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  1. You need to run ResetEditorSettings.cmd to reset the editor. In your game directory look in bin/editor/ and double click ResetEditorSettings.cmd to run it.
  2. Yes this update might finally get DCS to perform as well as IL-2 BoX in VR.
  3. Track it picks the first version of the lL2 code that starts. Suggestion is to start your game first then start the DServer.
  4. You might want to watch Bob Hoover loop a twin engine aircraft from minimum altitude with both engines shutdown (starting at 6.16)!
  5. It's certainly possible to assign mixture and prop pitch. I've set them up on my Saitek quadrant. You need to move the lever all the way back and then all the way forward again during the setup.
  6. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/?do=findComment&comment=424321 See link above.
  7. Loving the new career. I made ace in my first mission flying the Spit over Kuban. Got a whole heap of medals and a 100 rubles!
  8. Yes had the same thing, it's a nightmare with a force feedback stick. In an air-start it begins a minute into the flight and the same after takeoff.
  9. The minimum setup for VR would be a 4 Ghz processor paired with a Gtx1060 or AMD 580. You can use an overclocked Ryzen but it might bottleneck the graphics card so I'd recommend an I5 or I7 (6500k, 6700k or newer) with fast 3000Mhz memory and overclocked to 4.8 Ghz or more. If you want to run ultra setting you'll need a 1080ti.
  10. Start both Teams peak and BoX. Set BoX volume to 100% in game and then tab out of the game and lower the volume in the Windows sound mixer. You can get to this by right clicking on the speaker icon in your taskbar.
  11. Check in your NVidia drivers that IL-2 Bos is running on the 740 and not on the Intel integrated graphics. This is a common problem.
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