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  1. Hi guys, for some time now our community "tuttovola.org" has purchased a server and is therefore online (Tuttovola Autogen with AI). There are also stats (http://server.tuttovola.org) and at the moment there are missions made with the EMG. Come and visit us we are pleased. P.S .: anyone wishing to develop new projects, we are open to free server sharing.
  2. Hi Vander, you did and you are doing a beautiful job! For a couple of months now I have been using your dog mission generator on an permanent online server with stats, and we're having a lot of fun. I have a question: how come you can't see the friendly objectives on the mission map (only AAA are seen)? Can I do something about this? THX!
  3. I read the controversy over the closing of Christmas, and I'm sorry that there are those who feel robbed for this. It was certainly not in the intentions of the administrators to take advantage of this to give more chance of victory to the blues. Personally me and maybe others like, play more during the holidays. For this reason I would not have closed the server and I hope it will not happen again in the future. In any case, I have a lot of fun on this server, which is why I've been keeping some of the stats here for some time https://forgotten-taw.tuttovola.org/
  4. Hello Vaal, how do I make the block with the current mission and time left on the home page?
  5. Devi cercare nella cartella di istallazione del gioco, puoi fare cosi: -clicca col destro sull'icona di avvio del gioco presente sul tu desktop -nel menù contestuale che si apre scegli "Apri percorso file" -ti si aprirà esplora risorse con la posizione del file -retrocedi di posizione fino a 1C Game Studio - e ora puoi andare in ...1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\graphics\skins
  6. Ciao, C:\Games\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\graphics\skins naturalmente la tua cartella di installazione potrebbe essere diversa.
  7. Un paio di anni fà mi ero posto anch'io questa domanda e cercando in rete avevo trovato la https://www.irisdynamics.com/ che prometteva bene, come puoi vedere anche dal mio post qui https://www.tuttovola.org/index.php?topic=8026.0 , ora però non sembra esserci più nulla di quanto promesso...
  8. This happens to me: Launcher Crashes, and I get the following messag after the 3.101 update
  9. Brief description: Launcher Crashes, and I get the following message Detailed description, conditions: after the 3.101 update What can I do? I have already tried the most obvious thing, reinstalling the game.
  10. There are story here.... http://il2war.tuttovola.org/oldstats/stalingrad_summer.htm 14 years old!!!
  11. Admins, Thank you for this great Campaign!!! ...and also this time there is the memory for the taw. https://forgotten-taw.tuttovola.org/
  12. Well if you can make me have the files and you remember the start and end dates, I upload them to http://forgotten-taw.tuttovola.org/ and I invite anyone who has screenshots to let me have them for the same reason. If the admin wishes he can copy everything and put it on the TAW domain or put a link on the TAW home page.
  13. Unfortunately I can not do it, I have to make a copy before the administrator starts a new campaign. I had the idea only at the end of the 15th season ... but... if the administrator has backups of the old edition database, he could temporarily load them and make a copy of the static pages, as I did with HTTrack Website copier, I could help in this.
  14. Another season end, and you remember it here http://forgotten-taw.tuttovola.org/ I thought I would do something for everyone: "Forgot TAW" it is nothing but a copy of the old editions. If this should be in contrast with the creators of the TAW campaign, contact me and I will eliminate everything.
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