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  1. Yes, precisely. For more realism, more or less same position every time. The worst odds you can get in this game is if you play attack aircraft rear gunner. Everyone targets you in a slow unmaneuverable plane that is carrying load. Practically not a chance to see the end of operations.
  2. I quite interested to see how that one works out... IMHO in IL-2 Fw-190D9 had upper hand more often on P-51D than vice versa... but even if they turn out to be exact FM replicas from 1946 situation will be different because of the way DM is modelled now - .50 cals are simply more effective.
  3. I was flying in Bf-109E yesterday and got overzealous, fixating on some cannon on ground too much to recover successfully from a dive... and so I hit a tree with my wing, it was a big hit, I guess I just grazed it, but I actually felt aircraft swaying to the right and immediately recovering... when i reached some 200-300m altitude and made a gentle turn it was all ok, but when I pulled the stick a bit hard to correct heading on target my wing snapped and I spiralled down to Earth and crashed. It was one of those jawdropping BoX moments. Conclusion is, that not all collisions with ground objects will make you destroy/lose part 100% immediately...
  4. In all honesty, FW-190D9 felt like FW-190A8 on steroids in IL-2 1946. You really could feel more power that airplane produces, especially in fight. It is just much better plane all around. FW-190A8 was good for what it should be doing and that is attack on enemy bombers and JABO action. Anton 8 wasn't good plane for air to air action because I believe that practically all American and English fighters outclassed it. Soviets too, for the most part. On the other hand, FW-190D9 was a fighter that any Luftwaffe-opposing airforce at the time should be feared of... it is just all around good fighter without a weak spot. At medium altitudes (probably the most interesting for gaining true air superiority in game) I believe that it could just be the best team plane in BoBP, but that remains to be seen... there will be a lot of excellent fighter planes namely Tempest and P-51D which will fight hard for that team no.1 spot.
  5. I think I do gotta have same email because if I understood correctly, for peoples that own RoF already there was some Flying Circus discount or something like that, it was some kind of discount anyway :shrug: ... and TBH I want to simplify things anyway and eventually transfer everything to my new (RoF) mail. About the girls... you really can't imagine! They are 5 and half years old now... they surprise me every single day with something. I often say to my lady something like "Jesus, she makes the table for breakfast without us saying anything, peel fruit and vegetables for meal, opens door to postman, reminds grandpa that smoking cigarettes makes your breath bad and is health hazardous behaviour etc. I think I was about to stop eating mud in her years"... we must constantly adjust our expectations and behaviour toward them, sometimes it is kinda confusing, and I often ask myself am I doing the right job here (the way I'm trying to raise and teach them)... Also I'm glad that I bought the DSLR on time and captured many unforgettable family moments with it... We went on picnic yesterday at a river beach in town nearby and had a blast with our friends, girlies really enjoyed themselves, playing on a mud/sand beach and digging shellfish... These new kids are evolution in front of our eyes... and I really think and hope they are way smarter than us for themselves and our mother spaceship Earth. Thanks for asking mate, really appreciate it !
  6. Any way to do it? I'm elicited to do so after combined RoF & BoX users got those discounts... I own both RoF and several BoX expansions but under different e-mails. I would prefer to change my BoX e-mail to be the same as my RoF mail. Thanks for any input!
  7. I think I'd give I-16 tad advantage especially if human flown vs 109E Ai of any difficulty... Rata has nicer machine guns, weapon setup. Emil has complicated but effective cannons (if you hit) with really limited ammo supply, which renders those good only for bomber or ground targets. In classic 1v1 dogfight I-16's machine guns will work better. The only practical Emil's advantage is speed. I'm currently flying 109E in all kinds of scenarios in PWCG career... I fly attack missions primarily but here and there I clash with VVS fighters... If I fly with rack and armour I'm outclassed by everything on VVS side, even I-16... even flying with pure fighter setup with limited fuel does not guarantee you some stellar performance. In 1941 Bf-109E is not really what one would say - hot ride. There was this map in old Sturmovik, I think it was on UK dedicated 2 server, invasion on Poland where you get to fly Ju-87B and P.11c... it is just insane how much fun I had with that setup... Ju-87 vs I-16 would end one sided I'm afraid, unless Stuka has elite sniper at the backseat - it has little to offer there...
  8. Yeah - Zero, and practically all of those carrier based planes have accent on flight endurance... that huge ocean water mass does not forgive navigation mistakes much. IIRC, and I think I am, we got "Time Skip" function with Pacific Fighters in old IL-2 1946... It (campaign/career) really couldn't be done without it as I really doubt that people could regularly fly 6-8hrs without some sort of time acceleration, it would be just massive time waste with no real purpose... ok maybe as a screen saver🤪.
  9. Yeah, I remember in old IL-2 1946 how there was some patch with some sort of career/campaign and there were squadron skins present, specifically remember LA-5 skins with those nice big different numbers at sides. Even slightly different camos/weathering should not be any prob at all. That would sort any problems in this regard within this game. Old system with applying letter/insignia textures separately was nice, but now inadequate because times have changed, hard disks are much, much larger, and it should not be any prob to have 10-15 custom skins per squadron. Don't want to sound ungrateful or anything alike, but in current BoX I choose those desert/pacific/non-historic skins like never. I'm glad that they are there, but I'll choose them only in appropriate scenario... but not all of us are the same, perhaps someone may enjoy flying around winter Stalingrad with racing or desert skin.
  10. Without looking at a single reply to your original post, here is my take. I had a blast with CFS 2. Really enjoyed the theatre. I had a blast with IL-2 Pacific Fighters in multiplayer. And single player mode. In fact, I enjoyed flying Hellcats probably the most of all other fighters in that theatre, which may to this date be the fact that I can't admit even to myself. Up to that time, Ki-43 Oscar would be the ride of my choice by quite a big margin... after IL-2 Pacific Fighters that changed. For some reason, in Hellcat's pit I feel almost invincible, that fighter and me just 'click'... it appears that the HCat just loves the combat tactic I prefer to employ. In mutiplayer Zeke vs Wildcat server I found myself very often in cockpit of either Wildcat or Hellcat... had for my standards nice success flying those types, still have some track where I down couple of Zeroes then I got jumped by one, simply opened the throttle in shallow dive and escaped, while receiving couple of 20mms from angered Zero pilot Hellcat still had so much life in her to bring me safely on carriers deck... So in the end it doesn't really matter if the ride isn't the 'prettiest' one or has the biggest guns or most nimble etc. for me that 'click' is all that matters 😎 . I also liked Ki-100, that one would probably be lovely ride if it makes into the new IL-2 Pacific incarnation. Islands. For heavens' sake, is there anyone out there who doesn't like to fly over big water mass just to find some little tropical island filled with palm trees? Yeah, didn't think so. Carrier ops. Well, you will find them here and probably the only meaningful carrier ops in all history. Before and after. Flying torpedo attackers. There is nothing like approaching heavy armoured destroyer that fills the air with curtain of lead which you need to penetrate at super low speed at about sea level... yeah, nothing like it. It's so kamikaze that in fact we can look at those pilot attempts as kamikaze v.1. Those guys that later deliberately rammed objects with their planes are v.2. Actually dealing massive blows to enemy and making all the difference, one plane in one mission. You probably don't have so much chances to deal such a devastating blows to enemy like in Pacific. Even if we skip atomic bombs, which certainly wont make it in the game (and have absolutely no reason to make it in the first place) , sinking big enemy vessel really makes the difference. It just isn't your another strafing enemy column run. For the masochist in me, flying multi hour sorties to see nothing but the sea. In Pacific there was serious danger that the sea will claim you due to bad navigation. You run outta fuel - you die. Simple as that... there is no farm girl somewhere that will offer you a sandwich and glass of wine. In fact, it just may be that you will become a snack to some random big fish there after you land on sea surface. Etc. there are many other reasons which doesn't come to my mind right now. These above are written in like 5 mins .
  11. @OP; you probably haven't fought Bf-109E then... I often load that fighter with additional armour and panzer glass, rack/bomb, and atfer ditching the bomb it has major problems outrunning I-16 let alone anything faster... Friedrich and Gustav are whole another level, they are super agile and fast... I was jawdropping the other day after opening the throttle on G14, that things picks up speed super fast and is super agile... I cannot shake the feeling that it is noticeably more potent fighter than LA-5FN as after catching them I had no problems keeping with those in maneuvers (ace Ai).
  12. When I'm resseting my view in A8, I sometimes get this screen for a second. Then it goes clear, visible.
  13. I started playing IL-2 BoX PWCG career some time ago, finished some 20 missions or so... it's much better than stock career, and there are a lot of those 'little details' that make all the difference in immersion. All recommendations!
  14. Not exactly my cup of tea, but in all honesty I just may find them to be more interesting than tanks . However I'm not really expecting a miracles, it will most likely be very hard to hit anything even if you are experienced.
  15. I'm just glad that mouse wheel throttle issue has been fixed... with 3.005 whenever I touched wheel it went either from 0 to 100 or from 100 to 0 with no variation in between... now is reverted to the original state of gradual increments of couple of % at a time. Thanks for the fix!
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