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  1. Sorry but that is not true. That is not the problem. I have directx-11, all my other games run fine on my system. I got win7professional, an NVidia GTX-970 and everything runs well except IL2. The sim crashes each time I want to fly, D3D error message. The mistake is not to be found in wrong system requirements but in the game itself. They should fix that with a patch.
  2. I just reinstalled Rise of Flight and fly that now. No problems with this sim at all. I`m not going to mess around with directx and drivers anymore, that affected only my other games negatively and didnt fix the crash-error in IL2. The only thing that`s left to do in my opinion, is wait until, hopefully the developers bring out a patch, that fixes these crashes. As said before, IL2 was running well until recently, Now it has become unplayabIe. All other games run well, so the error is to be found in IL2. I got a quick response when I contacted the support team, they tried to help, thanks for that but nevertheless, I think the error should be fixed with a patch, not by changing around directx or graphic drivers, sorry. Hopefully they get it fixed until the final release of BoK. Would be a shame if IL2 would not run anymore because of such a crap.
  3. yes I have the same issue, if I change drivers, the other games wont work anymore. And you are right, its a shame cause IL2 is (when it works) a great sim.
  4. I do have the exact same problems with an NVidia GTX 970 - D3D Error: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED this message comes after about 3 minutes of flight. The sim has become unplayable and I just bought BoK. Every other game even "The Witcher 3" run fine on my pc. I got good support though from the IL2 support team, but still, the sim doesent work. Half a year ago I didnt have these problems with IL2, hope they get out a patch until the final release of BoK that solves these problems.
  5. my error message on regular, no random crashes is as follows: D3D ERROR DXBufferMan11::vb(...)DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED Dont ask me what that means, I have no idea, I`m not an expert on such things. The technicians in the developers team certainly do know.
  6. Today I wanted to fly again. It`s quite some months I didnt fly, but now, as I had bought the early access version of Battle of Kuban, I wanted to fly again. Well, I could not, the game crashed each time I tried. Most of the time it crashed rigt at the last loading screen, when you hit the start button to go to the cockpit. Two or three times I even managed to get in the cockpit and take off but then I had a screeen freeze and again a crash of the sim. With my hardwareconfiguration I never had problems with IL2. For those constant crashes mentioned before, I only once got an error message, it said something with wrong bugfix ?? Is this issue already known ? Any Information would be appreciated.
  7. aha, well I didnt fly for quite some time, last time I was flying it was still active, thanks for the answer anyway.
  8. One question I have concerning the announced new campaign system that is supposed to come with Battle of Kuban. Will, with the implementation of a new singleplayer carrer-mode, the stupid unlocking system that we have now, be dropped ? Cause i find it really stupid, that I have to fly endless missions until I get the "extras" like reargunners in the IL2 or a new skin for the plane unlocked. The only way to skip this, is, as far as I know, to buy the "extra-planes", right ? So, can we expect that this will also disappear with the new campaign system ?
  9. A real singleplayer campaign including BoM, BoS and BoK ? With real medals (Iron Cross, Knights-Cross, Order of Lenin, etc....) ? Whats the map of the Kuban theatre going to be, from the Kerch Strait over Anapa to Noworossiysk ? If yes, that sounds good ... well, lets wait and see ...
  10. aha, ok, that`s what I thought when I didnt see no external gunpods under the wings. Thanks !
  11. A question concerning the unlocks on the BF-109 F2 - I have the MG151/20 unlocked but when I install them, you dont see anything under the wings, is it just one 20 MM cannon in the nose of the plane ?
  12. ... by the way, besides the fact, that the unlocksystem is crap, what about droptanks ? The BF-109 E7 that`s in the game now was the first variant of the 109 that had the capacity to carry droptanks. That should be added for all planes in the game that had it in reality too. I know, noone will fly so long, that they would need a droptank. But maybe that should be considered if the developers should ever intend one day to create a western front channel scenario. Or maybe a mediterranean scenario where you could fly escort from Sizily to the coast of Africa ... well I can imagine that may perhaps happen in 10 years. The eastern front was big enough from Murmansk down to Noworossijsk to create many new maps in future without the necessity to go west or south right ?
  13. Hello Patrick, thanks for your reply I appreciate that someone cares about a real campaign for the sim. I will install it as soon as both scenarios, BoS and BoM will be covered.
  14. yes because the praise of the sim smelled downright of getting paid for his opinion about it. ok, thanks for your answer.
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