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  1. Hello, Just came back after a year MIA and I have some issues! Every time I run the sim, monitor goes our of range. This can happen after some minutes of flight or just at login screen. I have never such a problem in the past. I lowered settings to minimum , tried different versions of drivers, reinstalled the sim but the problem is still here. DCS and CoD runs as usual! GPU is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590. Thank you! EDIT: I installed 388.13 drivers and looks fine at the moment.
  2. 335th Greek Squadron web Site: http://www.e-335thgr.com/revive/ 335th Greek Squadron @ Tactical Air War (TAW)
  3. Hello. Can you sent me the file? Try to comment the line: MapAxis(&Throttle, THR_LEFT, DX_XROT_AXIS, AXIS_NORMAL, MAP_ABSOLUTE); to // MapAxis(&Throttle, THR_LEFT, DX_XROT_AXIS, AXIS_NORMAL, MAP_ABSOLUTE);
  4. Hello, I think it's not possible, at least using TARGET GUI, because the simulator doesn't read the state of a button but the change of the state (press/release a button) I am sure there is a way to make it happen using script editor, flags etc but I can't do it atm for sure! I suggest to use a HAT to control lights instead of switch!
  5. Hello You have to press Hat 4 (H4P) while you have ShiftButton (S3) pressed and Boat Switch Front (BSF). PULSE+'g',// Gears D and IN PULSE+'0'); Made it this way to avoid accidents! I you wish to change it I would be happy to help you!
  6. I believe this is the best WW2 sim and I guess there will be no competitors in the near future. But, I agree with Otto to the point that bug fixes must have a priority.
  7. My file is not old at all! Just some commands are missing/deleted, for instance La-5 and views, because I was working on a specific profile for Axis palnes and I use trackIR and no external views! Anyway, I believe that is easier to add a couple of missing commands or more than starting from scratch!
  8. Check my file! I don't remember if I have done any changes to this file. BOS - Keyboard.zip
  9. Small bug at the stats page: When you sort by flight time, ignores second number and sort only the first. For instance 8h-7h-7h-...3h-10h... I flew ten hours until now, mainly bomber runs and I enjoy it! Keep up the good work and thank you!
  10. Thank you guys!! Smooth server and a lot a fun!! Thank you!!
  11. I remember this topic about cheating from the early days of IL-2. The code above is mine and I use it to make my virtual flights easier, not to get an advantage over other users. That s why I shared the profile with the community and not keep it for myself.... Warthog software can do amazing things. For instance, I can change curves during flight, I can set a flare dispatch or engine sequence to a single key press and many more .... I have an advantage over other users? Sure I have! The same way I have advantage when I use Track IR and other players KEYPAD for views, rudder pedals over "z" & "x" keys, a lot of axis for radiators, propeller pitch etc when others use keys. On the other hand other players have advantage over me when they fly with 60 fps full settings when this is my max score in medium graphics or when they use triple 27'' LED monitors and I have an old 24'' LCD To sum up, I didn't fly with unlimited ammo, unlimited fuel, external views , labels, padlock since sometime during 2002 so I consider my self as a "hardcore" player.
  12. Very good server! I spend my online time on BoS exclusively here! Too bad my first post is not for good I had a couple of kills tonight and when I took off from server I decide to make a video from these.Then I realize that I had a Yak in a 109 and a .....110 in 190 I was so sure that was a Pe-2 that I ignored chat messages about team killing ... I am so ashamed, My apologies to 110 pilot ....
  13. Welcome Vidar! If my memory serves well you were a member of BSS from the beginning back in 1999! This is Swaty from _87th_Worriors (_87th_SL_Swaty zone times!)
  14. Hello, Check this http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/15105-bos-airfields-reference/?p=241250 My search for the same show me your post too and I thought it could help!
  15. Hello Volker! I just saw your server mate!!
  16. I am working on an advanced HOTAS Warthog - Profile. No documentation atm.Only comments inside file I will post here the script and BoS keys. "current" inputs (****Back up your own "current" settings***) input.zip Script file: IL-2 BoS.zip A brief description: Ignored BoS trims and I use TARGET functions. Trim axis X-Y-Z for every plane. LASTE panel for bombers The rest of Throttle panel switches for multi engine planes Coolie Switch, Slew and LTB for gunner control So if you want to check it 1. Back up your current files at "...\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\input" 2.Open TARGET Script Editor and run file. Profile is suitable for German planes and hard settings mode. For instance there is no external views on HOTAS. Except HOTAS I have Track IR and Simped Rudders without brakes. Left and right brakes are activated when axis goes to 80%:
  17. Yes we are here! Less members but still active flying BoS, DCS and some mates IL-2 because of H/W limitations I will try to join you Friday event and I will post it to our forum! Thank you for the invitation!
  18. S! Hello! He is fine! He is married now, zero free time!!!
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