar *Nxt II and simped from 2002 to 20010 and Warthog since 2010!
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