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  1. ...these, you should take great care of yourself!! 😁
  2. Squadron name: 335th_GR Number of active pilots: 10 Side: Axis Time zone: GMT +2 (Athens)
  3. S~ Φόρμα επικοινωνίας: https://www.e-335th.gr/index.php/req Forum: https://www.e-335th.gr/forum/
  4. What is motivating you to participate in TAW project ? Online war system/realistic gameplay/ realistic settings/ emotions / stats /something else ??? All of the above, especially the the realistic gameplay. Do you like the idea of historical50%-balanced50% planeset line unlocked by points ( squadron lines or individual lines)? Yes, squadron lines. How to invite more people to TAW ( mostly red side) to keep the teams even most of the time ? Not easy question. Maybe mixed fronts? I mean add western front maps durin
  5. Axis won 0 maps Allies won 0 maps TEST STAGE 😀😀😀
  6. R.I.P. Condolences from 335th Greek Squadron.
  7. Just a reminder about separate forums! These are the links: https://www.e-335thgr.com/taw/ https://www.e-335thgr.com/taw-red/
  8. Hello, =FSB=Man-Yac will administrate the red forum! So far we have 8 blue and 5 reds pilots!!
  9. These are the forums for teams to discuss tactics etc! I don t know if will be useful or not!! At the moment I will administrate blue forum about registration etc and we need a red admin to administrate the red forum! These are the links: https://www.e-335thgr.com/taw/ https://www.e-335thgr.com/taw-red/ These are the instructions: 1. No open registration. Anyone who wishes to join must: Register to the board http://www.e-335thgr.com/taw/ or https://www.e-335thgr.com/taw-red/ Send a pm in the official forum (this one!
  10. I can set up a red forum too! But we need a red admin to delete my account, once it will be up!
  11. Great news!! I will quote here a previous post about Axis Forum!
  12. ~S~ all! 335th Greek Squadron roster is getting bigger lately! Additionally , we have made a site update and we have a skin artist now!
  13. Yes, but not directly! Once a pilot register in Blue/TAW forum, he will send me or any other admin a pm here with the user name he used over there!
  14. Please, If you think a board to coordinate our efforts will be useful, you are welcome to join during next round. In my opinion TAW is the best highlight for IL-2 Great Wars and subsequently for the whole IL-2 community. A lot of great servers out there but TAW is unique!
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