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  1. I'm pretty familiar with the MoSCoW development methodology, and pretty sure, some features will never be there, but I'd like to put forth a wish-list of presumably unimportant things, that could make IL-2 a little easier on the newcomers. I no particular order: unifying trim and radiator controls: so you know like there is an oil radiator binding and then a separate oil radiator binding for I think the He-111 (which works in increments)? Literally no on I know uses separate buttons for these, same goes for elevator trim and vertical stabilizer for German planes. I underst
  2. Great stuff, didn't know about this guy. He's doing God's work. Thanks!
  3. As the title says, I'm fairly accustomed to the majority of the planes in the game and the techniques of flying them efficiently in combat, but I realize there's still stuff to learn. I know the basic and somewhat advanced stuff, but I still get my ass kicked and it's hard to understand where I screwed up. Need some knowledge on the smarter ways to fly. I already watched tutorials from Sheriff, Central, Air Combat Tutorial Library, Bismarck and a few more well known tubers, I wonder, if there's anything else I missed out on? Vids with commentary dealing in how and why a
  4. Not talking about performance, utility and viability. Just looks, overall feel, the engine roar, what you like to just fly. Any low-tier kites that suck, yet you still love them? Maybe it's all about that legendary status, or you just prefer what works? For me, the Mig-3 won my heart a long time ago, mostly due to the challenge of just getting this thing into the air cleanly if at all. It sounds great, likes high speed and low altitudes, can equip a dual .50 cal setup and pretty much looks like a hot-rod dragster. The long nose does not help deflection shooting, but hey, I did ment
  5. It's not my intention to push the dev or even do any sort of poll. Just interested in what you folks want to see, but more importantly why. Pacific comes to mind, and while it's already been said that it's not an easy task to do, at least realistically, I'm curious about the appeal. The old IL-2 had it and... it was by far my most beloved theater plane-wise and most hated gameplay-wise. All these looooooong booooorin missions looking for enemy carriers to come up with bingo and return to the boat. Not to mention super-agile Zero's demanding some expert knowledge to fly against. In SP it w
  6. Don't have much historical knowledge on the subject, but since I ride a grave bike, I'm gonna say "steel is real" and also pretty cool. This is not a serious answer by the way, but I still felt like I had to contribute some nonsense, just to get notifications - this seems like an interesting topic.
  7. EAW is one of those games I missed out on and can't get over it. For it's time it looked amazing and had this typical 90's Western sim style with cool menus and briefings and music and such. I only played the demo, but it didn't run well on my machine, not to mention some graphical issues. Someone borrowed my a copy years later, but it did not run on a modern system at all, so I stuck with Sturmovik. Anyway, Microprose appears to be back and they have some impressive titles announced - they are not flight sims though. They are making a B-17 remake, but it's supposedly a VR game rat
  8. Just noticed your avatar and it did not disappoint. All the best to you, mate!
  9. I know it's probably not going to happen, but since I saw EA taking X-Wing more or less back to its roots (basically space-SIM, rather than space-GAEM), I thought it could be an interesting idea to revive another classic. Not in simulation sense, but more of an immersive arcade game sense. FS 2020 is generating quite a lot of hype in the general gaming community, mostly thanks to its graphics and scale (mark my words, those casuals are going to start trickling down here soon), so why not something with a Hollywood budget in the WWII combat setting? Here's a vid for whoever is not a
  10. Government today issued a directive forbidding more than 2 people to meet (excluding families). Only going out for food, work, medicine and walking your dog is allowed. Max people in public transport is limited to the number of seats divided by two. I doubt this is realistic to enforce, especially in smaller towns and especially with public transport which has always been super crowded. All recreational areas are closed. This feels like they're in full panic mode regarding the healthcare system to deal with the issue. I fear shopping panic is going to be in full swing today. And he
  11. Same here, it used to be "I hate going to the office" and now it's "wish I could go to the office". Tarkov became popular through Twitch streamers at the end of last year (Dr. Disrespect, Shroud etc). Not sure about the reported influx of IL-2 players. But definitely there is a lot of guys asking on reddit which version to buy so I guess people are getting into flight sims. No idea why, maybe it's the sales, western front stuff and some claim FS2020 got people hyped for virtual flying.
  12. Hope you all have a great time and stay safe. 17 people! Man that must be a sight to behold. Make some screenshots!
  13. It feels like forever and I've only been stuck at home for two weeks. It's not troublesome, just weird. Normally I'd work from home at least 2 days a week, but moving my butt to the office sort of made things a little more orderly. I'm generally a stay-at-home person, but what bugs me now is that the days blend so much, it's hard to keep a well regulated routine. On the flip side I can now game and do coding coursed to all my heart's content and... I feel more like reading books. I used to go out cycling in times like this, watch birds getting all crazy and currently it's when flocks of geese
  14. This is a minor thing, but for someone who is on and off flying this, it would really be helpful, to have the store indicate, if I own a given plane/campaign/expansion already. Sorry, but since I basically bought everything until now, except maybe Tanks, with more and more content coming out (and that's awesome!), due to lack of time to follow stuff, I really begin to question what I bought already and the store just says "new". It's a bit confusing. Like the P-38 is listed as 'new', but I guess I have it since BP premium and all, but do I? Honestly, I have trouble keeping track of
  15. My thoughts are... Well, not really all that hyped. Maybe I just expected more (like seasons on maps), and definitely I will be able to enjoy the sim more, when there is actual missions and career. So far the Mustang sounds rub me the wrong way. Engine sounds weird and the .50 cals sound different than other planes that use them. Again weird. Not bad, just unfamiliar. Ground handling is obviously boss here, DCS has them baked, while here it's just... organic and feels right. The FM feels less gnarly than DCS and I feel it's a good thing, considering what I have read about the machi
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