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  1. 335th_GRSwaty

    Tactical Air War

    Great news!!
  2. 335th_GRSwaty

    Tactical Air War

    Thank you TAW Team! Great fun! Hope to see you all soon! ~S~
  3. 335th_GRSwaty

    Multiplayer Server List Empty?!

    I see people on TAW server!
  4. 335th_GRSwaty

    Multiplayer Server List Empty?!

    One more!!
  5. 335th_GRSwaty

    Nvidia Graphics Issues Post Here

    Went through the list but no joy! Installed 2017-05-17 drivers, 382.33 and seems OK now! Tested for a couple of days!
  6. 335th_GRSwaty

    Nvidia Graphics Issues Post Here

    Hello, Just came back after a year MIA and I have some issues! Every time I run the sim, monitor goes our of range. This can happen after some minutes of flight or just at login screen. I have never such a problem in the past. I lowered settings to minimum , tried different versions of drivers, reinstalled the sim but the problem is still here. DCS and CoD runs as usual! GPU is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590. Thank you! EDIT: I installed 388.13 drivers and looks fine at the moment.
  7. 335th_GRSwaty

    335th Greek Squadron

    335th Greek Squadron web Site: http://www.e-335thgr.com/revive/ 335th Greek Squadron @ Tactical Air War (TAW)
  8. 335th_GRSwaty

    HOTAS Warthog - Profile (WIP)

    What is the action you want to set for for F3?
  9. 335th_GRSwaty

    HOTAS Warthog - Profile (WIP)

    Hello. Can you sent me the file? Try to comment the line: MapAxis(&Throttle, THR_LEFT, DX_XROT_AXIS, AXIS_NORMAL, MAP_ABSOLUTE); to // MapAxis(&Throttle, THR_LEFT, DX_XROT_AXIS, AXIS_NORMAL, MAP_ABSOLUTE);
  10. 335th_GRSwaty

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Really fantastic!!!
  11. 335th_GRSwaty

    Warthog Switch Reset Program?

    Hello, I think it's not possible, at least using TARGET GUI, because the simulator doesn't read the state of a button but the change of the state (press/release a button) I am sure there is a way to make it happen using script editor, flags etc but I can't do it atm for sure! I suggest to use a HAT to control lights instead of switch!
  12. 335th_GRSwaty

    HOTAS Warthog - Profile (WIP)

    Hello You have to press Hat 4 (H4P) while you have ShiftButton (S3) pressed and Boat Switch Front (BSF). PULSE+'g',// Gears D and IN PULSE+'0'); Made it this way to avoid accidents! I you wish to change it I would be happy to help you!
  13. 335th_GRSwaty

    Discussion of Battle of Kuban Pre-Order

    I believe this is the best WW2 sim and I guess there will be no competitors in the near future. But, I agree with Otto to the point that bug fixes must have a priority.
  14. My file is not old at all! Just some commands are missing/deleted, for instance La-5 and views, because I was working on a specific profile for Axis palnes and I use trackIR and no external views! Anyway, I believe that is easier to add a couple of missing commands or more than starting from scratch!