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  1. My thoughts are... Well, not really all that hyped. Maybe I just expected more (like seasons on maps), and definitely I will be able to enjoy the sim more, when there is actual missions and career. So far the Mustang sounds rub me the wrong way. Engine sounds weird and the .50 cals sound different than other planes that use them. Again weird. Not bad, just unfamiliar. Ground handling is obviously boss here, DCS has them baked, while here it's just... organic and feels right. The FM feels less gnarly than DCS and I feel it's a good thing, considering what I have read about the machine. Tempest is... cool I guess, don't know much about it. I missed the P-38. A friend pointed it out to me and I was so mad, too late now, need to go to sleep. Enjoy the sim, all you great people!
  2. Try to change the server in the Steam options. Also, go into downloads and just push IL-2 to the top to download.
  3. Najwyższa pora się nauczyć, mordo!
  4. Ok, so I get this is a game, but in a RL situation, the wingman's job is to cover the leader, not take opportunistic pot-shots at the lead's target. Normally, if a pilot did that IRL, they would get their ass chewed. Top Gun is sort of an example of this - there is a scene where this is made a big plot issue and results in Goose's death - Maverick should have kept his distance and chilled, instead of being so desperate to get points. It's made arbitrary by the fact that Ice gets in front and then does does not have good shot, yet insists on being a try-hard, but again he should be the lead in this case and Mav is supposed to cover his ass, not contest him. Or if Mav was the actual lead, Ice has no business going in front. Entitlement has nothing to do with it, it's just basic roles in a combat situation, you are supposed to do the job assigned to you, not hotshot for points, because that leads to dangerous situations that could cause the unnecessary loss lives. You know, like Goose dying? Cause there is no clear difference as to who is the lead and who the wingman, who should cover who and do what to avoid friendly fire or other dangerous stuff? Anyway, I get your point, this is a game and all, but if we consider the fact that it's not only about simulating just planes, but also tactics and proper flying techniques - whoever shoulder shoots is basically the try-hard here. It's almost like a 20 year old discussion at this point (because I've been flying for at least that long, yeah) that boils down to air-quake vs. pretend airforce mentality and I think nowadays it's just part of the folklore, hence why I referred to it when ranting about AI and not really being sure I dislike it, or embrace it, because it's AI bringing the online folklore to single-player. Great, isn't it? On the other hand, this is singleplayer we're talking about here, I shouldn't have to worry about my wingmen being noobs, who watched Top Gun one too many times. Exactly the reason I have mixed feelings about this, they steal my damn kills, yet they are so careful and gentle about it - not a scratch on my plane, it's almost as if it's a non-issue (asside from me not getting the bonus cash from Uncle Mustache).
  5. No, I'm not ranting about MP 1337 Hax00rz, I mostly (just mostly) play offline and the damn AI is stealing my kills! I honestly don't know, if I should feel pissed or impressed by how the AI models real people online (tee-hee). It's the same story over and over. It's like, here is me, in my badass Spit, tailing a 109, I shwack him with me hispanos, next up another 109, out of cannon so I pepper the bastard with peeshooters, wing snaps off, hell yeah, third dude gets the leftovers of my bean can and bleeds brown from all holes. Zero beans and chestnuts at this point, so off to base for glory, vodka and factory girls' bath water. The commissar says I only shot down one, and guess what, it's the dude who I only damaged. Oh yeah, them shoulder-shooting wingmen got my rubbles, blin! Jokes aside, I don't know how I feel about this, on the one hand, feels bad man, I did my part for Mother Usea, on the other, them sneaky bastards got some good aim not hitting me even once, which is more than I can say for the online experience. No idea, if I want this patched at some point or not. You guys ever feels something is very wrong with the game, but has become such a big part of it, you're not really sure, you want it fixed?
  6. Personally I hate War Thunder, simply because it's an online arena type of game. I guess when some friends almost forced me to play Falcon with them, I learned that the most important part (at least for me) in a sim, is actually being able to fly missions in something that gives you an impression of an actual military operation. I did some mental time travelling to the 90's, looked up old magazines I still have and what simulators were out then and what I played myself and why I even got into IL-2 in the first place. Let's face it, early sims were nothing but air shooters from a first person perspective with a cockpit view. Jane's was a super hype brand back then, but stuff like Navy Fighters, USAF, ISAF were close to Ace Combat, than DCS. I think the reason why everyone remembers this age as the glory days, was that there was a lot of titles with a vast scale of realism. Some people played Falcon and read manuals others just had fun in something like Dawn Patrol or Wings of Glory and there was no general consensus as to what was a true simulator and what wasn't. Hell, even Strike Commander was considered a sim by the reviewers from that time and I don't think anyone questioned it. And I grew up on games like this. The reason I got into serious sims like IL-2, was because there was nothing in-between. I simply had no choice. Same goes for jet sims. I found reading 500+ page manual a chore, but it was either that or no flying at all, and for some reason, the more I learned, the more I liked it. But if I was to teach a new person, even the basics of flying like a 109 in BOS, I wouldn't know where to begin. But to go back to WT, I think it's good that it's there and bad at the same time. Good, because anyone can get into it and bad because it's an online game that is based around scores and unlocking stuff, rather than playing a virtual pilot. Just to add some perspective too, I recently played through Ace Combat 7. The game has great single player, missions, story etc, brilliant graphics and awesome planes. But it's an arcade shooter first and foremost. That said, while combat is basically just shooting down hundreds of enemy planes with a press of a button, it's not really easy. Hell, I played through all of the series and 7 is by far the hardest of them all IMHO. The game actually does have some sprinkles of realism - you stall when doing too much Gs, your missiles are rear-aspect heaters, so you best fire them from behind and that actually forces a player to do a lot of manoeuvring, with most real life stuff kind of working. And there is also some sections where you have to show some precise flying (obligatory Ace Combat tunnel run and canyon run). Honestly, if the game was less about fighting large amounts of enemies and didn't have arsenals like 100 missiles per plane, this could actually work as something similar to those lighter sims of the 90's. Still, I think I have been spoiled, because I couln't enjoy myself like I used to with this series. Having played proper sims, there is something wrong with dogfigting in jets all the time. In BMS or DCS, it's like oh I got a bogey, I'll soft lock him and fire and AMRAAM, oh he is turning, probably shot at me and it went pitbull, do a split S fire the trash and look behind, all clear, good, reacquire and rinse and repeat. I can could probably count like 5 times I merged in any modern jet flight sim to actually have to dogfight and it's scary, cause nothing tells you there is a heater coming for your butt. Probably why I don't really play these anymore, you study the manuals, you can be good at operating the plane quite fast, if you have method of learning, but communication and situation awareness will make your brain melt. IL-2 is closer to Ace Combat, but with none of that fantasy crap, but I don't think you can enjoyably play it with realism turned down like a semi-arcade game - 1946 had more realism tuning options and I think was more accessible for that matter. Anyway, perhaps that is actually what would come in handy - more realism otpions with presets - arcade: simplified flight model, guns with unlimited ammo and basically working like lasers (I don't really like the aim assist circle); simcade: no CEM, easy ground handling, easier landings, some leniency for bullet drop and accuracy and AI that pretends to put up a fight but actually has a death wish and realism mode, which is what we all fly, because we're degenerates. 😄
  7. Quick update, just for knowledge sake. I did some testing. It appears to have nothing to do with rudder pedal. I think the problem started when they updated the game, so that it ids the controllers by their guid and assigns them as joy_0, joy_1 etc and then bases the control map around those definitions. This means that when you windows device order changes, IL-2 will still keep your bindings intact, but for some reason x and y axis cannot be assigned to toe brakes. I tested it by trying to assign joystick and throttle slew to it and it didn't work as well.
  8. It seems to be an old bug, because I remember having to do this... IDK more than a year ago, though it definitely worked at some point. I tested it today and I still cannot assign rudder axis for toe brakes. Good that remembered it and always do backups of joystick configs. I use the Saitek Combat Pros BTW. Still might be worth bringing this to devs' attention. Or at least have someone sticky the solution some place.
  9. Are your toe brakes working on other planes? Anyway, I think this is a bug that with some devices you cannot bind rudder axis in game. Go into your game folder \data\input In the following files you should find: current.actions rpc_wheel_brakes_left, joy2_axis_x, 0| rpc_wheel_brakes_right, joy2_axis_y, 0| current.map action("rpc_wheel_brakes_left_p","State","joy2_axis_x"); action("rpc_wheel_brakes_right_p","State","joy2_axis_y"); Where joy2 is the number of the rudder device in my case. So just try putting whatever number you have for your rudder (you can check that in the devices.txt in the same folder).
  10. I haven't read the whole thread yet, but this specifically caught my eye, as I feel it's worth addressing. Difficulty and time is something I don't think is that much of an issue. It's more of an issue for older people. When I was just student I had 3 months vacation, I had plenty of time for gaming and you can see this with younger folks even now - there have been some tough yet popular games lately. People play all those Souls games all the time, they 100% them and move to new game plus or something, that is a lot of time invested. But then again, all you need to enjoy those is a console and you can buy one for less than a HOTAS goes. Say you have time and even dedication to learn a flight sim - you need a beefy rig for that, but that is just a beginning. You can get a budget joystick, but man, the moment I got my Warthog, I realised that simming has a strong pay to win aspect to it and it's hardware. Air to air refuelling on a CH Hotas was super hard, switching to the Warthog it became a walk in the park. Then you have TrackIR, expensive too, but I can't imagine doing dogfights without it. And just to relate to BOx now, I honestly feel it's impossible to take off in some planes without rudder pedals. Just switching from Pro Saiteks to CH Rudder is an exercise in frustration when it come to the Mig-3. Getting used to headtracking took some time for me, but once I did, I realised I was basically blind without it - that is a big issue too. And add to that that sims are really expensive compared to other games, if you want a full on modern experience. Sure, you can play the old IL-2 or BMS, or stick to the free stuff in DCS but... my point is - unless you have solid job, a lot of this stuff is financially out of your reach. I was only able to get serious about flight sims, when I had a descent salary and it was going well for a time, since I was mostly working night shifts and things were slow, so I had time to read a lot of stuff and learn. But once I started moving up in the world, money no longer being that big of an issue, time suddenly became a huge problem. So to move this back to the question of "simcade', a game you could play with a budget rig, and entry level stick or even a pad, that wouldn't gimp you for not being able to look around with your head and that would be designed in a more traditional manner, say a single player campaign that gradually introduces stuff paired with a story to follow, that would be a good gateway into the world of hardcore sims. This here is gold what you say, because it's true. But I think it's also worth keeping in mind, that in them good old days, there was far less games coming out than now. If there is any merit to the short attention span today, it can only be chalked up to the fact that, every few weeks there is a new game coming out that is super hype and you need to play it and all the youtubers are playing it and telling you to play it etc. It's more a problem of the culture that is so focused on being part of what is currently popular and being part of the conversation rather than people getting bored with games quicker.
  11. If you are familiar with racing sims, then you probably heard the term "simcade". Mostly used as a derogatory term, it refers to games like Gran Turismo or Forza - there are physics and it's sort of realistic, but not really. Now, I've been thinking, why isn't there such a title in the flight sim genre? I know there is War Thunder, but it's more of an online arena game. At some point, Strike Fighters series was dubbed "sim-light", but it got a fairly large following, more so thanks to mods, but it's dead now. I feel like we only have the study-sim / survey sim option. But the lines are getting blurred, as the defining factor would be a clickable pit, since even BOS, the survey sim that it is, has very complex flight and damage model, with stuff like ground handling being a big thing to master, not to mention so many complex systems modelled. But what if we could have a game, that replicated some of the complexities of flight, yet keep things simple and accessible. Say a game, that you could control your plane even with a gamepad, but certain rules of dogfighting would apply, stuff like energy fighting, having to lead your target while shooting, maybe the engine overheating when you push it, but without CEM and something that would actually envolve realistic mission scenarios instead of you being the lone hero to win the war Ace Combat style. While I love realism, sometimes it would be cool to just have some fun from my couch in a relaxed manner, while still being able to feel like just a pilot, having to play to the strengths of the plane and not have 999 missiles on board. I think such a title could also work very well as an introduction for new people, especially with low cost - I mean come on, you need at least good stick and TIR to fly nowadays, while 2 decades ago, you had games like TFX or Janes US Navy Fighters that still were considered sims and these were great fun. Any thoughts? I'd love to read your opinions.
  12. So I figured it out with the 262. It's not really that simple and the easy method does not work for me for some reason. What is even more funny, when I turned easy CEM on, to computer was only able to start one engine. So here it goes: 1. Press E 2. Press 1 to select engine 1 (not sure this is default or my binding) 3. Wait for the 1000 RPM mark and and hold right shift + E 4. Pass the 2000 RPM mark while still holding the keys, use elbo to gently move throttle forward, too fast and you'll overheat the engine 5. Bind right shift + E to the supercharger hat on the throttle like Blitze says or grow a 3rd hand to avoid frustration. 6. Press 1 again to deselect the first engine and press 2 to select second engine 7. Choke the appropriate button on RPM marks and move throttle like with engine number one. 8. Press 0 to select all engines (again probably my bindings) 9. Zero the throttle to even both virtual throttles out, they should be sitting at 15% at idle. Anyway, finally did it late night. I read most of the comments here and I get the impression, maybe wrong, that there is a lot of this condescending attitude that it's simple, but lazy / new players / whoever can't put in the time etc. For everyone it's a different matter. I work a lot of hours during the week, I have very little time to play. My frustration came from the fact that the time I had to check out the 262 was spent on the ground trying to start the engines and failing to understand the process, fiddling with key bindings etc, instead of flying. I feel like it would be more beneficial to the whole community, if people maybe just posted how to do stuff step by step instead of engaging in discussions like "oh it's a flight sim, you want easy go play Ace Combat" or something. Most of us has grown used to how things work and changes are confusing, especially if not explained. More controls get added, but we have them all in one list, maybe the game should have separate menu section of each plane like DCS?
  13. So I press E, then wait till 1000 RPM, then press RShift+E and hold it, then wait till 3000 RPM, then move the throttle with my damn elbow, because the right damn shift is quite the opposite side of the keyboard than E, then wait some more, and when I let it go, the engine dies. I have also tried selecting engine 1 than two, at best I can turn on one engine and usually it's the second one. After that I cannot start rolling to one side only, because either the 262 can not go on grass and just spins, or I have the parking brake on, but can't figure out the key combo, but definitely it's not whichever farthest shift and slash it is that engages it, since this does nothing. My gripe is this, you want to do a realistic startup procedure? Fine do it, but announce it beforehand, write a damn manual and don't rely on Youtubers and maybe just maybe make it a proper one and not just add arbitrary keys to press and hold for a single plane, because it does not make any sense in a game, where all you had to do all those years it press one button... ONCE! Am I angry? Well it's 30 degrees in here, I finished work at 10 pm, I am covered in sweat, I have to go to sleep and get up in 3 hours to make it to the office, so I can actually work, because I don't have air conditioning at home. There is more to this, but I get it, I am overreacting over a video game and there is no excuse for this. Sorry.
  14. Yes. I respect what Requiem does, but let's just say I have an opinion on his work and I will keep it to myself.
  15. So I am wasting my precious time trying to start the damn 262. Apparently you need double throttle now and who knows what. It's probably a super simple thing, but nobody bothered to tell us, they just put Requiem's vis out there and are happy. I have nothing but respect for the guy's work, but I have yet to live to see the day, when they are useful to me.
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